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  1. Propaganda. the nazi big lie belief system plays out well among the goyim and church to this day. O yea these same goyim they murdered 1/3 of my people in 3 years, and they have moral grounds to preach to Israel. But then again they’ve preached their load of church for 2000 years so surprise they preach their load of church Gerballs now. The christian movement hid the fleeing nazi war criminals. The christian church supported the 19th century european colonization of Africa and perfected their death camps in Africa. Heil Church!

  2. Yes the truth is propaganda for racists.
    For people who wish to kill other people, steal what ever they have, create their fabrics of life to replace with your own “facts”.

    Yes, screm propaganda.
    The truth is stronger than your hatred and fear together!
    You can´t kill all palesinians!
    You will never succeed!
    Israel might be soulless but we are now!
    Our spirit will prevail your hatred.

    Viva Palestine!

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