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  1. Yes let us fight back. let us assert out national rights. Let us UNITE for the love of Palestine.
    We are fed up of talks. I have been deafened with slogans and zealous speeches. I have been sickened of being shown what others are doing and we are sitting helplessly or wasting our energy on trivial issues. For all pro Palestinians, enough talk. Let your ACTIONS be louder than your words. Be pro active. Let the world hear you. We will never forget. Let the world know that the Palestinians are the Key holders of Peace. The convening of a Palestinian American National conference that is inclusive of every Palestinian living in America is long overdue. We are coming together as American Palestinians along with out friends and supporters
    to commemorate the 60th anniversary of
    Al-Nakba (forced eviction of our people from
    our ancient homeland).
    Here how you can get involved:
    click on this url

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