The West Bank fence: an effective anti-terror bulwark?


Israel’s barrier is planned to be four times as long and in places twice as high as the Berlin Wall.It is not so simple. In addition to the concrete wall and fencing materials used in the construction of the structure, sections of Israel’s Separation Barrier additionally include electrified fencing, two-meter-deep trenches, roads for patrol vehicles, electronic ground/fence sensors, thermal imaging and video cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), sniper towers, and razor wire. Most of the fence/wall is not being constructed on the Green Line between Israel and the West Bank. Close to 90% of the route of the fence/wall is on Palestinian land inside the West Bank, encircling Palestinian towns and villages and cutting off communities and families from each other, separating farmers from their land and Palestinians from their places of work and education and health care facilities and other essential services.



Seeing is believing. Believing is to understand Israeli hatred, racisim, slaughter and ongoing Shoah.

The wall will fall at the end and will never protect Israel. Why waste time, money and energy while peace built on justice is the only way to ensure security for Israel. You have to know very well that secure borders are the secure and reconciliated hearts. Even if you insist on building it because you want to live inside a big prison, please build it on the Green Line to make out of it a permanent border for the future.
Raed Abusahlia, Rome, ITALY

Hmmm…one sides builds a fence (a very small portion of which is a wall) in response to the other side intentionally murdering innocent civilian women and children. Not hard for this non-Jew, non-Arab, to pick a side.
Donald Smith, Tulsa, USA

The fence is necessary but Arab land-owners MUST be compensated for confiscated property, so that Israel’s critics would not be able to say that Israel is stealing Arab property!
Jean Charles, Vincennes, FRANCE

If the wall had been built 30 years, ago we could have saved thousands of lives!
Jerry Nieuwenhuizen, Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS

The victory of the security fence will soon be seen, however, not by those who watch television or newspapers. In the course of the next year the debate will cease, the protests and accusations will end, and things will normalize for Israeli citizens. The ruling at the UN is one of the last chances the Palestinians have to win the Intifada. This war has been one of terror showcased by world media; the attacks will stop and the public will lose interest – the uprising gained nothing and lost everything. The resolution of a conflict rarely has anything to do with justice, but rather power. The Palestinians attempted to use justice as a political tool and failed. Slowly, slowly they will find they are not in the spotlight of the world – just like Tibet and many others.
Ben Wold, Durham, U.K

The logical consequence of the ICJ ruling: take away the Great Wall of China too…
Esther van Praag, Zurich, SWITZERLAND

The ICJ, presided by a Chinese lawyer, has ruled against the separating fence in Israel ? But was the famous Great Wall of China not built for defensive purposes too ? It was indeed built to protect the State of Chin against the Tsongnoo tribes coming from the North. The logical consequence of the ICJ ruling: take away the Great Wall of China too…
Esther van Praag, Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Suicide bombers are desperate people. The wall will make people even more desperate.
Mia Oestergaard, Oslo, NORWAY

Israel has the right to build a wall -on it’s own territory -not on occupied territory. After visiting the West Bank I have seen the wall being built in East-Jerusalem, seen the grave consequences for the people of Qalqilyah, seen people’s despair and hopelessness growing as the wall was being built. It is difficult to find justifications for the suffering the wall causes. Israel could have accomplished the same security measures by building the wall on the Green Line. Suicide bombers are desperate people. I think the wall, because of the route chosen, in the end will make people even more desperate. Treat the Palestinians with respect and justice!
Mia Oestergaard, Oslo, NORWAY

The ICJ rule focuses on the very root of the problem: the appropriation of land both by Israel and by the Jewish outposts (both “illegal” and “legal” -amazing distinction-)in Gaza and, in this case, the West Bank. Since the 1967 UN resolutions (and former ones), Israel has recognized frontiers. Therefore, no “colonies” should exist beyond the Green Line, no WALL must be constructed. International law and allies protect Israel, why Israel and the Jewish movements stay ‘consequent’ to this. It will go in the moral and wealth benefit of Israel to respect the law, in all aspects.
Marc Martin, Barcelona, SPAIN

I think the fence is a deterrent to peace. If it is built at all it should be built on the “Green Line.” The Palestinian people are being impoverished by the building of this structure, denied access to their lands and livelihood.
Aletha Carlton, Norwalk CT, USA

The simple fact is that no wall can guarantee Israel security. Only a just and lasting peace will ensure peace and security.
B Dally, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

At the time when Walls are falling all over the world Israel has decided to erect one. The simple fact is that no wall can guarantee Israel security. Only a just and lasting peace will ensure that both Israelis and Palestinians can have peace and security. We cannot accept the ICJ decisions when it suits us and reject it when it does not. The wall is illegal. Tear down this wall Mr Prime Minister.
B Dally, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

As David Ben Gurion used to say “It is not important what non-jews say, It is important what jews do.”
Israel must stand firm and continue protecting its citizens. But also trying not to harm innocent palestinians. The fence has shown its efficacy.
ariel szvalb, buenos aires, ARGENTINA

So, when are the Brits going to give back the Falklands? When are the French going to give Corsica its independence? When will China return Tibet to its rightful people? etc., etc. Don’t forget, this land was offered to Arafat on a silver platter by Barak. Today’s events are a direct result of Arafat’s murderous, ruinous policy of terrorism, robbing Israel of its quest for peace, and his own people of their homeland as envisioned in the historic agreements, signed by Rabin, and negotiated with Barak and Clinton.
The ruling does NOT deny Israel its right to build the anti-terrorism fence, which has been an unprecedented success.
Elliott Vizel, Statesville, USA

Reading through all these comments, I am just wondering if it would be different if the Palestinians chose to build the seperation fence. From what would they want to be seperated really.
Barbara Wolf, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

The elimination of borders must be the goal; nationalism, both Israeli and Palestinian only supports the rulers of each little enclave. The sad truth appears to be that the nationalism of the Palestinian movement is absorbed with a vicious hatred of Jews -for that matter, the Arab majorities in other regions, e.g. Algeria and Morocco seem to seek domination of the Berber popluation. The ultimate solution is not a fence but an opening of the Arab sector so that there is no need for d’himmi or second class citizenship for non Arabs (and non Muslims); the doors in civil society must open in both directions. In the meantime, a fence while odious appears necessary to prevent the murder of the Jewish population.
Paul Layton, New York, USA

One day an American president will take the moral and military authority to ask Israel to tear down that wall. Until then I am sadly disheartened at the path that Israel as a democracy is following. The building of the wall saddens me deeply and causes me to question the legitimacy of the state of Israel, which follows a path of policies that run counter to the foundation of democracy. I am a firm believer in the right of Israel to exist in peace with its neighbors, but the wall, in conjunction with so many other decisions by the state of Israel, can, in my opinion, only lead to the alienation of the American public that holds Israel so close.
Daniel Bec, San Diego , USA

All the Jew haters can go to hell. Israel should tear down the fence and rebuild it around the entire Biblical borders. Tell the rest of the world to give up some of their land for the murdering palestians. God will exact vengence on the world one day for the way they treat his people. Israel has been way too merciful to the palestinians. Kick them all out and take back your land and trust in the Lord. Until the day America gets destroyed you’ll always have a friend in us.
Troy, Shreveport, USA

The most important aspect of this debate is not whether the fence should be built, but what route it should follow. From a security perspective, if Israel wants to protect itself from Palestinian militants then it should build a fence that is short and easiest to secure. From a demographic perspective, if Israel wants to maintain its Jewish character it should include as few Palestinians as possible. To do this Israel should build its fence on or as close to the Green Line as possible. To protect the settlements at risk within the West Bank it should build separate, unconnected fences, which we all should hope will be taken down in a future agreement.
Ian Rosenberg, Washington DC, USA

The painful truth is that at this point in time there does need to be a physical barrier to separate Israel from the budding Palestinian nation. That is not in doubt. What is in doubt is the route that the barrier takes.
If Israel is to reclaim her place in the eyes of the world, the bigger gesture of dismantling the settlements – all of them – and pulling back to the Green Line, making it the border, is the only honorable move.
Too many sons have been killed, too many mothers cry uncomforted – on both sides. Both peoples love the land too much to allow their politicians to saturate it with any more blood.
Haim Ainsworth, Los Angeles, USA

The Palestinians have no sound basis to protest the security fence. Here is a people that have over and over – as recently as 2000 – rejected Israeli offers to give them their own state on land that Israel rightfully captured in a defensive war. Now the Palestinians harbor murderers whose sole mission is to slaughter Israelis, and the ICJ expects Israel to just sit back and accept this unspeakable fate. The fence is a defensive measure, but even if it is a “land grab,” the Palestinians cannot rightfully complain. They could have had this land anytime they wanted it; all that was required of them was that they stop murdering Israelis. This they have refused to do, so now they must live with the consequences of their actions.
Seth Spiegal, Philadelphia, USA

Israel needs this wall to protect its people. I hope the leaders of Israel ignore the World Court and continue building the wall. I would like to know why the war on terror doesn’t include the Palestinians?
Chris Lucas, Philadelphia, USA

Shame on the ICJ circus. Kudos to the American judge who has stood up for Israel.
Sam Blackman, Tull, Arkansas, USA

The “fence” should run along the eastern border of the first Balfour Declaration Map. No more and no less. The ICJ is a shameful sham, kowtowing to the Arabs. For them blowing up mothers and children in pizza parlors is OK, but they don’t allow Israel to even try to protect itself… Shame on the ICJ circus. Kudos to the American judge who has stood up for Israel.
Sam Blackman, Tull, Arkansas, USA

To paraphrase Charles de Gaulle, the one-time leader of one of Israel’s least friendly friends: “VIVE LE FENCE!”
Uzi Silber, New York, USA

No problem with the fence, but when I build a fence on the soil of my neighbour, then I have big problems.
Ton van der Heijden, Eibergen, THE NETHERLANDS

This wall does not bode well for Israel. It looks bad and conjures up visions of the Berlin Wall. Or, any wall that “divides” people. I am speaking from an emotional/public relations point of view.
F. Joel Schroeder, Leona Valley, USA

As the rightists and leftists had predicted: the fence is perceived as a border and it does supersede definitive adjudication of the Israeli-Arab situation. If the U.S. had built the fence, evidence would have been found to demonstrate that the fence was little more than a boondoggle for the construction industry. Maybe it is for Sharon and his builder friends. In any case, the fence is shekels thrown down the toilet as it is no more a proper solution than is the tomb a proper solution to life. I would like to see the Alon Initiative discussed.
Gilma Ramirez, Carmiel, ISRAEL

If the fence were built along the Green Line, then 230,000 Jews in Judea and Samaria (along with another 200,000 Jews in areas of Jerusalem) would be at the mercy of suicide bombers while outside the wall. It amazes me that the ICJ and so much of the world considers it to be a “non-security” issue to try to save the lives of Jews in these areas.
Sandra Conlon, Denver, USA

Have suicide bombers been able to strike as much as they used to be. No! It is simple, if they have to walk all the way to an opening only to be stopped at the entrance, then they won’t want to set out on these suicide missions. Also, this is just the fruit of their own labor. Tell them to stop sewing bad seeds so that they might begin to grow good fruit. The wall is the result of their own actions.
Bonnie Lucks, San Diego, USA

Instead of asking Israel to dismantle the fence, why aren’t the critics of the fence asking the Palestinians to rein in those whose actions prompted its construction in the first place?
Richard Rohan, Dallas, USA

Israel has the absolute right to defend its citizens from imminent mortal threats. The barrier between it and Gaza has succeeded in doing that, and it now appears the barrier in the West Bank is doing so as well. End of story. Is there any doubt the U.S. would do the same thing to protect its citizens from homicides on a daily basis? Instead of asking Israel to dismantle the fence, why aren’t the critics of the fence asking the Palestinians to rein in those whose actions prompted its construction in the first place? The problems caused by the fence pale in comparison to the terrorist activity it is hindering.
Richard Rohan, Dallas, USA

I have never heard my fellow defenders of the fence explain why it should be on land outside Israel’s borders. Just to guard post-1967 “Greater Israel” settlers who never should have illegally occupied Palestinian land in the first place? Why don’t they return to Israel so it can build its wall in a legal, moral way?
Rob Frieden, USA

If Israel withdrew to the 1967 border, the resulting Palestinian state would still be inviable. The world does not need more inviable states that will use warfare to distract from their population’s misery. The wall should be encouraged to prevent Israeli deaths, as well as to facilitate closer economic collaborations between the Palestinians, Egypt, and Jordan.
Herbert Kaine, Berkeley, USA

Normalcy will only come about when a just solution is found. Either there will be a default one-state solution or there will be a viable two-state solution – nothing else will stop the violence. The wall is the wall of a ghetto, it is inherently unstable and will fall sooner or later.
Robbie Litton, Oakland, USA

Better Palestinians should look up and see a fence, than Israelis get blown to bits. Palestinians had thier chance to make peace and a state in 2001 and didn’t take it. Instead they resorted to terrorism which they refuse to stop.
If if was the United States instead of Israel bearing the brunt of this terrorism, Palestinians would have much harsher consequences (witness Afghanistan and Iraq).
Ed Katz, Mesa, USA

There is an old proverb that states: “How can two stand together unless they first agree.” We must look very carefully at what the Palestinians and Israelis have in common and build on that before we look at anything else.
Naftali Bermuda, Hamilton, UK

People who criticize the Israeli government’s security measures should also suggest realistic alternatives.
Marco Lucarelli, Chicago, USA

People who criticize the Israeli government’s security measures should also suggest realistic alternatives.

The argument on the legality of the fence’s route is meaningless for two main reasons: 1) Sections of the fence are being built on DISPUTED territory, and not on “Palestinian territory” as some claim. The Palestinians don’t have a country yet. The final status of lands in the West Bank is up to negotiations. 2) As the Israeli government has stated, the security fence is not meant to pre-determine the official borders of a future Palestinian state. Those borders should be negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians, as soon as the latter renounce terrorism and get serious about the peace process, rather than aiming at the destruction of the Jewish State.
Marco Lucarelli, Chicago, USA

Nazis had good reasons too for building the walls surrounding the Warsaw ghetto. They were trying to clear society from “terrorist” Jews. What’s next for these “terrorist” two million Palestinians after surrounding them with a wall? Auschwitz?
Onur Sav, Istanbul, TURKEY

If Israel built the fence on internationally and legally recognized borders, few would argue. But alas, it doesn’t. Israel ignores the law and UN resolutions, while collectively punishing an entire people. There is nothing wrong with security measures, but what Israel is doing is fueling hatred even more.
Matt, South Royalton, USA

Let us build the wall and let them have their own state! If the Palestinians are so desperate for their own state, why do they spend so much time arguing about the security fence instead of talking about their own issues?
Are the State of Israel and now the fence the only cause of the Palestinians people’s agonies? If there were no suicide bombers, the Palestinians would still be able to work in Israel as they did for so many years. As a replacement for labor, Palestinians send bombs, as a replacement for jobs, we then created the fence. Can we be blamed?
Roger Liftel, Leighton Buzzard, U.K

Ref: Haaretz

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