Valley of the Wolves Iraq “quite humours” & “uncivilized” (Movie Review)

This movie is brillant in it´s more realistic story of what really is happening. It goes beyond Hollywood´s “reflection” of US present as unhappy invaders and individual soldiers. It actually questions the reason US is there in the first place! The movie shows the everyday US actions and attitude and more it shows all the reasons to fight back against the “white christian world savers”. Local contexts, personalities and fabric is not excluded and reduced into a “terrorist background”. And the greed of the “white crusaders” gets its backdrop and not only passed silently in laws and American deprivatisations of Iraqi recources.
Oh forgot the best, IT IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY!

See this movie if you want another perspective on the shit that goes on.
See this movie if you are tried on the american perogative of tell the story how they want it by yet another Hollywood movie.
See this movie if you believe that there is a reason that people fight back.
See this if you had it with arabs only beeing the terrorists in movies and real life.
See this movie if you care about peace and justice.
See this movie!

: aa

An american “dude´s” perspective.

And the scared “white crusade” media.

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