Israel’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Cause for Concern

Israel’s Nuclear WMD Part 1/4

Israel’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Cause for Concern

Israel is thought to have between 100-400 nuclear weapons and is recognised as having a production capabilityfor chemical and even biological weapons. She has refused to join, not only the Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT] and that covering biological weapons [BTWC] 2 but also the production of new sources of fissile material for nuclear weaponry – the so called fissile cut off treaty [[FMCT] 3 . Although she has joined the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, she has not ratified either.

On the other hand, every Arab state is a member of the NPT. The actual threat from Israel’s weapons of mass destruction is markedly increased by recent acquisitions indelivery systems, which can be used for weapons of mass destruction including nuclear threats.

She nowpossesses approximately 50 Jericho 2 missiles with a 1,500 km range and a 1,000 kg capacity, as well as Cruise missiles and bombers, which could be used to drop nuclear weapons. A further generation of Jericho may even be capable of a range up to 4,800 km according to the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Shavit space launchers with an estimated 4,500km range also have a place in Israel’s programmes.

Furthermore, Israel has recently acquired Dolphin submarines from Germany which could serve as a basis for a Second Strike nuclearcapability. Some Israeli policy makers have argued that Israel should develop a pre-emptive nuclear strike capacity. In addition, Israel may be developing military space nuclear technology, the so called ‘star-wars’.

Crucially, many of these Israeli developments are dependent on the international arms trade. Significantly, the cooperation with Israel leading to partnership, envisaged at the NATO Istanbul Summit in 2004, included contributing to the work of the Alliance on threats posed by weapons of mass destruction and their delivery is going ahead. However, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, the NATO Secretary General has laid downseveral preconditions before envisaging any NATO contribution to security in the region i.e. ‘A lasting peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. Moreover the parties concerned must be in favour of a NATO role in its implementation; and there would have to be a UN mandate. These conditions do not exist.

For the time being NATO lends its political support to the efforts of the Quartet to realise the goals of the “Roadmap”…’ 11 Israel continues to occupy Palestinian land and flouts international law. The UN General Assembly has passed over 30 Resolutions, first proposed by Egypt and Iran in 1974 and renewed annually, for ’the establishment of anuclear-weapons-free zone in the region of the Middle East’. Israel continues to build a ‘security barrier’, that is a wall, on the land of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The wall, however, was declared illegal on 9 July 2004 by the International Court of Justice. A substantial number of organisations deplore the fact that British as well as European and US arms sales not only help Israel to continue the occupation but also give her the ability to threaten, in a relatively short period,not only the Middle East and Russia but most of Europe also 12 and urge Members of Parliament of the UK andHer Majesty’s Government to promote policies to ensure that:
– 1The UN inspects facilities at Dimona and any other relevant sites in Israel for Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD] and reports its findings to the SecurityCouncil with specific recommendations, on verification and monitoring.
2The strategic objective is adopted by the British government and the EU of achieving Israeli compliance with, and ratification of, the NPT, CWC, BTWC and FMCT treaties.
3A WMD- free zone in the Middle East, including Israel, is actively supported bythe British government.
4Israel’s dangerous development of military space technology is actively opposed by the UK government and the EU.
5An embargo is imposed on the sale of all UK and EU relevant military equipment to, and purchases from, Israel as well as the breaking off all military contacts
6The United Kingdom takes a lead in the Council of Ministers in Europe in demanding that Israel complies with its obligations under international law.
7Full Freedom for Mordechai Vanunu


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  1. Great post!

    Where are those neocons and NaZionists who defend Israeli terrorism? Do they have eyes that see not with? Or ears they hear not with? I know they have hearts that they feel not with…

    But of course, every action Israel takes is justifiable by these Nazionists and neocons.

    Let the Israelis unleash their nuclear arsenal. This at least will also lead to their own demise. And then we wouldn’t have to worry about this little spot that menaced the world!


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