What the Fuck is a Vietnam?’: Touristic Phantasms and the Popcolonization of (the) Vietnam (War) + VIDEO: The American War: The U.S. in Vietnam

America never declared war and the Paris Peace Agreement was never observed –there was no war and there is no peace. Even the charade following the My Lai massacre points to this. First the massacre was denied enough to have those responsible walking free. Then, after 30 years of forgetting, the limelight was turned on Hugh Thompson and others who tried to prevent it, and they were declared American heroes, decorated with medals to prove it.

With this shrewd scheme, an indiscriminate slaughter has been transformed into a triumph of American ideals while the ideology of carnage that caused it has been left intact. Now the only nation ever condemned for terrorism by an international court can claim to lead a righteous war against terrorism while doing its best to throw spanners in the works of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The establishment of the ICC should of course be criticized for sanctioning war-as-usual – with a juridical positivist demarcation of odd ‘war crimes’, most slaughters will inevitably be construed as ‘just wars’.

For all the wrong reasons, American wants none of that – their wars are all just! In present-day post-ism, this New World Order of ours – where meek war critics can help America to get away with losing a war and still end up winning it – it might be wise to take heed of our conceit in order to avoid continuously having to write the history of our own obscurity with author/North Vietnamese Army-veteran Bao Ninh’s lament: ‘The future lied to us, there long ago in the past’ (1993: 42).

With war-as-usual, the fact that Vietnam is a war that never was has never been truer – as if the whole gory beach-adventure never took place. Freedom is being sacrificed on the altar of the Free World.

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Ref: Victor Alneng

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