Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women + US soldiers stories

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“Let´s call things by their real name – killers r killers and liers r liers”

U.S.A soldier tells how he Raped A muslim girl in Abu Ghraib

Today, new photographs were sent to La Voz de Aztlan from confidential sources depicting the shocking rapes of two Iraqi women by what are purported to be US Military Intelligence personnel and private US mercenaries in military fatigues. It is now known that hundreds of these photographs had been in circulation among the troops in Iraq. The graphic photos were being swapped between the soldiers like baseball cards.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one Mexican-American soldier told La Voz de Aztlan, “Maybe the officers didn’t know what was going on, but everybody else did. I have seen literally hundreds of these types of pictures.” Many of the pictures were destroyed last September when the luggage of soldiers was searched as they left Iraq, he said

An investigation, led by Army Major General Antonio M. Taguba, identified two military intelligence officers and two civilian contractors for the Army as key figures in the abuse cases at the Abu Ghraib prison. In an internal report on his findings, Major General Taguba said he suspected that the four were “either directly or indirectly responsible for the abuses at Abu Ghraib and strongly recommended disciplinary action.”

The Taguba report states that “military intelligence interrogators and other U.S. Government Agency interrogators actively requested that Military Police guards set physical and mental conditions for favorable interrogation of witnesses.” The report noted that one civilian interrogator, a contractor from a company called CACI International and attached to the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade, “clearly knew his instructions” to the Military Police equated to physical and sexual abuse. It is not known whether these instructions included, or led to, the raping of Iraqi women detainees as well.

Ref: Aztlan

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  1. These are NOT US soldiers.

    These are the same photos from a east european porn site that were SUPPOSED to be US soldiers.

    These photos were used by peace advocates to show how BAD the US military is to the people.

    These photos are not REAL. These are ACTORS. This crap was pulled back in 2004.

    Get a grip. You weaken your argument when you lie.

    • This is a snuff movie. Americans are sick and perverse people. Now if they can rape each other in US, then they surely will do the same or worse in iraq etc. They Talk of terrorism? Well war and terrorism are one and the same…war is Just much worse. These soldiers should simply be murdered when they return to the US…really dont know what can be honourable about being a US soldier. From what i understand, they select the most degenerate of all the country and let them loose over in iraq or whichever country they are illegally invading. After all terrorism is the war of the poor and war is the terrorism of the rich. Nuf said

  2. Here is the link to the RETRACTION from the Boston Globe, blaming their lie on some one else.


    • Look, fuck iraq, and fuck the US. They both suck ass. I say let karma do its work. Because it always does. Yea they raped her and that sucks for her, boo hoo, i dont hear anyone crying for the women of our own country getting raped. Thats why this world/country sucks. Nobody minds their own business. Lets go help other countrys that hate us and waste money, WHEN WE SHOULD BE FIXING THIS GOD DAMN COUNTRY. FUCK BUSH, FUCK OBAMA, FUCK THE GOVERNMENT. You cant have peace without war. if 2 countries hate each other, they will always hate each other till one gets blown away. Those soldiers above will get whats comin to them, which is prolly why she got raped. she was gettin what was comin to her.

  4. James Sexton is blatantly a US militant. STOP THE UNJUSTIFIED WAR!!!

  5. Duh, whether THESE rape photos were real or not, it’s a case of verification, but Abu Gharaib is real.

    Beyond that, the people of Iraq did nothing to deserve:

    British occupation
    CIA overthrow murder of Kassem, and murder of “lists” of leftists, by Saddam
    Appt of Saddam to Intelligence head
    Appt of Saddam to President
    Funding and arming of Saddam
    Encouraging Saddam to invade Kuwait after Iran
    Bombing Baghdad
    Annihilating Falluja

    Many of the soldiers have come back with horror stories about being in a position which forced them to kill innocent people, as well as “insurgents” which *some* were able to recognize the *enemy* they had to kill as teenagers defending their own cities and villages, are they lying too? How about Blake Miller, is he lying about his mental trauma? So many others.
    Bush lovers ABSOLUTELY HATE THE TROOPS and VETERANS, unless they keep their damn mouths shut and keep the insanity to themselves, otherwise they are severely punished.

    Nothing new. MacArthur gassed and shot at veterans, Nixon imprisoned vet protesters, Bush Jr. cut VA funding for them, Rummy shorted them on vital supplies, Kissinger called them “stupid animals to be used”, they’ve been used for radiation experiments. Some may be natural sociopaths, but the official training is to create sociopaths, temporarily, but it’s permanent. “On Killing” by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.

    That’s not counting those who return maimed, serious injury, or dead. And they get docked for lost time.

    OH, by the way, we must LET OSAMA STAY FREE. I didn’t say that, the head of CIA did, look it up. Maybe he’s right. I personally do not believe our “former” CIA asset had a thing to do with 9-11. He denied it (at first) and the FBI has not charge him with it. The OBL videos? Order them from Intelcenter in Alexandria VA near Langley, or else from Rita Katz at SITE Institute.

    (The only odd thing about Katz is when she uncovered alleged *real* terrorist money trail which was connected to P-Tech computer services for the Navy, White House, etc., Katz and John Loftus were blocked by Chertoff at DoJ and followed by white vans. Similar for Indira Singh, software specialist for JP Morgan and whistleblower.)

    It’s all loose talk, allusions, grandstanding, Yellow Alerts.
    No evidence.
    But let’s limit the investigation, eh. An investigation would interfere with the War on Terror. No shit it would, George.

  6. What the Fuck! These American soldiers enjoy their stay even in their own homes! There’s nothing like mothers, sisters or wives for them!!! So they can’t resist it in Iraq too…

  7. I wish that woman would have been one of these rapist daughter or sister or mother or wife. A good bravo to Mr PIG bush (may he rot in hell fire). I wish that woman would have been bush’s wife or himself rather.

    • Those who wish violence on others will suffer unspeakable crimes themselves mark my words and do not wish harm on others no matter who they are unless they deserve it to the fullest extent. This is probably a hoax. If it isnt then these men should be punished not our troops and not the former president. If you are ready to condemn the troops and bush then may you suffer for what your children do and their children and even your lowest pets may you suffer for every crime they commit and when you look back remember this is what you wished for another so this is how it should be for you.

      • You make no sense?
        Are you high?

        Either or I agree with you – the racism, hatred, torture and arrogance of USA will be payed back as the empire is falling down.


    • clap! good commant

  8. Please note the fact that the “US militant[s]” such as jhon sexton, and myself, actully bother to argue the facts presented instead of hurling invectives.

    Hmm I assume your talking about the “vetrans bond march” which involved an squatting on the capital and was broken by either Macarther or Patton (I forget) *shrug* seems justifiable to me considering the high, estimated 60-80% of fake “vetrans” involved, As far as conspiracy theories and such I’ll not dignify that with a reply, but let’s look at the big picture.

    1. America is oil dependent, and due to the low energy density and high capital investment to return ratio of most “green” non-nuclear technologies will be until a technological breakthrough, or the price of foodstuffs will go up significantly.

    2. The middle east is a major source of oil

    3. There only one western style democracy in the middle east with all of the desirable assets of the US consumer culture: Israel, who is more hated even than us by islamist regimes.

    The overall goal is to make a nation that will inspire envy, and undercut the theocracies or near theocracies (in fact if not in official stature) of the middle east. In the long term this will undercut the percent of the Islamic population that are fanatically ant-west, and make everyone safer from Islam. (Yes I consider a religion that still advocates the death penalty for those who convert away from it, and has those strictures enforced by nation states such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan) It is symptomatic of the hatred of their own country that is by the anti-war organizations [the extreme left] who are also nominally for the separation of church and state, that they do not understand this.

  9. These are faked phots. This is not what continually happens overthere. Those that wish to claim that it is or automatically believe it, have not been over their and probably have never put their own lives at risk to help others.

    Bad things happen everywhere. They happen in the US, Europe, Mexico etc. to include churches, people belonging to peace advocacy groups, pacifist etc.

    Please post educated answers.

    • Fucking retarted how would u like ur sister bieng gang banged bitch or ur ugly ass mom how r u going to sit there and say that they are faked u ass let’s say if it was ur daughter and another thing she was 13 and was murdered I mean if she was17 and up it’s ok but she was young fucking cock hugging fagot fuck u and the us troops

  10. When a woman just looks ordinairy good, she will always call up some feelings by males. That’s mother nature and there is nothing we can do about it ! But, but, but… when we show a little respect for eachother, we treat eachother with respect. After all (even by the laws of nature) a male is incomplete and a female is incomplete, but just both togheter they could be complete. Reason enough to respect (again) eachother. So raping is just an expression what mainly take place by guys who know from themselves that they did not made it in this world, or they won’t make it ! So, in fact, it are silly types !

  11. all of the us army can go hell fuck them saying the will help making peace in iraq yeah right the are making it worse anyway so FUCK OFF AND GO HOME

  12. The photos are not real. The real photos if they were released would be more shocking.

    Little boys were raped by US soldiers in Abu Gharib, and it was captured on video. If they release the video, then these will look like normal day events.

    Think about how many stories of rape we don’t hear. Plus, did you know that the soldiers that raped the 14-year old girl and killed her family are legible for parole after only 10 years in prison?

  13. How the fuk can these photos be fake. Can anyone not see the pain and humility her face is displaying. This is not a hollywood movie, that its fake. This is real life. The bastard US and British soldiers are so disgusting, they dont deserve no mercy. Come on what are their reasons ‘Oh….i have mental problems or i can’t sleep’ that is bullshit.

    The photographs say it all. Bush and Blair and the rest of the world can see what they are doing, yet there is no one who can actually make a difference. Then the americans say why the fuk do arabs cut the heads of innocent people. Not that I condone such violence, but it just goes to show that what goes around comes around.

    I hope all the victims in the photographs can one day be happy and they will be in my prayers.

    • ok if they are real they are not us sodliers lets just look at it once

      1. they are wearing uniforms why would they wear uniforms and do this

      2. they not even u.s. uniforms you dumb fucks

      3. why would they take pictures of it

      oh and i am a u.s. soldier that has been deployed
      and those nightmares your saying is bull shit well i want you to see your best friend die in front of you you u mother fucker . you are just very luckyi dont kno who you are because … you could not imagne you should definetly watch what you say

  14. sick freaks.

    then “patriots” back home cry when insurgents kill us soldiers..

    ever wonder why they are fighting

  15. yeah son I b savin these pics. I lieks a bitch in pain. i’m gonna masturbate to them. thx XD

  16. This photo is a load of crap. It looks more like cheap porn than a “rape.” Besides, the last time I checked, soldiers deploying to Iraq wear DESERT COLORED UNIFORMS, not to mention that no one in there right mind would wear woodland colored camoflage on their face in the desert. Trying getting your facts straight before you slander the names of countless soldiers from the US and other countries who died believing they were truly doing something good for Iraq. Not everyone fighting in Iraq is after oil. The next time you see a veteran of the war in Iraq, ask him how much oil he brought home with him. I’ll bet you he said none. Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see- unless it comes from the media. Then don’t believe any of it. Don’t let yourselves become tools of the media. Use your own minds, and see the world for yourselves. Only then will you truely understand what is out there…

    • good point ,so true my brother is still in the millatary going on 37 years w-4 in the army ,yes there are some bad people over in this war but there are alot of good people to that realy want to do the rite thing, if there is anyone to blame it starts at the top ,those are the ones thet lied to the american people to get us in this mess in the first place .

  17. They arent fake!! If you read the story about it then you will se they all got 90 years jail for it! read the stories about the rapes first THEN make an accusation

  18. If you really think these are real your a fucking idiot. first off in the desert we wear DCU’s. Never have soldiers worn the greens in Iraq. We switched over to ACU’s recently wich still look nothing like those. Also incase you didnt relize Iraq is really sunny and hot. You can get a pretty sweet tan. You dont wear your gloves all the time. Those guys hands are really white. But the uniform’s are the biggest give away that these are BS.

  19. These photos are fake. Deer hunters may where camo like that but not U.S. troops. US troops are human like everyone else. There are bad apples and good ones. Where the hell are all you people who abide by these perfect morals and commit no wrongs? It’s real easy to spew propaganda and hatred through copper wires. Get out there and vote if you’ve got a problem. The rest of you just keep living out your sad lives on the internet.

  20. The pictures are obvious fakes for what the other soldiers have said. First, it is DCU’s (Desert Combat Uniforms for you single minded idiots out there) that American troops initially wore in Iraq, and any desert environment. Then, we have switched to ACU’s just after I left. (I’m not sure of the full name of them.) But never BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniforms) which the men in the picts are wearing.

    This is a ‘Hollywood’ shoot. She’s a damn fine ACTRESS at that. The story that goes with it, does not matter. It’s a well written fakery. Some people will write anything and try to sell their story with flowery. Do not be so damn naive.

    As for Abu Ghraib. Good apples and bad apples. In my opinion those responsible for that, which is fact and not fiction, should have been executed themelves. They had no right. Though I understand it was their own sick way of responding to understanding that the insurgents were cutting off heads. Still there was no excuse for their actions there. Human rights and decency should always apply in an American Soldiers actions. We are trained integrity and teamwork.

    Not all retain the lessons however and it sickens me to know this. I was in Iraq in 2005, and from personal experience the soldiers over there are welcomed by the locals and we make them happy for our works on freeing them from their past ‘slavery’ under Saddam.

    More recently.. the Marines were in the news for a certain soldier’s disgusting actions with a female of his own unit. The Army I understand, but I’d like to note here I don’t undertand the Marines a lick. Military is not all the same. different branches are trained different things. For sacraficing their own lives I still salute them the same.. that is until they act selfishly in such a manner as killing themselves as opposed the enemy. Then, that individual raping and killing his own makes himself MY ENEMY.

  21. fuck all american bastards , here you all can see what america really is

  22. Even if the photos are fake, every last american man, woman and child is a criminal.

    Boycott their goods and media, refuse to have dealings with them, ignore them when they speak to you, do not trade with them, refuse their custom, refuse them in every instance..
    and by all things good this disgusting tumour on the body human ..will die for lack of sustenance..

  23. Real? Only morons and faggot muslims will say that.

  24. Reality is not televised or commented on FOX.

    Only racist, slaughter apologist and neo-conservative imperialist “white man” don´t understand that because such a insight would treaten the very core of “US supremcy”.

  25. you bloody asshole you vil be fucked in hell in the sme manerr you us solgiers you vil hav it

  26. this is what the reality of these american soldiers.they will never be left free in the world here after

  27. I cannot help but write a few words on this topic. firstly i agreed the photos are unreal cause if it were real it would have been a huge media fuss like abu-gharaib.
    But the point for pro american war against terrorism supportes is to understand who is right and who is wrong. and quite bluntly i would say that you are terribely wrong. I believe ingeneral ameriacan people are very nice and humble. This would also make you think that if you are minding your own business trying to get on with your life then why are these long bearded muslim fanatics with guns in there hands trying to harm US you. The answer doesnt lie in current affairs rather think about a few decads back. Muslims believe that american govenrment have a policy to make frienly relations with muslim countries only for US interest and then shamlessly abusing those relations when there interest is over. Currently two biggest issues facing US gov are Afghanistan and Iraq
    Lets start with Afghanistan, do you know during cold war americans were fully supporting afghans who were posed as mujahideen” & brave men fighting for freedom from evil russian forces by westren Media. after a decade when the war was over and afghans (mostly talibans) wanted to establish an islamic state it was against US interest, the same talibans were started to be portraied as brutal, evil people and after 9-11 tagged terrorist. Do you know that Talibans ran the most successful government afghans had seen in decads, people admit that cities and towns were peacful, talibans completely erradicated the harvest of plants used to make drugs such as herion etc. (no other government had acheved it before). They did some real good things. yes there were a few issues in the way they conducted there matters e.g women rights, or their harsh methods, but that was only due to lack of modren education and tribal system of govenrment which would have changed with time. US had no right to coment on taliban’s internal matters or pose them bad guy. after 9-11 US blamed the talibans for the attacks (although the world hasent seen a solid evidence for who is behind the attacks, even american journolist raise objections regarding 9-11 attacks and its links to taliban. rumers are that secret agencies have done it, or perhaps the jew, or perhaps Osama bin Ladin himself is a US agent ) whatever may be the case it was clear that no country had attacked US, it could have been an organization al-qaida but that doesnt give US the right to attack a whole country and be responcible for killing thousands and thousands of people. how would you feel if some country blams a group of people in US for attacks in there country and in responce instead of capturing those few people, attacks and kill thousands of your country men which may even include your closest relatives. just think about it. But the US gov is forgetting that its up against the same nation that defeated Soviet Union a task US may never have achieved directly, secondly In recorded history No force has ever been able to capture and retain afghanistan. They may come, they may invade, but they cannot stay for long no matter how many powerpoint strategies they make 🙂

    And now even more intresting part, the story of “IRAQ”. Do you know that back in 80’s Iraq was a real close ally of US which back then was still governed by notorious Saddam. American interest was to fuel Iran Iraq was by providing Saddam with leathel wepons and make billions of dollors of profit, after all you have to keep those wepon factory in your country going otherwise thosands will lose there jobs, plus money made thru weapons sales would fuel US economy. Do you know that back then your very own secraty of defence Mr. Donald rumsfield was a close friend of the evil saddam. Donald was the one who sold Iraq those chemical weapons which were later used by Saddam’s cousin nicknamed “Chemical Ali” against Kurds which killed thousands of people. For this “Chemcial Ali” was recently hanged to death. dont you think that Donal should also be hanged cause after all he helped him plus why didnt the US gov do any think or condem back in 80s.
    Any way after almost 10 years of Iran Iraq war it ended without any resolution. there was this Iraq Kuwait despute over land in 1990 (by the way many in east belive that saddam was US againt cause every step he took was only in US favour). The american forigen minister back then gave a clear statment that if Iraq
    attacks kuwait its there internal matter and US being an ally of both states will not play any role. This was a greens signal for saddam to attack. saddam invaded Kuwait. Saudies offered refuge to Kuwaities. Americans offered to help Kuwait retaliate. so at a cost of unimagenable riches, a 4 day war was fought between “US Airforce” and Iraqi troops with guns in there hand. As usual the americans fought bravely at a distance of 30000 feet from the sky where no iraqi bullet could reach them and many of them must have recieved purpel hearts. Now the same saddam whom Ragen used to hug was tagged a bad boy by Mr Bush. Sanctions were imposed on Iraq. Iraqi chidren starved during these times but who cared atleast american children were cosey in there beds. Americans persuaded (rather forced) Saudies and Kuwaities that saddam was still a threat and it was very important for americans to sustan US forces in area. during the 90’s US test many of its new weapons on iraq to check performace in real battle situations. The main reason of US forces in the reagion was to keep close to the worlds largest oil reserves. How would americans feel if Some country create permenant basis in US land with the justification that they are there to defend US from Cuba or canada etc. ofcourse you wouldnt feel good about it. That the only thing what Osama demaded from US to leave saudia, but instead US made him leave saudia thru saudi officials. After 9-11 Bush Junior along with sadams old friend Mr Rumsfield started propagating that Saddam have weapons of mass destruction and that he was link to alqeada. which we over here knew was yet another scam was just a justification to enter Iraq and rob its oil resources. time proved that there was no weapons to al-qeada. After these revelations shouldnt US just leave Iraq. Apologize to the whole world and pay bzillions of dollars worth of life damage it caused. people lives have ruined. But Mr Bush Shamlessly insists to stay in Iraq. Im telling you before iraq war there might have been people there who would like the americans but now each one of them want revenge. Iraq is 100 times more dangerous than it was before the war. Just this for a momnet that we declare that Mr. Bush is brutal ruler and has no respect for others. and US forces are a real threat to muslims because of Mr. Bush. and for the noble cause to introduce true democracy in US we are going to invade your country. We will not harm civilians but in war civilan casulaities can happen which may well be your closest family memeber. how would you feel about it. ofcource youd want to kill me for this.
    Please open your eyes and for once put your selves in our boots and realize whats actually happening. we would like to live in peace and harmony with the westren world. all we say is please leave us alone. get out. and we wont follow you to your home just to take revenge. we will forgive you.

  28. us soldiers are the son of the bitches

    and they all r gonna get fucked by their moms
    us goes to hell

  29. doesnt looks like fake pics to me … and i think wht happened there is too much .

  30. lol…i cant believe this is still going around. Well, im sorry to tell you that indeed this is fake…..these are shots from a porn film ‘based’ in the middle east. And i know i have seen the film, and its shit by the way.

  31. Everyone calm down. All soldiers from all countries and religions are killing and raping machines. That is their purpose. Whether these are true or not is irrelevant. The real isssue is how not to get into war in the first place.

  32. shame on us army…i think laden & bush are same by their own an indian we r alwys a white flagged,,,but as a human being we dont bother ever dis type of crime in our country.

  33. These photos are fake or real Allah knows the best, but the replies here are wonderful, some say media is trying to give bad name to american army,some say never beleive what u see,I too want to say the same thing never beleive what u see or hear when media show wrong about Islam.Remember Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth.

  34. Everything about the uniforms that is mentioned above is correct. Another thing, just because they are soldiers doesn’t automatically make them bad people, many of them are better than those who stay here at home. While everyone else acts like Americans are so bad, even if these pictures are real and they did rape a woman, what do you think the whore houses over there are made up of? (women being forced to have sex for those who don’t know) Even though they do those types of things more often over there than over here, not everyone over there is bad, as not all are good and not everyone from America is good and others are. People who make general assumptions are dumb and they are what makes dents in the plans of those who truly want peace. Oh, and most soldiers don’t want to leave home, for some of them it is a way to get support for them and their families and even clean themselves up, and many others have always talked of their love for their country and their people and how they are willing to die backing us and our people, if it wasn’t for our military we would not be a country today. (sorry, but think about if you didn’t have a vast power protecting your whiny asses? Another country would love to have what is ours) Be grateful for what we all have here in America, we live like kings, and it is the strong spirit of those who love this country that keep us going, don’t kill that off with your shitty attitudes. Oh and…has anyone watched any recent movies since…well…at least the 90’s? It is amazing how many GREAT REALISTIC murder and rape scenes there are, it almost seems real, just like these pictures,

  35. Dog America, bassted u come in my city & i tell u what is rape? understand eddiate,


  37. hell yea

  38. After all women have accomplished and how far we’ve come, I can’t believe horrific things like this are still happening. I can’t believe men are such PIGS and these disgusting events aren’t being taken care of.

    These Men Should Be Put In Prison And Given The Death Penalty IMMEDIATELY!!!! I cring and CRY just seeing those photos.

  39. im seriously crying… wether this particular case is true or not it just reminds u that it is more than likely it’s atually happening over there.

  40. fukking drivel. get a grip and go blow a goat

  41. your all fukking idiots, eat shitt and die

  42. anything with a f@#@# “rag” on their head is “arro”…what are u doing in our country mr…go back to ur on country and get f#$#$ with sluts like u and other american soliders… the reason why ur in military service is simply b/c u forgot to “do ur hmk”….

    get a life!!!

  43. I am Iraqi male an have live in Iraq all my life. I recently move to america because how americans soldier treats us. americans i meat in Iraq always good to us and that is why I raise my family here now. America is much safer and Iraq not safe. I do not believe these pictures based on what i see in iraq America jundee do not dress in these things. If you believe these things then it is lies and those telling the lies will pay to them in hell. That is what Saddams soldiers do not to the womans not what american soldiers. Saddams soldiers were the bitches that will to be in hell. Do not believe these things on the site because it is all lies by wahabi.

  44. Simicka, I know your not an “Iraqi male” because you would never hear those words or even something remotely similar from A REAL IRAQI PERSON. You are probably another stupid fuckin bush loving American.

    Don’t you people see, even if these pictures are real or not, these things do happen and Iraqi people are the victims, you guys are too blind to see the truth. U.S Solders had absolutely no reason to go to Iraq, but they did so anyway and created so much chaos. Stop making accusations without knowing the truth.

    Simicka, your the one whose telling the lies, and I hope your the one to pay for it in hell. I’m actually Muslim unlike you and I am fully aware of what is actually going on in Iraq, so burn in hell.

  45. Simicka,

    The Usa, as a true christian colonialist, have barly granted any Iraqi the possiblitiy to move to Iraq. Actually a country as Sweden has taken in more Iraqis the last year than Usa in totally since the ILLEGAL INVASION!

    America is not safe.
    And these pictures are not up for you americans to “buy into”. It´s not a product to be sold as it´s not to be found in your nearest mall.
    American action and freedom figthting in Iraq is since long ago without any question. The facts are already proven and known. Even if the american soliders are above justice the world have casted their virdict. You are gulity of human rights violations, rape, theat, illegal invasion, lies, propaganda, privitisation, militarism, hatred, islamofobi, colonialism, imperialism, double moral, hatred, tortyre, international law violations aso

    Saddam was a dictator.
    Saddam was supported by America.
    That makes Saddam American´s dictator as so many many many other dictators. America is the root of the evil here. That´s why you dwell on sites like this. You know it´s true and you can´t stand it.
    You are hoax and at the same time an “average american”.

    No empire last forever.
    And the best thing with America is that their recession will come from within.
    As it already has begun. And whatever you have been sowing outside your country that is now harverst time.

    Bye bye.
    Have a hamburger!
    Eat some more fat and driver around in your “hard2sellanywhereelse” american car! And don´t forget the church!


  46. immma go rape a white grl damn whit ppl ruined the world

  47. Those photos might be real.. sure.

    But that video is seven different kinds of fake. I’m sure rape and abuse is going on in Iraq, but this video is just completely fake. I know service men. I know how service men talk, and how they bullshit. I know how Americans talk, and I know how they act. Anyone who has ever known an American GI can tell you that this video is faked. If this dude actually did the things he is claiming this is simply not how he would talk about it.

    nice try.

  48. Do you know all American GI´s?
    No, I thought so!

    Do you know how all American talk?
    No, I thought so!

    Do you all all american history and human rights and international law violations?
    No, I thought so!

    So then you can´t tell shit if its fake or not!
    Acknowledge that fact and the fact that your God blessed American GI´s are not divine buth filth!

    But you do know that the American (God blessed) army is made up of working class, uneducated often none-white?

    If you don´t know that then you must belonge to the conservative white middle/upper class that talk shit but will not do the aiming. And people like that are as much rapists/murders/haters/killers/theives/colonialist as these guys on the images and in the movie.

    Nice try! Now, say hallow to Rushdie for me. He should be able to teach you one or many things from the real world outside American propaganda and efforts to keep its public uneducated!

  49. Yay! Interesting…

  50. fuck u bush

  51. they are porn sites is europe that do nothing but stage rape and insest its a fetish these pics are from one of those sites i am army and a army wife so i know both sides we do not dress like that in iraq we wear acus not the green bdus you see here
    and Iraqi’s rape there own women also
    they are rapes by us men yes but we have just rapes here in the us from men who are not soldiers every day

    how would u like it if all us military folk just left and you had to fight your self because every other military comes in to take over the us huh bet you be missing us then

    also i am from Germany so dont bash about my spelling English isn’t my first language

  52. fuck bush fuck bush fuck the us soldiers fuck them.

  53. These are prono pics. They come from a little genre known as “Rapre Fantasy”. It happens to be really big in Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia. Seriously, if you think these are real, then maybe you will believe me if I tell you that I will deposit 1,000,000,000 in your bank account if you give me all your personal info? Don’t be a fucking moron. Seriously. Oh, and just a though, isn’t it desert in Iraq? Don’t troops wear desert pattern cammies in Iraq? Anyone who believes this crap has never served and wouldn’t know! Oh, and the answer is yes, they do wear desert color, that mean tan, NOT GREEN!

    If you think this is real, go try and breath under water, because I heard that it works! No, it’s real! I saw a picture of it! Oh, and one last thing, if these guys are Americans, then wh are they wearing Romanian cammies? Awww, it a conspircacy! I beat you psycho idiots to the punch. Go get a job. And the next time you high school drop ou yell at the cop arresting your dissorderly ass “My taxes oay your salary!” Remember that you don’t have a job, therefore you don’t pay taxes. you mindless, sad, little parsites.

  54. As much as the left wing people love to hate the american troops it’s stupid. It is there job, and they’re sent to the middle east to do there job, The US is a massive country with conflicting views but every americans should support the gentleman that are out their risking their lives not only just protecting the US but protect themselves and protecting the freedom of rights i respect everything they are doing. The US love to be so proud of there nation, but you do not realise how much that you are so broken. Every four years the political views of your nation changes, and next year it will be proved the most. The ‘blacks’ will vote for Obama and to be fair Obama should be the president of America because he is the most professional, but the deep south will vote for a man who should always be respected but not a man who is capable of running the most powerful nation in the world. i am british i am also proud of our troops, they are out their doing there job, whether it’s right or not it makes no different they are professionals and i am so proud of them.
    I do not quite understand the political issues of the western world but the majority of the UK look down on the US as many of you do not understands the complications on the current international relations. Hopefully the nation (The UK who brought in slavery) now understand and see racism as a horrific part of life and promote it as a disgracal act of humanitiy. I no this view may seems bias but until the US come together as a nation (which you never will) you will remain the most racism nation in the world

  55. abu ghraib,false evidence,the lies and the lack of understanding and outright inhumanity of some soldiers that has undiniably happened since this conflict started leave me struggling before each deployment with questions i cant answer and when i came across the story of the four soldiers, (who are not true soldiers but sadistic criminals who shit on everything soldiers like myself and many others stand for)who had been charged with the rape and murder of that 14 year old girl and her family and then saw the pictures that came with the story i went fuckin ape shit and thought what the fuck would make these sick fucks want to do something this horrific.but then when i started investigating the story a little deeper i started running in to all these web sites and what i found was yes this story did happen and and people are on trial and being convicted but the photos which were said to have been released by cbs actually were not and upon contact cbs denied the release of such photos and also after a closer look james sexton is right there are curtain items that myself and other soldiers have ever been issued and by army regulation do not match the way a uniform is to be properly worn therefor leaving me with a troubling conclusion. i understand that sometimes to get people behind a cause you need more than just words but distortion and photos like this only adds and breeds hate aswell as violence.i try to do my best and truly help but this just adds to my personal burden i myself apologize for the sensless acts of these men and others they truly deserve much worse than prison.

  56. my argument is simply who gives a fuck none of this is new people with power opress evry one this one case is not special an any way fuck the power pigs and fuck all of you are you all angels?
    are you even saints?
    no none of you should be aloud to speak ever unless you would be willing to stand up agains tyranny.
    stop bitching and do something.
    the people need to rise up just like they need to do in iraq fight for themselvs agains their tyrant rulers DO SOMETHING get organized use the internet for something other then complaining .

  57. P.S. alalalaalalalalalalala derkah derka muhammed jihad berkah derka bah hallla suzuki

    i couldent resist being stupid for you losers to complain some more just helping one asshole at a time

  58. And you are surley coming across as stupid.
    Mission completed, dude!

    Now, head off back to night school.
    And this time, do your homework, boy!
    And maybe you one day will stop beeing just an average stupid.
    american. It´s so tiresome and lethal.

    ala la la laaaaaaaaaaa

    : a

  59. HAHAH! FAKE. LOL. Uniforms don’t match. Iraq women don’t dye their hair, and puh-lease. I bet she really liked it.
    Plus, real-raped victims = something much, MUCH more cruel. Amateur porn. Pssh.

  60. First of all, after reading some of these comments, if US and British forces left Iraq, then it would turn into a hell hole worse than it is already. So should they leave so soon and let the Taliban gain control of another country? And cause another possible 9/11? I agree with US and British forces been there, they are helping to stabalise a country that was worse off than when Saddam was in charge. He gassed the Kurds, killed 1000’s. It would be 100 times worse if the Taliban where in control.

    And the Pic’s, how many fake ones has there been now of US/UK troops abusing the Iraqie people? Loads, 99% dont make it as far as the news, cause they are obviously fake.

    If you dont Support your goverment for sending in the troops, then atleast support the troops who where ordered in. 99.99% of them are doing a great job to sort it out into a “normal” country. its just a small % that give them a bad name.


    End of.

  61. id tap that.awe look she really likes remember they tourture and raped that woman they captured yes the one ARMY BITCH i dont remember her name but fuck iraqi bitches they get what they deserve i would personally not give a fuck if a saw it in person

  62. Chemex,

    Why do you think that “the Other” can not sort out their day? Why do they need the presence of American and Brititsh colonialists for that? You are just repeating old old arguments which 100 years ago defened the white colonialist enterprise projects in Africa. Same same and same white christian male faces with the promises of a “better tomorrow” as long as you do what they say… Why do defend such a racisit policy? Oh, because it makes you look/feel better? I thought that´s why americans goes to the shrink – but why should other people suffer for your lack of reality, fucked up commercial childhood, knowledge blanks and self-distance? Because you think you are the best when everything is a fact of the reverse?

    The talibans are there for a reason. 9/11 happend for a reason and it´s not that USA is the greatest country on earth which we all know is a MYTH. Today more than ever. And yes, Saddam gassed the Kurds and who provided him with the gas? USA! Who “silenced” the whole thing in UN? USA! Who CREATED facts and lied to a whole world inorder to illegally invade another sovereign country? USA! Who have showed nothing else than aggression and ignorance? USA! And the list goes on and on…

    Knowledge carries responsibility!

    USA supported Saddam.
    USA invaded Iraq illegally.
    USA has privitazed Iraq and is sucking out the oil.
    USA has made Iraq a much unsafer place than before.
    USA has murdered over 100 000 civil Iraqis and Afgans and
    any rethoric trick from your side will not make that fact less.
    USA are colonialist killers out for oil and hegemony.

    By the way, how “normal” is USA?

    As we are seeing the beginning of the end.


    : a

    : a

  63. Anyone who tries to justify rape (of ANYONE) is downright mentally diseased. Anyone who even jokes about rape, has similar issues. Put yourself in the position of someone getting raped and ask yourself how you feel.

    Secondly, the Iraq war WAS and continues to be a horrific twisted hoax put on by leaders that MANY blindly and ignorantly follow.

    You can reply to this, or talk up your buddies, or make other attempts to justify the Iraq war and our current president in your little mind. I don’t care- because, the time of the idiots is passing (albeit not fast enough)… you can only remain ignorant for so long before you will just simply wither in history as an idiot. Wake up, or prepare to fall in history and time as nothing but past.

  64. personally i would love to get raped by a woman of course that would make my day…NO year…and you know what i dont care what you think about it fuck the government fuck you fuck the military fuck the world lets get high SMOKE A BLUNT AND CHILL THE FUCK OUT i will now go but remember i will alwase hate you

  65. Hello i am a serbian person i do not wish to give my name but we need to spread the word that KOSOVO belongs to SERBIA and these albanian murderers have lied and raped our people just like the turks they say we commit genocide when we just protect our land and the united states and the UN support the so called “independance of KOSOVO” the albanians or “pidgeons” as i call them are evil murdering rapeist who wish to steal sacred land we need people to speak out against such justice since the clinton administration and even before that during world war 1 and 2 WE THE SERBS have been kicked around by other countries when we help people we get bombed when we saved USA airmen the united states turns their back on us THIS IS MURDER HELP THE SERBS THEY WOULD HELP YOU AND HAVE thank you for reading this god bless you all

  66. American soldiers are the soldiers of devil.

  67. No!
    They are just products of a commercial, conservative, uneducated and hateful/fearful country which has always resorted to aggression and greed.

    : a

  68. well i dont generalize anything i dotn want to say america sucks its just people. you cant call muslims faggots because you know nothing of the religion and i know that because the muslim religion is the most scientifical and logical religion. the prophet told people about things that were not know except by scientists more than a thousand years later but im not going into that. the person here thats at fault is george bush. he started a war that killed many us soldiers and arabs and threw iraq into chaos and he didnt even have a real reason. by doing it nothing was gained whatsoever and his original reason for going there was that he had evidence that iraq had weapons of mass destruction doesnt anyone remember that and they never found any. so then he changed his story saying gibberish about terrorists and blaming al qaeda even though theres a lot of evidence that proves 9-11 ( which by the way was the only thing that arabs ever did to the american people) was actually a conspiracy. i mean its the first building in history to ever fall because of a fire. and even if it did fall it shouldnt collapse but rather fall. i understand that there are some bad people and not all the americans are at fault, but the same applies to the arabs. you cant call arabs or muslims terrorists because of one thing that alqaeda may or may no have done and i do not like speculation so i will not say whether they did it or not. and i wont say bush did it for money. the case is like this. either bush is an idiot or hes a racist or hes greedy and wanted to take over iraq for its oil

  69. why the fuck does it matter if this pictures are fake. The stories of the rape are real. Maybe there are more that are being covered up.

  70. lool jesus christ , what!! r u really that stupid! r u angels? what did america came from heaven!?

    look time will change and then we rape all ur wife , i’ll be in ur place saying to fuck off and leave my dick in ur mothers and sisters mouth:)

  71. fuck off!!!!

  72. america is the shit.. hands down.. fuck russia, fuck iraq, iran, mexico, all of europe, the chinese and the japanese… u all wish u could live in america.. ever wonder why everyoneeeee and their fuckin mom is tryin to sneak into our country? ive never heard of anyone “sneaking” into any of ur piss poor countries.

  73. *LOL*

    America is SHIT you are so right!
    You are not near the education level of Iran, Russia, China, Europe… You are keept fat, uneducated and unware. The only thing you know is to shop until you drop. And boy are you droping nowdays…

    American hegemony is over. Pax Americana is history.
    If you in your twisted unrealistic “wallstreet” dreams think that the rest of the world longs for America then keep dreaming. Vote McCain! And make sure that you never will wake up to the real deal!

    The only “sneak fuckers” around is USA. Violating every law there is. But again, US is SHIT as you already stated! Lets rejoice in that hard core fact!

    : a

  74. Antievil. Please do a little bit of research and you will surely find that these photos are fake. They are from a porn film.
    Now just chill out.

  75. Tit

  76. The Uniforms are wrong. Also, there is no insignia on any uniform. Cheap Fake.

  77. Yeah, these photos are fake. Most of the people on this website or left-wing nut jobs. First off, those are the uniforms we wear in the Army anymore. Those are what are called BDU’s; however, we are all now required to wear ACU’s. BDU’s have a camo-pattern, while the ACU’s have a digitized-pattern of small square. The ACU’s are invisible to night vision goggles. Besides, we don’t have to rape anybody in Iraq, because there are more than enough prostitutes and women in our units. Why don’t people complain about the plight of the Iraqi prostitutes? They have it the worst.

  78. hey slayer before you can call me stupid learn how to compleat a sentance you fucking ignorant bastard….and i wasnt refering to america i was refering to the people saying rape is wrong….when we all know you fucking losers were looking up “rape Fantasy” pics on google….i really wish you would get hit by a fucking bus or simply die of cancer or aids….and slayer………as for all you people saying its a fake pic…REALLY…NO FUCKING WAY…anti evil is just a pissy little bitchy nerd who needs to vent his he uses a “Hot Button Topic” like rape to fuel his self resonating hatred for america because america simply hates him.We most definately raped women in iraq…i mean come on 120 degrees…constant fighting or moving base camps….No weed,booze,or a decent cheeseburger…whats a jarhead to do? Get some forced poontang…you know you would too.and whats more its from across the sea…the wifes will never know!!!!!! america doesnt own the rest of the world thats for sure.and we americans need better educations thats true. just look at slayer typing at a second grade level its fucking pathetic. But who fucking cares about the rape? maby most marines or army infantry have to just go along with whats being done because they dont want some “friendly Fire”going on back at camp…ill tell you what..go join the army or the marines..then you can earn the right to piss and moan about why we are so evil and vile of a country….STOP BITCHING AND DO SOMETHING..i only bitch at the bitches who are bitching about other bitches…SHUT THE FUCK UP.why dont you all get over it and use the computer for what it was invented for…..PORN!!!!!!!!!! and slayer…i already fucked your sister..she gave me a nasty itch…wich i gave to your mom…so i wouldnt talk about familys…read your text book kiddies..and remember alwase tip the stripper

  79. What a great exampel of AMERICANISM and the recession that is channeled into the minds and actons of this “great” fucked up country! And fucked-up masculinity. Boy, grab your little dick and seek help as in profesisonal help. Men have killed and raped to loong and to much.

    You justify every second I put on this blog – Thanx!

    Have a nice day and pleez do comment more!



    : a

  80. I’ve just got some mohommed bobble heads (modeled after the danish cartoon). They’re selling like hot cakes so get one while you can! There’s nothing funnier than a mohammed cartoon character with a bomb in his head towel. Bin Laden ordered one yesterday!

  81. So do you like viewing these “rape” sites?

  82. death to all da US marines and their forces along with israeli’s…economic situation of USA is really bad usa is already on their knees to china and middle east for money last month 500,000 people loses their jobs…u little chicken shits save ur ases..
    RUSSIA,CHINA,NORTH KOREA,IRAN AND OFCOURSE DANGEROUS TALIBANS will take our revange…they’ll cut u,ur girl frnz and ur mothers in 1000 pieces hahehehehhaha!!! be patient…the worst is next yet 2 come….hahahahhaha!!

  83. godknows the best,but if these r real then then god will punish them even more rudely and brutally.they were enjoying in these pics but in hell they will definitely have punishments 4 their crimes

  84. im shocked the criminals will b punished more violently in hell


  86. hope they all go crazy and start killing all of you

  87. true or not true….american in iraq is just like serbian in bosnia or israel in gaza/occupied territories….this three all the terrorists of the world today

  88. For Me it doesn’t matter if these photos are fake or not ……
    because american soliders (Bastards) do it daily here….
    BUT The REAL IRAQI RESISTANCE in Burning them in their own hell For what they have done !!

  89. The pictures are so obviously fake because of the camo patern that is no longer in use and never used in Iraq to begin with. But the propaganda of the anti-war people don’t care about truth…only degrading our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. I sincerely hope that all of you ass holes rot in hell…fuck you all!

  90. Screw, that im not about to say that rape is ok but fuck all of you who have something bad to say about america this is our country and 95% of americans love it so get over it and by the way when you want to hide in the desert you dont wear green face pant and woodland camo. so fuck all of you who hate america and remember that most of america hates you too.

  91. Rape or not rape, the fact is that you fucking Americans just can’t stay between your borders.
    Why the fuck do you have to invade so much countries, how long the fake ‘anti-tero war’ will last?
    I know I’m putting you all in the same bucket here and I should only blame your rulers, but after all YOU, the idiots Americans voted them, so you’re all responsible for ALL the victims your army is doing all over the world.

    WTF, after you’ll have a military base in any country of the world, all you have to do is ask for protection money, right?!

  92. It is clear these so called soldiers are nothing more than mestizo gang members with a modicum of training. You cannot trust these people to either not rape or comprehend a concept like democracy. Please go back to killing the few honest public servants left in your dusty drug cartel controlled countries. Viva la raza, con frijoles y masa.

  93. let those bastard fight for thier country.they”re going under and under until they have nothing . u’ll going down sooner.just wait what your obama will do.thanz to bush for pushing u down.poor american’s get poor and poor each day.

  94. Attention you pathetic losers blaming American soldiers – reade v-e-r-y- carefully:

    They were debunked earlier in th thread. If you still whine about American’s raping based on these pictures, then you are too stupid to comment, to vote, and possibly to live.

    • This is the way the institutionalized hatred and racism in America is articulated with threats, whitness and violence.
      Nothing new there as America is plunged into debt and worldwide resistance. Oh, did I mention that America and it´s
      dollar is loosing by the day on the economic world map, i.e. the very last map that they occupy.

      Keep you hatred going.
      You nation will fall much faster thanx to that as you are too stupied to realise that. But hey, you are allowed to live
      anyway as half of your country is totally uneducated ie. STUPIED!!!
      Go to the mall and feast on yet another fat burger and enjoy it as we enjoy GM desolve.



    • Really though – who are the loosers? Who are the aggressors? The liers? The stealers?
      Which country is plunged in fat and the urge for more? Which country has illegally invaded
      and tortured many and killed thousends?

      Oh yes the loosers USA!
      Now you can scream “fake” and “hate” all day long.
      As there are many of you!
      But your actions speaks clearer!

      You are hatred!
      You are loosers!
      You are terrorists!

      One day it might as well be your turn.
      With an IQ like yours that might come sooner than excepcted.
      Every day now, is another day where USA looses legitimacy, support
      and dominace. You better run boy! Run run to the nearest mall and
      buy everything your tiny credit card can afford. While you can…



  95. What a joke!!!! As with MOST things muslim!!! You are outraged at these obviously faked fotos (US forces in iraq have never worn green uniforms)… Go to an arab newspaper like the arab times at on ANY day of the week and you will read of maids being beaten and tortured, women being kidnapped and raped, daughters being beaten or murdered… all by your shining examples of how men should be as muslims.
    You scream for vengeance at these doctored photos and when a Muslim man confesses to rape and murder you allow him to sign a pledge of good conduct and promise to never do it again… that is if he hasn’t the Wasta to evade charges altogether.
    You are too weak to use willpower to fast during the holy month of Ramadan so you make it illegal for restaurants to be open so that non-Muslims must practice your religion while the whole idea of fasting as a demonstration of personal faith is thrown aside. Enjoy while you can, soon the world will tire of this ludicrousness and the oil will run out and you will be back to raping sheep as you’ll no longer be able to afford to import slaves.

  96. this type ok thinks do only animals.plz save islam&plz help islam people. iam requesting all the world.inthe only one god is there .only allha is the god

  97. who cares the iraqis deserve it after bombing the U.S.

    • Hi is this Cheney/Bush/an average american speaking?

      Cause just WHEN did the Iraqis bomb U.S.A?
      U.S fucking A have been the greatest supporter when IRAQ has been bombing other nations but never has IRAQ bombed USA.

      So again, these neo-con, whiteness lies reoccur to justify aggression and murder. And ofcourse, the american exceptionality which is nothing more than claimed white superiority of the world, life/death and all recourse.

      Hurry, back to school!
      To detox from these neo-con lies and ideologies.
      And run a check-up about… everything , boy!

      • when did Iraq bomb the U.S.?
        okay what about 9/11?
        They killed so many innocent people by flying those planes into the World Trade Center.

      • Did Iraq bomb U.S.? Only american right wing fools like Cheneny believes that. Well, actually not even he did but he back-up the lie.

        So why are you reproducing a lie that cost 1 milion people their lives? How many died in 9/11? 3000 persons? So do the math – how many iraqies lives is an american worth?

        U.S. is an aggresive imperialistic force that through the rethoric of “democracy” is out to rape other nations. History is full of such accounts. You just repeated one yourself as the very product of that colonial mindset.

        But all empires meet their end.
        Bright days ahead.

      • I’m not a ‘right wing fool like cheney’
        I don’t even like Cheney so don’t stereotype.
        And yeah, Al Qaeda actually killed a lot of people.
        Just because a few bad Americans go and rape an Iraqi doesn’t mean that all Americans rape everything they see.
        That would be like saying all Iraqis are terrorists.

      • Few bad Americans?
        That´s how Cheney talks so even if he is not your poster boy you sure
        are eager to reproduce his ideology and rhetoric. Actually the torture and
        killings of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan is a part of the history that marks
        USA as an colonial and imperialistic force. It´s in USA system, paradigm and
        No other country has killed more than USA.
        No other country has supported and themselves activily performed terrorist attack
        like USA. History is full of these accounts but there reason you would´t know about
        them or do not care about them also speaks volume!

        There is nothing “individual” with USA torture but a product of a colonial and racist
        governments that sees other nations and humans as indispensable.
        USA business goes first never mind human rights and International law.
        Al Qaeda can never compete with that history.

        “Bad” Americans would be a product of a “bad” society. Nowadays the average American
        is to fat to be drafted. It´s systematic as is your school system and everything else rotten
        in America. It´s a failed society with California out first…

        Great days ahead!!!


      • what about 9/11? that hit the US HARD! they deserve something after that!! saddam being hanged was not enough justice for all they put familes through with their losses.

        do they deserve this? no but i doubt those pictures are even real. so just shut the fuck up.

      • “shut the fuck up” says the slayer while torturing and crying for justice.

        Well, what ever USA is getting HARD they themselves have sawn by decades
        of murdering, exploitation and hatred.
        Get use to HARD times boy.
        USA empire is about to end.


      • wow you sound very ignorant.
        US citizens have great lives, most of them.
        just because your country is shit doesn’t mean that the US is gonna end, they’re actually probably the strongest country.

      • Ofcourse I sound ignorant to you.
        For ignorant americans the empire will always last.
        An alternative would be… would be… TERRIFYING!!!

        What is my country?
        How owns US?
        And is there another country that has a greater deficit than USA?
        Or that has a fater population than USA?

        You know what, keep cheering on the USA.
        And come back in about… 5-7 years and let´s have a talk.
        That is if you are up to it.
        It being a reality-check which means that you need to be able
        to read books, analysis and read newspaper about the world outside
        big fat USA.



  98. listen american,british,israeli bastards and moorens,do u think by killing innocent women children,raping women brutally,u r making ur s life safe.
    ha,,no,no…listen again no.
    one day u stupid bastards will be vanished from thi earth by our revenge..sooner or later..

  99. how many iraqies lives is an american worth?

    One American life is worth all Iraqie people. Just give us our oil and STFU.

  100. Okay, just so you know, I DO know what is going on in the world other than what’s going on in the United States.
    I know how to read, not all Americans are fat.
    That’s how you sound ignorant, because you are speaking as if you are closeminded.

    • What DO you know, really?

      Ofcourse not all Americans are fat.
      But America is the country with the fattest population.
      And that´s not my words but research.

      And it´s a fact that your LIFESTYLE produces and entertains.
      Cheap fat, oil and useless cars are a part of your “nationhood” and while
      others advance you can´t. If you KNOW what goes on in the world then
      you have the tools to see this in USA.

      But I suspect that you think that “knowing what goes on in the world” includes
      reading a newspaper once or twice and watch an American newscast. Nothing could
      be more wrong than that.

      The average American is brainwashed into fat, shallow national news and thinking
      of themselves as superior. That´s why Obama urged the nation to study one more
      year, chaning the health system aso because you are not only behind but without
      change you will stay behind. As a nation.


      • If you must know, I really am intelligent. Maybe not like a genius, but I’m smart, and I don’t let all these corrupt politicians fool me. And yes, America is one of THE fattest countries, but that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with our education. I do see problems in the USA, but I don’t see it how you see it, I know they have had a bad past and sometimes they do shitty things but that is beside everything I’m saying. We are not brainwashed, maybe the racist rednecks in the south are, but intelligent non biased Americans have minds of their own. As far as American newscast goes, I don’t watch it much. I only watch it for the weather. I’d much rather go online to see what is happening worldwide than here what is going on in only one place.

  101. not all americans are bad, but I don’t expect you to know that.
    and no, i’m not eager to reproduce cheney’s ideas.
    these are my own opinions and facts.
    and as far as Americans being fat and not being able to be drafted? wow. seriously, wow.
    do you know how many americans are serving their country and protecting it this very minute?

    and yes, there will be great days ahead.

    Just Wait.

    • Cupcake,

      So you have your “own” facts which you claim are not Cheney´s. Brilliant!
      Then, give them me so that I can research on them.

      Listen, what you think about Americans being to fat to be drafted is beside
      the point. Obviously you have no clue about matters. That is a fact that US ARMY
      themselves have publicized! So yeah, seriously WOW!!!

      I don´t care how many Americans are “protecting” USA every minute what I care is that
      there are soo many crazy, uneducated Americans out there killing civilians in imperialistic
      wars with the only real goal – OIL!!!

      So it´s BRILLANT NEWS that the glorious “AMERICAN LIFESTYLE” of FAT is the one that is stopping
      the flow of more American imperialistic soldiers. How paradoxical. How sweet.
      So yes, in many ways the great days have already started. California, the failed state, is leading the way…




      • Actually, I do have clues in these matters. I don’t know what your fetish is with Cheney, but I’ve never even given his ‘facts’ the time of day, so you can drop that subject. And as far as America killing many people, please don’t forget about Germany and Japan.

        Also, I’d like to mention the six mile road in Baghdad to the airport. Soldiers have to protect this road because of suicide bombers, randomly placed bombs, and rebels. This is possibly one of the most dangerous roads in the WORLD. There is no road quite like this anywhere else; and not only were Americans killed but also CIVILIANS, and Iraqi personnel. That is pretty fucked up, to me.

        You shouldn’t be prejudice against every single American, honestly, because those soldiers that you are speaking of DID in fact get punished. And not America’s security on who they let into the army, navy, etc has increased tenfold.

      • Cupcake,

        I asked for your facts and you haven´t supplied me with them. Why I wounder? Your opinions are
        but a reproduction of Cheney and we all know the supremcy and capitalist ideology that man stands for.
        I find it not at all amazing that you claim to be your “own” master. It´s like the brainwash you are supplied
        with in USA is not relevant, there is no structure just individuals like you that run around in dark rooms
        with no wall, having your own opinions.
        That´s Americanism for your at it best. You are so brainwashed into believing in the AMERICAN EXCEPTIONAL ISM
        that you can´t comprehend anything else.

        Again, where are the facts that you base your so called Cheney-free “opinions” on?!

        Americans have killed far MORE people that Germany and Japan! You just do not know this or do not want to know this.
        American WHITE history is full of massmurders, colonialisation and slaughters of innocent. Iraq and Afghanistan is just but
        an extension of this practices allso called AMERICANISM. You, Cupcake, with your inability to grasp this and your previliges that
        support it are also a part of this killing. Of course you will claim no but that´s thanx to your limited education.

        Tell me Capcake, what the FUCK did USA do in Iraq in the first place??
        How twisted of you to claim that the Americans are sort of HEROS in “protecting” a road while the same force slaughter people like they were nothing else than
        good old french fires. USA totally privatized the Iraqi war, stole the oil, destroyed a suvren country etc and not surprisingly enhanced it´s torture structure
        and practices to new levels and you talk about “protection of a road”?! Well, if you didn´t claim ownership to all resources in the world then you wouldn´t be there in the first place right?! And by the way, did you hear about the “death road” in the first Gulf war? Of course you didn´t but plz check it up and then let´s talk about the most deadliest road.

        That is so FUCKED UP that you believe that you can get sympathy for me. I am educated which gives me such a overhand on you.
        But hey, that´s just how an average American try to justify his/hers incapability to grasp the footprints of America and the very
        American racist, neo-colonial and imperialistic practices that he/she is a part of. No, you are not an individual Cupcake, but a product
        of your society. And that is, as you know, a FUCKED UP society. Grasp it otherwise you will always just be where you are right now.
        In the shadow of Cheney.

        Also, tell me ALL the soldiers that DID get punished for committing raw slaughters?
        Didn´t just the BLACKWATER lead massacre end up in no convictions?

        Just lay it to rest Cupcake, unless you really have some facts. Again, have you at all read the artical which cites the
        US Army complaining about the conditions of the recruits? Or do you just “come up” with your defense opinions like that?
        Your ignorance is like a contra productive force and my “prejudice” towards Americans is getting
        confirmed by every word you write. Honestly!

        Have a nice day!


  102. everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but you have to understand that not all americans are like this. that is extremely prejudice to think that. that’s EXACTLY like saying all muslims are suicide bombers. and fat americans? there are fat chinese people too, and fat mexicans, fat israelis, fat canadians, etc etc.
    yeah, you better believe there are great days ahead because we are alive. being alive is the best gift, no matter if you’re white or pakistani or whatever. people shouldn’t be hating each other.

  103. I really wish you’d stop with all this Cheney bullshit. Is he even in office anymore? No, I didn’t think so. Nobody ever even listened to him anyways. And besides, I’m not a Republican nor do I enjoy politics as much as the average person. Limited education? Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night. ‘Sympathy for you’? Of course it’s fucked up, because I have none for you. You do not have an overhand on me, I do not believe that anybody, over the computer, can have an overhand on anyone. You shouldn’t think you’re better than me because you’re really not. That doesn’t mean that I think I’m better than you. Really, nobody is better than anyone.
    Just because I don’t have the facts that you find exeptional doesn’t mean I don’t have any. The Abu Ghraib prison tortures, dehumanism, sodomy, etc did get punished as I said. Between 2004 – 07 over 24 soldiers who were in the photos and videos were caught and sentenced to jailtime. So yes, they did recieve punishment. And they did make their country look bad. Of course I bet you have some witty comment about that, go ahead.
    Soldiers deployed to Iraq shortly after the 9/11 attacks, do I agree with this? Of course not. It’s very similar to the Vietnam conflict before I was born. My uncle, though, was in the front lines of that war. As far as America killing many people, other countries have as well. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because they wanted to weaken and dominate the US, and that didn’t work very well, did it? If you don’t believe me about that and Japan’s reasoning for attacking the US and starting World War II, then there is a fact that you can research. Germany slaughtered over 6 million Jews and gentiles alike, and many more. Also, I’d just like to mention that we’ve recently got some Iraqi and Pakistani classmates to whom are very cool people, and they really don’t have any problem with the United States.
    I don’t appreciate you calling me ignorant, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do however appreciate your thoughts and enthusiasm. But, I’m just going to drop this subject because I have other things to do. I really hope you have a nice day and a pleasant year.


  104. I am so embarrassed to be an American!!!!!

    I can only hope that someone will do us all a favor and rape these soldiers, their mothers, aunts, and sisters just as they did this poor HUMANBEING!!!!!!!!!

    You are all sick fuks! Stay lost and don’t come back to the USA!

  105. Just wanted to let the World know that not all americans are for your exploitation. Shame on all the Black and Latinos in the armed services. Im Black so im barley considered an American. I Feel for you and My Brothers and Sisters worldwide, From Afghanastan to Australia we are all being exploited by the Imperalist State known as the United states of america and its western allies. May we one day be free of their Exploitation and Opression.

  106. This is sick,





  107. Ok now ur going to honestly tell me tht this shit is real? Common? Reallý? I find it laughable tht u twisted fucks acually think this is real! I can’t believe tht u people could even think about accusing our U.S soldier who r out there dying for u ungrateful fucks! And antievil u r a dumb fuck…. Had u god dam…(oh shit I’m srry.. U believe in allah u chumps) let me refrase tht…..u want to talk about discusting and evil? U bastard highjacked 2 of our fucking plains and went suicide into our two towers killing thousands of inicent lives! U don’t want us in iraq? Next time don’t fuck with the country who has “killed more people than japan and germany combined”and I do appologaze for one thing and tht is this… I believe tht there r good people tht come from the islam and muslum… Wen I say towlheads I am refering to the fucking terrorist who need to rot in hell….. Now finally… Too any of u troops who read this… Ur country supports u and u men and women are the heroes of our country… U risk ur lives so tht we can be free in our country… Don’t let these small minded idiots get to u cuz wat u r doing is amazing and takes great courage.. So thank you…. And antievil… GO TO FUCKING HELL!!!

  108. What is the use of war if it brings misery in the life of innocent people ? Either the Men are killed or kidnapped and the women have to find means of living in this UNGRATEFUL AND SINFUL WORLD for the families. The children are mostly killed in the war or left orphaned. In the meantime they will also find the same fate as their mothers. It is really really hurting to see the plight of children. There are no words to explain their plight. Children crying on the streets looking for their dead father and mother and also crying in pain of their wounds received. Surely the devil now rules the world. If the peace keepers cannot give peace to a country then its better to shoot the whole family than to leave children orphaned and women in the flesh trade !!!

    • Oh that´s intresting.

      So not only will the “white christian” forces kill for the sake of killing in Iraq and Afganistan
      if there is any survivors they should kill them as well, now out of humanity.

      No blame nor any second thoughts at the perpertator in the first place. The white christian
      american men must be able to kill and kill at will. This ofcourse includes the Israelis that happily
      kills all Palestinians, old or young.

      Shame on you Delwin for your view of humans.
      You must be an American.
      It´s in your ignorance of the world and ideological education.
      Which never is any excuse but explains the deaths made by american “democracy fighters”
      and their stupid supporters back home.
      There is no cure for people like you. That would cost too much and who now can afford to
      de-program a nation like USA or Israel? Time will teach you geography and human rights.
      The BRIC countries have already taken over.


  109. Aren’t here videos??? it will prove this once for all!

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  111. I hate Amerika.Kill America

  112. Peace all. Stop the war. Stop evil act. Stop rapes, murders of innocent kids, people.

    God is big. remember what you give is what you’ll get. let’s love one another.

  113. guess who’s top producer of gay and animal sex in world. usa. i hope they rot in hell like pig shit, obese ameridiots.

  114. As much as I am against the iraq war as a muslim and as much as I believe that everything bad coming out of iraq must be true and everything good false but one thing I believe above all is the truth. THOSE IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT US SOLDIERS!!! I am a military fanatic and those soldiers are wearing BDUs (battle-dress uniform) woodland camoflauge. Woodland camo was barely used in the beginning invasion and was totally phased out two three years later. Spec op soldiers wear them still but they have pockets on the sleeves. Knowing that they have been posted in 2007 makes them totally false because no american soldier on ground in Iraq wears the BDU now.

  115. Good even i got worried thosephotos wereeal..nice luckit was never real..!!! People who made thosephotos should be arrested..and sent for 10 years prision term to spread hatred

  116. now , i hope the Americans know why we hate them , Iam from Egypt and there is more christians here and i love them , so our problem not with the christians but they must know that we will not go down in Iraq , Afghanistan , Gaza even if we know that we will die because there is no life with out freedom thats the muslim man and thats the point that Americans cant understand , now the amiricans wish that taliban able to end the war and all of you know how many country and technoligy figh in Afghanistan and i swear they will never win bec. god with us . i know that many Americans dont care about this Iraqi woman and thats why we dont care about 9/11 . Ben laden not a croud man but you have to know guys that if he have a military with high tecnoligy i swear he wouldnt think about 9/11 . and he is not a terrorest just be a wise man and dont belive this bullshit that your g. w bush told you he is a liar the amiricans killed thouthands of innocent people . any war at the middleeast the jews behind it . israel like a baby America suport israel in every thing bec. the jewish control the white house and control america thats why america always stand with Israel even if they killed a womans a childern in Gaza , where the human rights that they talking about ? just leave us alone and America will know that we are a peacefull people . any way i hope to see a world without any wars . peace on you

  117. they are fucking dare they rape women.god will punish them soo hard.the u.s soliders should fuck their own mothers and sisters if they are so wild but fuck they should respect women.

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  120. i want say for all american solder you killed osama bin laden but didn’t
    killed the idea .. we will kill all you wait us wait us wait us

  121. i pray that the american soldiers families are raped over and over again


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  124. I just wanted to say that the pictures on the post are nothing but bullshit propaganda, its porn made by actors in netherlands for a website. (scroll down)
    Sory to all those red cyber-defenders of the human rights of the world and those commie lords of the rebel aliance. but its fake

    learn to investigate for your own and stop buying every shit you see

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