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  1. To so-called Antievil:
    The difference in the cartoon is that both could be avioded had it not been for one side starting the conflict. As to which side is responsible, I’m goimg to go with the one whoes society teaches their children to suicide themselves, you know…to become martyrs and whose prophet murdered Jews as well (Banu Quraza) and said the the last days even the rocks will cry out there is a Jew behind me, come kill him. Yes, I going to say according to great logic that it is this group that is reponsible for BOTH children in the cartoon. Now responed by and tell me jihad is a inner struggle and not “a duty” to take over the world according to sura 8:39 / 9:5. Go ahead.

  2. JW,

    BOTH children! if you know true Islam, you wouldn’t say that. If you know true Muslims, i don’t pretend I’m one, you wouldn’t even thought they can be the group responsible for this crisis. On the other hand, in the Holy Quran, there’s a verse saying “For all those who believe in God, DON’T be the 1st to start the war, & for those who fight you just fight them as they did till they drawback, & if they did, just leave them alone, As God don’t like the unfair people”.. please, don’t judge or make your point of view from some lies spreaded by your media. Islam isn’t a religion of war. If you’re good at history as you’re in writing misunderstood verses & saying of the Prophet, you will just know whose land is that, you’ll realize that the first people who landed Jerusalem were Arabs & you’ll accordingly know who occupied who? who murdered who? Yes, I’m Muslim & Proud. Yes. I’m Arabian and proud. No shame on me at all! When 1010 killed victims in 18 days of this war and over 4.000 injuries including women & children falls in this attacks, and you just come to say simply Palestinians are the one responsible for this crimes, you’re just misjudging the whole matter. It’s an invite to you to know Islam better, to know Arabians better, we all had the same parents millions years ago. Let’s just spread peace & let’s just love each others. I think this would be the way to avoid this the both cartoons drawn above.
    My regards & sorry for inconvenience.

  3. Is no important who began the war: important is finish it.

    Israel do not need Gaza Territory, so that they could go out Jew cities nearby Palestina in order to avoid Hammas Misils, because the other one is that Israel is doing now: exterminate palestine people just like NAZI’ s killed millons jew people in order to “clean” Europe from people they did not like.

  4. so going back to “who started the conflict”, the land is an arab land and is still being labeld – including by UN – as occpied land;
    what u said about Jihad and teh stone story is true, but you see, isreal occpied land and for that they deserve what the quran said. in other words these asked for it;
    historically jews lived amongest muslims and found refuge in muslim land for as long as they lived; if islam calls for killing jews undisremenantely, we would of done that long time ago;

  5. That’s not double standard when the suicide bomber intentionally blew up bus full of innocent peoples we called those innocent peoples, innocent victims but when Hammas after firing rockets to Israel and hiding behind innocent peoples of Palestina and Israel strikes back and killed those innocent Palestinian in process we called them Casualty of war because that’s unnecessary victims of war if Hammas have a gut to fight like a real patriot this wouldn’t happen. My heart goes to all the innocent children on both side especially on Palestina side.

    • Anyone who apologizes for Israeli aggression and war also apologizes for its horror. That means you Tom! You stand as a complicit to these crimes, ideology and you should be marked for that!

      Oh these poor israelis on a bus only minding there own biznez in the everyday banality while living in a country that is build on killing other people… No, but they are only innocent. Victims. Always victims. Even when these “innocent victims” SLAUGHTER in cold blood they are not to be blamed but to be understood… To be apologized by people like you Tom. Does shame attach to you at all?

      You hide behind arguments of BLINDNESS where everyone else on the other side is nothing but a part of the evil, while you are pure as white. Actually, in your twisted rethoric you are “HELPING” the palestinans by killing them, that must be the ultimate zionist/nazi rethoric and practice.

      And who is the chicken shit in this “rightous war”? Who uses phosphors weapons, bombs INTENTIONALLY UN buildings, stops AID and journalists and drops bombs from a high altitude?

      Well, you stick to your arguments of racism and Zionism. The world from now on have to align themselves to the Israeli mass murder; either you stand with Israel and justifies like you do OCCUPATION, COLONIALISM, APARTHEID and AGGRESSION or you stand for HUMAN RIGHTS, INTERNATIONAL LAW and end of OCCUPATION.

      Thanx for making decision easier Tom!

  6. we hate yahood, we hate Israelis,
    Muslim Ummah will Attack soon on Israel. Inshallah. and universe will see the new map of israel. to small too tinny in USA.

  7. i , as a south american jew who has visited the land of israel and the palestinian territories would like to say some things…
    its horrifying when we see these images of ppl suffering
    …there are no innocent ppl!!!!
    no nothing!!! war its horrible!!!!!
    but i would like to invite u all to visit israel and then the palestinian territories and see the difference in the ppls minds!
    israelies dont hate , israelies dont like war ……palestinians are under my conception , non muslims…
    they kill under gods name , they are in a war because it gives them the right to stay in a land it was never theirs to claim ….
    if you really want to say anything….to express yourselves do it trying to find any kind of solution to this conflict instead of taking sides and giving life to only one side…..

    • Mira,

      I have been to your “beloved” Israel.
      And it´s shit.
      Full of racism, hatred and that strange stank of militarism and colonialism.
      And the difference you talk about is real. On the Israeli side people are acting
      like the colonialist they are. They go swiming while Gazans cant, drive around West Bank like they
      own it, they drink coffee and feel like victims but they can never match the hospitality
      of the Palestinians.

      and COLONIALISATION! Se llama tu!

      You talk so sweet about your Israel and israelis and then about the palestinans that YOU know
      how they are and what they are (none muslims). By that PERROGATIVE you are just like the true
      Israeli that you want to be; a WHITE COLONIALST MAN that knows it all and who is always right!

      No matter how your head is twisted IT IS THE ISRAELIS THAT SHOULD NOT BE IN PALESTINE!
      Israelis are immigrants just as your parents once where South America!!! Now, this is fact and
      if you do not want to deal with it, then that´s a different issue.


      1967 BORDERS.

      comprende o no?

      Oh, if you need some “enligtning” books about pro-israelis lies, the history aso plz tell
      me. You seem really to need it more than most.


  8. all of you shut the hell up weve been taking bombs from the terror organisation for 8 fuckin years and when we defend ourselves its out fault? its our responsibility?
    where were you all when our children have died???
    sure because you never saw the pictures of israeli people die
    you saw the gaza pictures though right?

    • Anon,

      How elegant your suffering is.
      It´s only you right? You are the only one in the whole wide world that suffers.
      Bu bu buuu…
      If we only saw your side – you only defend yourself by dropping bombs, suffocating,
      bombing schools, killing civilians. All you want to do is keep living on your ethnical
      cleansed land. In peace. In your racist country. Bu bu buuuu…

      For 8 years you say…
      Now let´s see how many Israelis have died as a result by bombing from GAza during these 8 years?
      And how many Palestinians have died during the same years as a result from bombing from Israel in

      Oh, yes!
      You better shut the fuck up!
      Those figures do NOT support your suffering. Something that seems to be a national
      character. You kill. You steal. You murder. You suffocate.
      And yet YOU ARE THE VICTIMES. Can an Israeli be nothing else?
      The perfect SHOAH is born and alive.

      We all know where you are at.
      Screaming, crying and cheering the deaths of Palestine.
      Never focusing on the CORE of the problem.

      Get the fuck out of the West Bank.
      Stop the ILLEGAL suffocation of GAZA.
      Get your religious jewish fantatics out from the West Bank.
      Face the court for you International law violations…
      The list is long.
      Actually it´s longer that your suffering as were the first one
      that killed in your colonial expansion.

      No tears for murderous israelis.
      And yes, that includes you.
      If you have no heart and mind for your own participation in this Israeli masterminded
      shoah – then you too are a part of its horror.


  9. ohhh come on antievil shut your pie hole

    look at what you said:
    “It´s only you right? You are the only one in the whole wide world that suffers.
    Bu bu buuu…”

    oh so now its bu bu buuu???
    when it comes to us jews the life doesnt matter AGAIN
    when the death is on our heads you’ve gotten wider and saw the whole world suffering right?
    well aint that peachy =]…
    you are so shallow and it aint new…
    PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE EVERYWHERE since the first day on earth dont worry though im used to it
    so when you little shit come and start “EXPRESSING” yourself just because you think its wrong?
    WELL if you wanna go big i’ll go big
    death is EVERYWHERE….lets see how much i can throw out of my head
    1.AMERICA IN IRAQ , 2.BRITAIN IN AFGANISTAN , 3.CHINAIN -TIBBET , 4.RUSSIA IN GIORGIA , 5. GERMANY IN….well you know about the holocoust
    every where there are war crimes and children and women are dying over FUCKING STUPID conflicts and you come and blame US?????????
    because we decided not to give up our promesed land??? to protect our PEOPLE???
    to preserve precious LIVES???
    HA well aint that a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are all over us like maggots who crawl in our vains every time we make a move
    umm im gonna straight some facts for you ok? :
    1.YOU: “And how many Palestinians have died during the same years as a result from bombing from Israel in
    why? Cause we have hizballa On our back neck breathing and before the time of 8 years bombing from gaza there was a time of terror attacks countless times of suicide bombers and bombing charges every weak a picture of inferno and ambulances in mall’s and buses that turned into coal well at least somthing good came out of it right? HUMEN

    see thats the difference between you and us

    2. YOU: “Get the fuck out of the West Bank.
    Stop the ILLEGAL suffocation of GAZA”

    ME: ummm….NO as i said its our land way way WAAAAAY long time ago you people like to complain and go to the history and past WELL LETS GET GOING to the time before palastinians were heree
    right at the times of romans well that dident worked really well cause WE GOT FUCKIN’ EXILED!!!
    there you all know about the little POGROMS and the unimportant HOLOCOUST well if ill count the dead jews in the last century i’ll say that 6 Milion+a few deaths from terror= MORE THEN 6 MILION WOMEN AND CHILDREN DEAD AS OPPOSED TO A FEW HUNDRED DEAD AND 3000 INJURED now you tell me who died more then who?

    expecting your response
    sencirlly yours anon the prowd jew =]

    • Anon,

      You suffering is complete!
      It´s you (jews) against the world.
      A world that hates you.
      Bu bu…

      Why then have not all jews moved to Israel?
      Because it´s hell?
      Or because not all jews are victims.
      Because not all jews want to be in Israel?

      Now, I want you to give me facts, your propaganda is boring and as shallow
      as your faoul language.

      How many Israelis have died from the homemade rockets fired from Gaza.
      And how many Palestinians have died from the bombings of IDF in Gaza.


      And while you are at it, how many suicide bombing have there been from Gaza in
      Israel during these 8 years? Every week you say. Now, prove that you are not yet
      another Israeli that lies to justify murder “BARBECUEEEEEEEE MMMMMMM YUMMMY!!”

      And Anon, you know very well that it´s not your land.
      You are colonialist.
      Your “God” is not the God.
      Your Torah is not the law.
      Your actions are not divine.

      Ethnic cleansing.
      Are nowdays israeli jewish characters and you embody them perfectly.
      It´s people like you that refuse even pens and paper to get into Gaza.
      Your victimization identity springs from this. That you know what you are doing “shoah”
      but justify your “divinity” by beeing, playing, screaming victim hood and that
      God gave you this land.

      Oh, and I loved the way your “victim bu bu” rhetoric works.
      Look at all other people/states and their violations against human rights.
      We are not the only one – why focus on us!
      Oh, it´s because EVERYONE HATES us.
      Bu bu buuu…

      It´s called DIVERSION from the issue.
      It´s not Israel it´s Sudan.
      It´s not Israel it´s the arabs.
      It´s not Israel it´s the holocaust…

      Did I ever say that the holocaust was not important?!
      Or are you saying that? My knowledge about this is larger than yours as mine is not
      drenched into the hatred against arabs and victimhood. I betya I know more about the becomings
      of Israel as well.

      However, no other people could have turned it into such a SHOWBIZNESS and
      extortion theme. Did the real victims ever get the money? Or are they just feed
      fat cats and the colonialism of Palestine?
      And did you also know that not ONLY jews died in the holocaust?
      Well, that fact does not help your victimhood bu bu…
      And no, second world war was not TERROR. You are not victims of terror always.
      Actually, now days you are also the source of terror! How the fuck did that happen?


      I hate everything you stand for.
      You hate everything I represent as that will show your real faces as the racist, murderous
      and colonialist you are. So let´s cut the ideologic thing for 2 seconds.

      I want numbers as in facts.
      Give me that.

      And also give me the numbers of all Palestinians that have died since Israel was created by the white man?
      Comparing the Israeli onslaughter of Gaza with a period of European antisemitism is

      Also, who are the whores in the Balkans? All the citizens?

      And you say that the “time before the Palestinians were here…” What time is that?


  10. umm okayy
    its alright too let your emotion out and express how you feel i understand you but your off track
    and your just throwing nonsens
    since this “debat” will not end with just yaping around and blaming each other. take a deep breathe and calm down. smoke a siggarette if you like

    i know you hate me and everything i stand for because well people attend to hate and keep distance from what they dont understand because im jewish and its fine cause thats how it is and i accept that,the main problem i think is religion cause over the centuries everyone just started to switch their god like it was a frigging car.
    first it was idol job like crafting a statue and bowing to him then christianity poped out and last it was the islam….
    but the only religion that left was judaism…. yes us =]
    it hadent changed and never will be
    thats why people didnt understand
    and yess what people dont understade…..the fear and hate =][=
    i never said that i hate arabs you know nothing about me you just judge on stupid facts that what you all do
    charicterizing and steriotyping

    ummmm and your wrong in another issue

    cause you know im jewish and i know my history better then you do!

    lets straight some facts… here we go
    i’ll inlight your eyes pfhhh i hope it will be worth it:

    most of the population of the world doesent know that but the plastinians claim of these lands in 30 years old in the contrary of the thouzends of years history of this area

    in the beginning of the 20th’ century there were almost no arabs in this cauntry, us jewish people were there but because we got EXILED by the emperor of rome for 2000 years the arabs were the most in these lands ONLY CAUSE HAVENT BEEN THERE =] thats a fact bro


    1. Samuel clemens a writer had a journey to our holy lands in 1867 and he described it like this: “THE LANDS ARE DESERTED….. WE DIDNT SEE ANY LIVING SOUL THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE JOURNEY” !!!!!

    2. a royal brithish committee described in here report
    in 1913:
    “THE ROAD FROM GAZA TO THE NORTH IS JUST A PASS FOR CAMELS AND WAGONS. no orchards no groves nothing in sight UNTIL YOU GET TO THE VILLAGE YAVNE (jewish village)

    3. the head of the goverment winston cherchil in the first years of him being the minister of the colonies said in 1939:
    (enough said man we didnt complained about you but years later you DID CLAIMING TO OWN THESE LANDS

    i’ll enlight you a little more PAL

    the name PALASTINE is an english-latin name for an antiant nation call PLISHTIM that is translated in HEBREW (the language of us jews) AS POLSHIM(translation: INVADERS) =]]]][[[[= it was extincted
    2000 years ago and has nothing to do with the arabs before 1917 when the brithians conquared the lands from the turky
    they chose to renew the old name PALASTINA
    in the end of 30 years of invashion after 1948 the arabs KNEW THEM SELVES AS INVADERS (POLSHIM) and invented their name PALASTINIANS

    so what did you learn today?
    1.these land were never belong to the arabs in the first place
    2. the arabs didnt have a real name for a nation till the brithish people came and gave them one unintentionally
    3.this name based on the word INVADERS that translated from hebrew

    ok i hope i gave somemthing to think about bro

    ohh i forgot and by whore’s in balkans i ment the whore houses that the german soldiers came to
    for the porpuse of FUCKING MINOR WOMAN
    WHILE AT WAR =]]]

    • Oh, shit you really are a sick basterd.
      And that has nothing to do with you beeing jewish.
      Ethnicity only matters when it matters.
      Hatred, success has nothing to do with that.
      Nothing comes with the blood.
      Until you invent that connection and use it for your own good.
      As you do by dening, stealing and making another people invisible.
      Again, it´s all about you, your suffering, your right, your blood, your stat.
      And your lies.

      Now, I still are waiting for those numbers.
      And the next time, the sick part of you, call the Balkans whores and you just “forgot”
      a word you might reconsider cutting that part out. Racism sucks!
      But then again, you wouldn´t understand that since you embody it very well. People like you
      can not be actors – you just defend yourself right?
      Oh and I like you Joan Peters “hoax facts”.
      Again you show that shame do not attach upon you. Not a supprise!

      So NUMBERS for your earlier claims is still your homework!
      And when that is presented I might give you ass some wiping because your
      history is totally propaganda. And if you learn that in an Israeli school I am
      not at all surprised that you support shoah while feeling like the victim.
      The best state propaganda institution is the school and that “purity in blood & lying” army’
      of yours.

      I actually don´t give a fuck that you are a jew.
      Its as an israeli, a member of a state that terrorizes and murder another people
      that my contempt arises. Cry “antisemitism”. Be the victim. I don´t play that
      game and we are growing number. That´s why you are at this website. You can´t stop the
      tide that sees through your lies, your actions.

      But for now stop crying and give those facts…
      Let´s see how well your ideology fits the reality.
      And this lesson is free for you.

      Off you go…


  11. what the fuck is wrong with you i just gave you a history lesson if you dont believe me its your fucking problem not mine

    im trying to make you understand but its like im talking to a Fucking Wall


    being jewish from the beggining ment for us to come to the promessing land (ISRAEL) and form A JEWISH COUNTRY!

    one thing i dont understand is why you call us a country of racism do you what racism is?
    if you do know then good i wont need to explain it to you since you used that word million of times

    do you know how much ethnic groups we have here that are jewish?
    we have blacks, russian, americans EVEN ARAB-JEWS
    so how can you say that we are full of racism
    we dont hate anybody

    we chose to be one united people
    blood?? what blood
    steal?? what did we steal ive proven you that this is our lands

    the facts are real as a heart attack use tham as you want
    hell you can ever shuve it up your ass
    LOL i do not shame from the truth you should be ashame of yourself
    you lecture me about racism and blood while you yourself use racist words and full of hate
    and we both know who seeks who’s blood (yep its you)
    by oppening this BLOG OF HATRED you help the terror organization in another way

    instead of trying to help make a difference a in this idiotic conflict

    and just so you know the blood have been already spilled ven though it was never a good thing

    the half of the resposibillity was on the people of gaza
    i’ll tell you why
    did you know that before we even started to prepare for this operation we sent the people of gaza warnning so they will evacute themselves from the area so we could start the proccess but because they were controlled by the hard arm of the HAMAS (terror organization) that claimed to helped the people of gaza they OBEY THEM TO STAY
    saying that they will help them
    but their intentions was to use them as humen shield when they obsurbed all the hits

    let me give you an example
    my cousin was a sniper in this operation
    did you know what he saw?
    2 hamas soldiers rounding up palastinian kids to the battle area using them as live humen shield
    thats a fact and that is messed up!!!

    another example is
    a hamas sniper on top of a building hiding and in the building there where families locked up inside the apartments
    we couldnt just bombed it right??
    so our soldiers skipped the rockets and tried to attack from the ground WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINK HAPPENED we had casualties of war too
    we cant know who of the palastinans where real civilians or HAMAS soldiers

    and i didnt play this game from the start sure that i cant stop this hatred but what really is funny

    that we dont give a FUCK about what you think or anybody else and the goverment too
    we dont have to explaine why we did what we did
    ask me or any other jew or israeli if this war was neccesary and if we wanted it
    everybody will say yes and if they could they would fight this war again
    nobody has second thoughts NOBODY
    hate as long as you like
    in my opinion you can shuve it up your ASS
    how can you live a live of hate like that if you really care for the palastinians fight for their freedom from the terror organizations that are dominating their life and making them suffer everyday
    because of them the arabs got the stereotype of a suicide bomber

    oh and dont YALLA me faggot

    • Brillant!
      You display your hatred and ignorance very well Anon.

      And yet, do you have those numbers?
      You see, you do not intimate me and the things you at all can enlighten
      me about would be hatred, zionism and shoah. Not very elegantly though.
      So still, where are the facts for FIRST CLAIMS.
      Do you have them or not?
      Yalla you little racist, homofobic zionist.

      Otherwise, how will you ever learn to adjust your hatred to the reality.
      I promise you that I then will correct your history propaganda as yours is nothing by lies.

      You must think of yourself as the white ENLIGHTENED GOD MASCULINE CHOSEN to believe that
      I would just acknowledge your lies. Is that why you are so angry little man. Or are you
      again a victim mabye bu bu buuu…

      Your “history lesson” just proves that because you are jewish you do NOT automatically know the history of Israel. Again, there is nothing in the blood.

      Now hurry up.
      Surley you have a liberty somewhere on the ethnically cleansed lands where you

  12. wow you stupidity is far beyond the real wotld damnn
    you go get some help
    i think you didnt develop the thing called listening
    you are as stubborn as a donkey

    i cant see this descassion going anywhere
    you are lost within the hatred of yourself

    as for the numbers i think you go get this job
    cause the last time i checked its only me who try
    to explain you how thing are

    LOOK AT WHAT YOUR PROTECTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i saw your video up on this page and i cried
    then i saw this video and thats is their fault

    im the little man?im the one who is angry??

    becuse you are so angry you wanna make us pay RIGHT?

    thats not new you the little man with your little racist mission

    and look at what your protecting
    you make me sick i could vomit
    your no different from the people who commited this crimes go test your own soul before you go and criticize mine

    i know i did with mine
    once again you say thing i am not i dont hate anybody
    even the people who hatin on me
    you try to catch me on every singel word i say
    that the work of a cunning man of a bastard who is trying to prove a point on a false image

    ME? i aint trying to prove but to show you your true enemy
    your true goal your not doing a good job your doing the opposit of what you think your doing
    you cant see the real picture
    that what the hamas was trying to do and that kinda works
    you and all the people who think like you were just rats running through a maze trying to get the cheese thats what he wants you to do

    • Anon,

      I told you to stop crying…
      And show me the numbers for your claims and arguments and yet you TOTALLY refuse while keeping resorting to various ad hominem attacks.

      You see, coming and screaming SHIT is not ok.
      Not even for God´s chosen people.

      Now if you can´t verify your CLAIMS just say so.
      You don´t need to “cry” for the children of Palestine.
      You pee on them everyday!
      Did you also feel so bad over the reports of all the IDF:s human rights
      violations and uses of Palestinians children as human shields?
      Na, that´s not your game is it?
      Your game is to spread the ENLIGHTENED version of the righteous Israelis
      that are and can not be anything else than VICTIMS. Anyone that do not believe
      or tremble is as you say a “SHITFACE”!

      The illusion is coming down.
      The true face of hatred always will show.
      You have done a great job in just that.

      All of course without ANY facts.
      Welcome to ISRAHELL!

  13. no thats where your wrong im not the one who is crying in this ‘missing the poing” blog

    see ummm about the my claims the problem is..
    if ill give you number or even the number of miles in gaza you will just call it “hoax fact” because the main problem is that you dot believe a word im saying…

    and about the shit it is very ok when saying it in A BLOG FULL OF SHIT
    ohh and im flattered you know who we are even though it was sarcasem

    your right i dont need to cry for palastine kids
    and i dont wanna pee on anyone…Well maybe just on YOU
    considering your doing an Exellent job peeing on yourself

    Well i think that was an eye for an eye kind of thing
    if you really know what it is ill explain (once again)
    you take my eye i’ll take your eye

    how is that became real
    i’ll explain AGAIN

    you killed kidnapped destoryed massacered us
    its only fair if we will return the favor no?
    i just showed you that your dear old hamas
    did that on the people they ‘love and protect” while we
    that are in war although we DIDNT DO IT can do

    see its a FUCK UP right to the core of your heart
    you so angry but at the same time you so scared for yourself cause in the minute you say somthing your dear beloved hamas will take down any opposers
    im not playing any games for the love of god stop your useless crap

    there is no versions there is A VERSION of the truth
    we stopped being victims for a long time and even at the times weve been victims we could of taking care of our on against 5 differend nation attacking us all at once
    while you need the pity of the world and couldt fight for your own liberty
    still trying to cunn your way out finding words and generalize it?

    i told you once and ill say it a milion times
    i did call YOU and only YOU SHITFACE
    in the matter of believing i told you
    you can blieve anything you like
    you can even believe that there are unicorns that
    shoot rainbows out of their asses
    quote from the bible
    in my point of you im just trying to put some sense in your bunker head

    hatred? you took it and you now own it
    living a life of hatred and holdint grudges means you can never move on
    meaning you can never get our teritory
    you can never live happely ever after AS LONG as you wont face your true treath
    and eventually it will lead to your destruction

    wolcome to ISRAHELL??
    we both know you want that hell very much

    you know what your right if by hell you mean that WE WILL GIVE YOU HELL BEFORE YOU GET OUR LANDS

    you are jelous of our indipendence and the way we live our life
    well fill free to express THAT!

    • Thanx again for displaying the contempt, hatred and ignorance that persons like
      you hold, reproduce and force upon others.
      ZIONISM does that to people.

      You should right away contact the HASBARA PROPAGANDA office.
      You might even get paid for “crying victimization” and posting lies
      that you can´t fund.
      Welcome to ISRAHELL!


  14. you are so funny i could cry
    israhell haha
    the very country you want so bad that you are willing to spill your own brothers blood and them accuse another nation couse you fear the people that is yourself
    i see you enjoy yourself well that good
    that you are happy while your on people are dying 2 posts away it seems like you are expressing your self
    but now it just looks like are searched for the weak prey to point on well so you know its not hell its heaven you along with your people sotuation in palastine are in hell
    you thank me?
    i thank you for showing me your ignorance
    your fancy language and you knowlage went straight to the dumpster
    do your self a favor and throw yourself anitevil
    and change your name while your at it
    you are the opposite of what you claim to be
    change it to:
    antihope or terror suporter
    couse that is what you are and that is what you stand for you

    laugh as long as you like but after those moments of happiness i hope you will wake up from the coma your in round up your brain cells and start to think for yourself
    you are the victim of your own illusion
    take a gun and put yourself out of you missery or just drink some caffee and WAKE THE FUCK UP
    lol look at the address of this site:
    i pity you
    your tears and the way you think are dark to the core of your existance

  15. 22,750 israeli women ,man and children
    thats the number of people that died from this ongoing wars and attacks of the organizations that want us dead not only the HAMAS but HIZZBULAA as well
    the hamas could have come to fight like real man
    they stand for the people right? for the help of the innocent right?
    so why is that they hide in tunnels and put bombes in a blocks of neighborhood swhere people live???
    they are pure beasts poved by killing, destroying and head decapitating even their own people…

    propoganda lol i dont even know what that means

  16. Great Anon!

    So among spending time and fostering your Idenity of hate you have finally got an number. Now, please hurry up and get the other number which is needed to verify your own Zionist statements = The amount of palestinians (and libanse) that have been murder by IDF!

    And let´s see if that is less or more than “22,750 israeli women ,man and children”.

    Oh, and I also need a reference to your number and the year span. So many Israelis are not only killers you see but also liers. See it as normal procedure to be able to verify your claims Anon. Something you probably should have learn it your Zionist school but because zionism is an colonial ideology – you didn´t!



  17. ummm first of all just so were clear im not your errand boy,
    if after two of my comment you choose to respond i think that it is you who needed time fostering your Idenity of hate and then i showed you the number you were so amazed you responded with “lier”?
    is that your excuse??
    i mean talking about facts you didnt show me nothing yet you just throwing blames and showing hatred
    your not the only man on earth having opinion and facts
    as for the numbers of the palestinians and libanse
    you should search it
    i mean if you REALLY believe what you say
    (or is it just for the show??)
    so YALLA off you go
    ill be waiting

  18. Anon Anon,

    Your number is nothing but lies. You can´t show me a reference, statistic. And suddenly you mix in deaths from the Lebanon war into your Israeli Gaza victim statistic which is so fucking stupied of you since Israhell KILLED over 1000 Lebanese in the latest war. What was the ration in that war? 1 israeli to 150 Lebanese?

    You must truley be one of all those “under performing” israelis.
    Knowledge, facts and reality are but blurred in your head.
    Claims, murder, land theaft and racist practices your everyday

    No, Anon!
    You came with claims and yet you have NOT supported those claims.
    I know you are an israeli and soon you will probably scream and cry “the world hates us” or “buu, you are an antisemite” and go out and kill more Palestinians that are “trespassing on your land”.

    Until you back-up your claims with FACTS and references I have very little time for ignorant and hateful Zionists like you. You see, this is how it works outside Israhell. If you can´t deal within, feeling like an erren boy, Yalla! go to a HASBARA site. They will love you for your hatred, ignorance and Zionism.

    Or better up, go to school, boy!
    But then again, once an israhellic Zionist then always a racist. And you must thrive in your racist THEOCRATIC state.


  19. dude i think there is somthing seriously wrong with you…you asked for numbers i gave you numbers
    numbers of people that the arabs took form us.

    lies??? your living in one!
    yeah alot of people have died and why?
    their brothers chose to engage war in their on homes
    they hid rockets in mosques “their holy places”
    wow you probably gonna say LIES or PROPOGANDA
    that is your answer to those facts that is your defending excuse

    not like you i gave you numbers you didnt give nothing
    all i can understand from you is “blah blah blah HATE
    blah blah ZIONIST”
    cause that is all you can give you speak just form hate
    and thats why your ignorance

    if a man is yealing or talking out of hate hes beliefes and the foundation of what he is standing for are WEAK!

    now little bitch go give me the numbers yourself
    ill wait for it

    • Anon oh Anon,

      The only thing valid you have written is following

      “if a man is yealing or talking out of hate hes beliefes and the foundation of what he is standing for are WEAK!”

      Read what you self have written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Still no facts, no reference just a screaming, hateful and demanding israeli crying for more blood and justifying the Gaza slaughter!
      You probarbly would label yourself a “peace man”.
      The israeli version that is…

      Our conversation has ended.
      You have come with hateful claims that you haven´t had the cultural capital
      to defend. Your lack of education and understanding of how arguments are
      supported is predominant. But then again, you are a little Zionist and as such
      you have never been a friend of facts but of racism.

      In you words and your lack of facts meaning is created.
      Again, Israeli colonialism, ignorance, hatred and islamofobia has shown it face.
      Thanx for doing such a good job at this. It´s like is almost “natural” for you, Anon.

      Now, have a shitty day but plz oh plz don´t kill any Palestinians today (or this month/year)
      Ethnic cleansing and murder is NOT legal you see.

      Ciao ciao


  20. damn you are one stupid jackass
    i wrote that cause you are talking out of hate for the 1 milion time this whole site is filled by hate
    i mean talk about obssesin…….you raised i new bar.
    as for me? man what hate??? ithink this whole time the one thing i hated is you!
    facts? i told you if your so facinated and driven by your idealism which is not very idealyyy (like destroying israel)
    you seek no peace only revenge!
    i on the other hand tried to explain to you why you are frigging wrong!… but well since it worked absolutly great!!! =]] im done, just live with those thoughts

    and yeah couldnt agree with you more this ended cause this is ridiculous.
    i didnt try to be in these argument “rules” of yours there is no judge giving us scores!!!
    im a friend of racism???? your a friend of misery and hate!!

    every word secont word is about how israeli i am
    (umm wait isnt that racism??)
    you should read what you are writing

    well if im gonna have a shitty day i hope that you will have a shitty life with no happy ending and no proper burial
    join more then 2,000,000 haters you stupid bastard!!

  21. What a “israeli-zionist” way to make an exit!!

    Thanx for proving that ALL my sterotypes about israelis are funded.
    Thanx for underlining how zionism works, articulates and hates.
    Thanx for putting words on 60 years israeli actions of murder, ethnical cleansing and colonialism.

    How you will die and be buried I actually do not care! And again thanx for also outlining the extent of your hatred with that ending. It must be frustrating not to control neither the facts, the minds or the discussions.

    Once a colonialist.
    Always blood on your hands and in your mind.

    *ciao ciao*

  22. first, sterotypes are used by racist people
    and second, when i scrolled up ive noticed something i am the only one who gave FACTS
    you on the other hand just gave your opinions on nothing but MY FACTS you just excused it as lies well if these where lies you dont mind cheking them right???
    well did you????
    NO…but if you really bothered so much about this conflict and really wanted to help this discussion going somwhere you would check

    and another thing no fact means not knowing how to deal in arguments you only know how to combine fancy pants words with HATE words
    so i belive your the ignorant one cause you cant prove otherwise!!


    at least i can admit what im filing not like you….you hide behind your words like a cowerd show your true
    face but i presume that this is in your nature to always
    be the jental side right?

    and one more FACT:
    do you know how much the word jerusalem is written in the BIBLE???
    670 TIMES!!!!!

    do you know how much jerusalem is written in the KORAN???

    it eems like the muslim people just improvised on the way to find a frigging land

    Fortunately, there are still a few honest Arab historians in the world who help dispel the falsified Muslim propaganda. I really feel sorry for those who are unable to confront the historical facts

    • Oh shit, you don´t even know that sterotypes are used everyday in everyway? Without them we wouldn´t be able to communicate with each other as we do today and the marketing industry would have a huge problem.

      Anon, I am so so so fucking sorry but you are UNEDUCATED!
      You really really need to start learning and reading more than your hateful pro-israeli things. Murder and land is not life you see. I suggest you do that instead of embarrassing yourself here!

      Because still, after screaming, lying and hating, you have NOT provided any facts. Just a number. That´s because you can not understand what it means to provide facts and not scream and threaten another person to LOVE Israhell! You are a colonialist and that´s the only thing you know besides to hate pals.

      Now, go on boy…
      You have done a really really good job already here by showing that the sterotype of the blood thirsty, zionist and hateful israeli is true. There are some israelis just like that. Thanx again Anon!

  23. what you mom didny give you love as a child or somthing?
    are you brain damaged?
    your off the point you jerkoff
    you said the same thing for like 15 comment up
    im frustrated…are you really that stupid i gave you facts you give me excuses

    dont try to outsmart me with your unrelated facts
    i meant the racial sterotypes you fucking IDIOT
    that is what you used

    instead of giving that unrelated fact you could have given me A RELATED ONE
    give me a counter fact or somthing
    all you say is zionist blah blah israhell blahblah
    what are you anyway?
    arab? muslim? pakistanian?palastinian?
    or just a moron who thinks he know somthing

    i am a jew from israel… what are you???
    i need to know who am i talking too

  24. I´m gonna do this out of pitty for you Anon.

    “-hat you mom didny give you love as a child or somthing?”

    oh, my mom she gave me a lot of love and still is giving. thanx! how about yours?

    “- are you brain damaged?”

    not at all thanx. how damaged is yours?

    your positioning is so fucking pathetic and I will have to add a gender perspective to this.
    you claim that you have given me a fact.
    and I say you haven´t.

    why don´t stop and try to understand what I say?
    why are you screaming like a little boy that must have his way?!!
    you are israeli, pro-sionist and the world circles around you and
    your ideology right?
    but we all know it doesn´t! even you can comprehend this and your reaction

    what is it that I say when you scream?
    give me not a number!
    give me a number and references so that I can check that up.
    start to think and act accordingly anon.
    sort of like you would do on a daily basis when you hate and kill palestinians.

    now, I am off the point as a jerkoff ?
    is it really “unrelated facts”? for whom? for you? you who don´t even KNOW
    what facts and knowledge are! *funny*

    you meant, you say, racial sterotypes. but you WROTE “first, sterotypes are used by racist people”
    again, I am really of the point or can´t you just understand the point?
    but the FUNNY or SICK part (if you think about your mental and IQ level and development)
    is that then you go…

    -what are you anyway? arab? muslim? pakistanian?palastinian?

    well well, what is this now?
    a sterotype to reduce the world to make communication easier or a sterotype that racists like you use
    to direct your hate? because anyone that oppose ISRAHELL must be an arab right?!
    or as you say it best…

    – or just a moron who thinks he know somthing

    Well, I much rather a “jerkoff “moron that knows something than a profound idiot that don´t know anything like you Anon!

    – i am a jew from israel… what are you???

    no shit!!! you are israeli jew!? well well…
    who cares? for me you are a hateful person that want other people dead and who live in a
    racist state which occupies and is committing SHOAH on another nation while screaming and demanding support, love and justification.

    -i need to know who am i talking too

    again, the little screaming COLONIALIST boy who only knows to demand and hate appears.
    you have no mandate or any capital to demand this. Beeing a hateful israeli that
    applaudes the gaza masacre and israeli colonialisation and shoah dont really help
    much either here. and writing stuff like this “have a shitty life with no happy ending and no proper burial” only highlights your personality – which is a picture that is ugly and do not raise any sympathy outside an illegal settlement or IDF!

    but let me answer your question with your own descriptions about me.

    “you fucking IDIOT”
    “you jerkoff”
    “you are one stupid jackass”
    “little bitch ”
    “you killed kidnapped destoryed massacered us”

    that´s your sterotype of me. racist? sure but also just categorizations by people like
    you who hate, spitt and scream on all of us whom oppose ISRAHELL! you need to
    make me less because within you know that Israel is wrong but you don´t want that
    so you hate to make it stay the same.

    Anon, if you can´t comprehend what I mean about giving me facts then let it go.
    You lost. Let it go. Spitting your hatred with the amount of ignorance you have is
    really a sad sad sad story since it´s just that kind of persons/attitude that on a daily
    basis kill people in Palestine!

    If you can´t clime over this level then I will not answer you any more.
    We have no dialog. No exchange.
    You are just a waste of time for me.



  25. pfhhhh you write fast i cant believe i read all of that
    im gonna answer you from the bottom

    -“i need to know who am i talking too” (from this topic)

    blood thirsty, hateful,ignorance,murderer,ISRAHELL(dont forget the smilly),racist, murderous
    and colonialist you are,Oh, shit you really are a sick basterd

    well mister shallow you are just perfect right??
    the only difference is that your words are filled with accusation(well mine too but in another way =])
    to our whole nation while i am just talking to you!!!!!
    those words of yours express nation wide hate
    while im talking TO YOU!
    where i live we talk face to face LIKE MAN not like a cunn man
    you talk to me but at the same time you trying to show people somthing you trying to make me the TINY MAN
    of this conversation
    well i suggest when you are ready to come down from the “higher place” you sitting in and come to the simple people and talk to me eye to eye then come talk to me ok “MR. president”?

    and you are wrong opposing to israel is one thing
    but to accuse of killing and wishing to throw us from OUR lands is another thing

    -” i am a jew from israel… what are you???”
    who cares? YOU CARE
    why else would you write this amazing stuff about israel mmm from love?
    btw you didnt mentioned what are you why do you avoiding that question? i know i didnt avoid even a singel one

    – “or just a moron who thinks he know somthing”
    lol i said who THINKS he know not a moron who KNOWS
    and i know more on my country then you MORON…you really absolutelly and definatly dont know SHIT!!

    -“what are you anyway? arab? muslim? pakistanian?palastinian?”

    a man with your amount of hate must be a muslim arab or a man who really is an innocent naive dumb ass person who belive evrything the media says
    do you really believe that the our IDF will o such a thing??
    from what??? why???they will not use a kid as a humen shield i repeat it again
    so why will people say that? why will the media will say that?
    tell me!… at least answer to that question…

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