US Iraq Facilities

iraqi map 1

Camps Forward Operating Bases Other Nomenclature
Air Bases and Airports
Camp Adder [Tallil AB]
Camp Al Asad [al-Asad AB]
Camp Al-Hurya Al-Awal [Baquba AF]
Camp Al-Istiqlal [Baghdad AB]
Camp Al-Saqr [Rasheed AB]
Camp Anaconda [Balad AB]
Camp Baharia [Fallujah]
Camp Balad [Balad AB]
Camp Basilone [Qalat Sukar AB]
Camp Cedar [Tallil AB]
Camp Cedar II [Tallil AB]
Camp Chesty [Kut AB]
Camp Claiborne [Mosul AB]
Camp Condor [Amarah AB]
Camp Cooke [Taji AB]
Camp Cropper [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Cuervo [Rasheed AB]
Camp Diamondback [Mosul AB]
Camp Dogwood [al-Iskandaryah AB]
Camp Falcon [Rasheed AB]
Camp Ferrin-Huggins [Rasheed AB]
Camp Freedom I [Baquba AF]
Camp Graceland [Rasheed AB]
Camp Griffin [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Headhunter [Baghdad AB]
Camp Independence [Baghdad AB]
Camp Lancer [K-2 AB]
Camp Manhattan [Habbaniyah AB]
Camp Marez [Mosul AB]
Camp Muleskinner [Rasheed AB]
Camp Pacesetter [Samarra East AB]
Camp Qayyarah [Quyarrah AB]
Camp Redcatcher [Rasheed AB]
Camp Renegade [Kirkuk AB]
Camp Ridgway/Ridgeway [Al Taqaddum AB]
Camp Rustamiyah [Rasheed AB]
Camp Sather [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Speicher [al-Sahra AB]
Camp Stryker [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Sycamore [al-Sahra AB]
Camp Taqaddum [Al Taqaddum AB]
Camp Taji [Taji AB]
Camp Viper [Jalibah AB]
Camp Warhorse [Baquba AF]
Camp Whitford [Tallil AB] FOB al-Asad [al-Asad AB]
FOB Bernstein [Tuz Khurmatu AB]
FOB Chosin [Al Iskandariyah AB]
FOB Cooke [Taji AB]
FOB Delta [Kut AB]
FOB Endurance [Quyarrah AB]
FOB Ferrin-Huggins [Rasheed AB]
FOB Glory [Mosul AB]
FOB Grant [Tal Ashtah AB]
FOB Guardian City [Al Taqaddum AB]
FOB Gunner [Taji AB]
FOB Headhunter [Baghdad AB]
FOB Manhattan [Habbaniyah AB]
FOB McKenzie [Samarra East AB]
FOB Morgan [Baghdad IAP]
FOB Muleskinner [Rasheed AB]
FOB Pacesetter [Samarra East AB]
FOB Q-West [Quyarrah AB]
FOB Ridgway/Ridgeway [Al Taqaddum AB]
FOB Speicher [al-Sahra AB]
FOB Warhorse [Baquba AF]
FOB Warrior [Kirkuk AB]
FOB Webster [Al Asad AB]
FOB Wyatt [Balad AB] Engineer Base Anvil [Rasheed AB]
Fire Base Glory [Mosul AB]

FLB Sycamore [al-Sahra AB]

LSA Adder [Tallil AB]
LSA Anaconda [Balad AB]
LSA Diamondback [Mosul AB]
LSA Viper [Jalibah AB]

OBJ Jaguar [Quyarrah AB]
OBJ Redskins [Al Taqaddum AB]
OBJ Weber [al-Asad AB]

TSP Whitford [Tallil AB]

Stryker Island [Baghdad IAP]

Bashur AB
H-1 Airstrip
Kirkuk AB
Kut AB
Redcatcher Field [Rasheed AB]
Tall ‘Afar AB
Former Presidential Palaces
Camp Al-Hurya Al-Thani [Green Zone]
Camp Al-Isdehar [Al Salam]
Camp al-Nasr [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Al-Sharaf [Green Zone]
Camp al-Tahreer [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Al-Tawheed Al-Awal [Al Sijood]
Camp Al-Tawheed Al-Thani [Al Sijood]
Camp Al-Watani [Green Zone]
Camp Arkansas [Al Salam]
Camp Blackjack [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Blue Diamond [Ar Ramadi]
Camp Cobra [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Dragoon [Baghdad]
Camp Freedom II [Green Zone]
Camp Greywolf [Al Sijood]
Camp Freedom [Mosul]
Camp Honor [Green Zone]
Camp Hurricane Point [Ar Ramadi]
Camp Iron Horse [Green Zone]
Camp Ironhorse [Tikrit]
Camp Junction City [Ar Ramadi]
Camp Liberty [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Outlaw [Green Zone]
Camp Patriot [Green Zone]
Camp Prosperity [Al Salam]
Camp Raider [Tikrit]
Camp Slayer [Radwaniyah]
Camp Steel Dragon [Green Zone]
Camp Steel Falcon [Dora Farms]
Camp Union I [Al Sijood]
Camp Union II [Al Sijood]
Camp Victory [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Victory (51 Papa) [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Victory North [Abu Ghurayb]
Camp Warrior [Al Sijood]
Camp Wolfpack [Green Zone] FOB Al-Tawheed Al-Thalith [Green Zone]
FOB Blue Diamond [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Champion Base [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Cobra [Abu Ghurayb]
FOB Danger [Tikrit]
FOB Eden [Hit]
FOB Hurricane [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Honor [Green Zone]
FOB Ironhorse [Tikrit]
FOB Junction City [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Paliden Base [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Raider [Tikrit]
FOB Sabre [Ar Ramadi]
FOB Steel Dragon [Green Zone]
FOB Trojan Horse [Green Zone]
FOB Union III [Green Zone] Champion Main [Ar Ramadi]
Champion Base [Ar Ramadi]
Essayons Base [Republican Palace]
Hurricane Base [Ar Ramadi]
Loyalty Base [Ar Ramadi]
Rifles Base (3 ACR) [Ar Ramadi]
Victory Base [Abu Ghurayb]

Firebase Shoemaker [Ar Ramadi]

LSA Highlander [Al Salam]

Green Zone [Baghdad]
International Zone [Baghdad]

Post Freedom [Mosul]

Al Azimiyah Palace
Saddamiat Al-Tharthar
Other Locations
Camp ? ? ? ? ? ? [Dahuk]
Camp Abu Naji [Al Amarah]
Camp Al-Adala [Kadhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Al-Amal [Baghdad]
Camp Al-Tadamun [Adhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Andaluz [Kufa]
Camp Anderson [Diwaniyeh]
Camp Arrow [Ad Dawr]
Camp Avalanche [Abu Ghurayb Prison]
Camp Ashraf
Camp Babylon
Camp Black Jack
Camp Bonzai [Kadhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Boom [Baquba]
Camp Brassfield-Mora [Samarra]
Camp Bucca [Umm Qasr]
Camp Bushmaster [Najaf]
Camp Caldwell [Kirkush]
Camp Cold Steel
Camp Eagle III [Najaf]
Camp Duke [Najaf]
Camp Eagle [Baghdad]
Camp Edson [Diwaniyeh]
Camp Fallujah [I MEF]
Camp Fenway [Qalat Sukar]
Camp Ganci [Abu Ghurayb Prison]
Camp Golf [Najaf]
Camp Gunslinger [Adhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Hope [Diwaniyeh]
Camp Justice [Kadhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp Hope [Baghdad]
Camp Hotel [Najaf]
Camp Jennings [Al Amarah]
Camp Korean Village [Ar Rutbah/H-3(?)]
Camp Leader [Mosul]
Camp Libeccio [Nasiriyah]
Camp Lima [Baghdad]
Camp Marlboro [Sadr City]
Camp Mercury
Camp Normandy [Muqdadiyah]
Camp Nakamura [Nippur]
Camp Paliwoda [Balad]
Camp Performance [Mosul]
Camp Redemption [Abu Ghurayb Prison]
Camp Scania [Nippur]
Camp Solidarity [Adhamiyah/Baghdad]
Camp St. Mere [Fallujah]
Camp Strike [Mosul]
Camp Thunder [Baghdad IAP]
Camp Top Gun [Mosul]
Camp Ultimo [Baghdad]
Camp Vigilant [Abu Ghurayb Prison]
Camp War Eagle [Baghdad]
Camp Whitehorse
Camp Zadan [Zadan] FOB ? ? ? ? ? ? [Daquq]
FOB Arrow [Ad Dawr]
FOB Buzz
FOB Brassfield-Mora [Samarra]
FOB Caldwell [Kirkush]
FOB Constitution [Abu Ghurayb]
FOB Duke [Najaf]
FOB Eagle [Balad]
FOB Echo [Diwaniyah]
FOB Gabe [Baquba]
FOB Grizzly [Camp Ashraf]
FOB Hit [Al Anbar]
FOB Hotel [Najaf]
FOB Kalsu [Iskandariyah]
FOB Laurie [Fallujah]
FOB Lion [Balad AB]
FOB McHenry [Al Hawijah]
FOB Melody [Sadr City]
FOB Mercury [Fallujah]
FOB Normandy [Muqdadiyah]
FOB Packhorse [Tikrit]
FOB Red Lion [Camp Ashraf]
FOB Rough Rider [Mandali]
FOB St. Mere [Fallujah]
FOB St. Michael [Mahmudiyah]
FOB Tiger [Al Qaim]
FOB Scania [Nippur]
FOB Spartan [Camp Ashraf]
FOB Summerall [Bayji]
FOB Volturno [Fallujah]
FOB War Eagle [Baghdad]
FOB Wilson [Ad Dawr] Firebase Melody [Sadr City]
Log Base Seitz
Tiger Base [Al Qaim]

Butler Range Complex
Hard Site [Abu Ghurayb]

CMOC Ar Ramadi
CMOC Baghdad
CMOC Diwaniyah
CMOC Mosul
CMOC Samarra

CSC Scania [Nippur]

CJTF Babylon
Baghdad Convention Center

Haditha Dam
al-Kûfah []
MEK Compound
Taji Military Camp
Camp Bushwacker
Camp Red Knight
Camp Sustainer
FOB Bandit Island [1 AD]
FOB Broomhead (3 ACR)
FOB Byers (3 ACR)
FOB Givens (3 ACR)
FOB Latham (3 ACR)
FOB Miller (3 ACR)
FOB O’Ryan (TF 2-108)
FOB Quinn (3 ACR)

REF: Global Security

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American Bases Located in Central AsiaMilitary Expenditures since 1998

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  1. Wow, the information about the bases tht you gave helped me alot! I wonder where did you get it from? I am at work currently.. I will get back home and check out your profile completely

    Glad I found out this page =D

  2. Asmaa,
    Glad, in a sad way, that you like the info. It´s all out there. I just try to reflect some of it…


  3. There has never been a nation known as Palestine. Israel has never started anything, they have merely responded to three invasions. Perhaps if people like Arafat weren’t cowardly terrorists, and were willing to do more than send people to murder innocents, something could have been done to stop the violence sooner. But instead the so called leaders of the Pallestinians have been nothing but greedy, power hungry pieces of human shaped shit.

  4. Nationbuilding is a recent phenomen in the social history of mankind which started in Europe. The area of Palestine was colonialsed and still is as you know and Palestina was never an “empty land for people without a land”.

    Any rethoric trick to wipe facts and traces of a people out is nothing but HATRED and RIGHT WING IDEOLOGY. Whatever the zionist and pro-israelises try to rethorically come up with, facts and reality will not go away.

    And let´s talk historically, even before Israel offically became a nation, jewish terrorism along side it´s colonalism was a fact that could be mesured in blood. Actually, no other country have had so many terrorists in goverment positions as Israel. Sharon being the best expample of rightwing massmurder and elected president for “victim nation” of Israel.

    Arafat, was a freedom fighter. He fought not only for a dream but for what´s right for his people. And it´s funny how the antagonists of international right, humans right aso not only hated Arafat but also take the preogative to concluded him and what he stod for as an objective fact.

    One funny thing that ryhmes with “what goes around comes around” – in the HATE/FEAR of Arafat and a Palestine that would allow the colonial dream of Eretz Israel, Israel supported a fundamental muslim group that they wanted to stop/kill PLO. That group was called HAMAS. U heard of them recently?

    For “someone that isn´t stupid” you sure sound like a fullblood racist which ofcourse is not a coincident as Israel is the most greedy, hateful, racist and aggresive country on the planet before or just behind USA!

    But no, israelies are not made out of shit! That would be “stupidly” racist and ignorant to claim not to mention unrealistic.

    Have a nice day!

    • You can tell this is an unbiased person who is not trying to twist the truth. Right now USA the most racist country in the world is in Japan helping a country that attacked it to bring it into a WW. By the way this is not an arguement that US is better then Japanit is just an obvious example. While Palestine and Israel are still fighting a religous that was started centuries ago. I am willing to bet your not from Israel either you anti semitic retard.

  5. I had been their in 2005

  6. Situation of Iraq is going dangerous day by day.

  7. Now the situations on Iraq is better from past years.

  8. There are nothing good in Iraq, lot of people dying in every month.

  9. with in the period of 7 years nothing improve in lead of USA.

  10. Not much dangerous places IRAQI camps

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