Half a Democracy – as a slideshow

Half a Democracy (created by “>Lawrence of Cyberia) is a 72-slide presentation on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and the prospects for peace and reconciliation based on a Two-State solution.

This slide show is not a history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but a collection of evocative quotes and images that illustrate the reality of the Occupation and show the importance of ending it if there is ever to be a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis. It is designed to show that the daily violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories is neither inexplicable nor nihilistic, nor a manifestation of some amorphous enemy in our War On Terror. Instead, it is rooted in the specific issues of Palestinian displacement and dispossession (since 1948), and the military occupation and creeping annexation of the remaining Palestinian Territories (since 1967).

This slide show was created out of the belief that there is a Palestinian narrative, and a pro-peace narrative, that we in the West do not routinely hear. Welcome to “Half A Democracy”.

Download the slideshow here…

Ref: Lawrence of Cyberia

One Response

  1. Arabs and democracy – who’s kidding who? Making Democracy the modern equivelent of “spreading the gospel”. Yuk Israel’s zionist founders favored socialism rather than democracy. The Arabs have their own countries and the Palestinians never existed as a people until 1967.

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