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  1. The fist video was just hilarious!

    i guess there’s trouble in paradise

  2. I guess blonds are stupid and beautiful. Why are smart good looking broads in the minority?

  3. I have searched for a topic for this string but could find nothing except anti american (which I am) I would love to expatriate to Venezuela and be with Hugo Chavez. I revere the man and support his rise to permanent power. He is good and the direct opposite of Bush who is the embodiment of evil. I guess it is mostly a fantasy because I am so in debt and so tied to this country being on retirement. My social security and pension are at risk if I leave this mess. If I stay I will bury myself in debt though. I am really in a quagmire. I could sell it all off to pay my debts and if it gets any worse with the wars and the politicos it may be the wise choice.

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