Khadr video released

“Khadr is 16 at the time and still recovering from the injuries he received from his capture seven months earlier by U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan. He is being interviewed by a senior spy from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and foreign affairs official Jim Gould, although the faces of the two Canadians have been blacked out.”

Ref: the Star

5 Responses

  1. The kid was caught throwing a grenade during a firefight with Islamists in Afghanistan.

    Sort of tarnishes that ‘innocent youth’ image he and his lawyer are trying to cultivate.

    History: The Roadmap to the Future.

  2. This boy is a hero. It’s too bad the American are babies and can’t take the fact that he was able to kill a Navy Seal who was attacking him after a A-10 Warthog had presumouly finished him off.

    And then Bush had to change the meaning of lawful combative.


  3. first, why him this kid not hero for fight foreign invader when just the boy of 15 years old? am him family proud the courage? why khadr not hero? because boy take out ameriki and ameriki so ashame? then to torture?

    ameriki him so the big hero and tough guy when to torture the child. am proud mr. tuf ameriki? how many usa soldier the sick brain and danger?

    usa to suffering so much for cruel and the torture. now for ameriki economic to punish and suffering and to fight aztec and maya for land. him whitie man now finish and this the punish for it wicked ameriki to tortured it children.

    also for punish now ameriki him daughtyer just full slut take LBT (low back tattoo) to sex with every man even it gang member. but ameriki him no even the ashame. and him son the gay homosexual and him wife lesbian never to love cook food for family.

  4. Xichibi,

    I LOVE you posting since it´s so discriptive!

    The Islamist of Afganistan are the natives. They should be there.
    They are fighting an invasion force which are the americans and their allies. The americans have killed and are killing vast amounts of none fighting afgan people (it´s in their culture and know-how it seems ie “triggermaina” ). And he was not caught throwing it but was assumed of throwing it! Your perspective is so selfcentred and as such reflective of the racisim you harbour. As there are little if none moral, legal, ethical and human arguments to support USAs doctrine of invasion.

    Anyone has the right to defend and resist an occupational force. Even if this occupational force happends to be “white christian and american”.

    How many american soliders have been put to trial and convicted of their “deeds” in Iraq and Afganistan? Nevermind Vietnamn and all other places that imperalist america has reached out and killed in…

    That perspective, which ofcourse you do not harbour or reflect, totally tarnishes and disurb any american claims of moral height and supremcy. And justifies any resistance to such a evilness…

    Let´s open up a “Guanatamo” for American killers, terrorists, warmonglers, war capitalists and liers.
    Wow, that would be a world justice in practise!

    : a

  5. Nice try at moral relativism too bad you fail. Here’s a picture of you little jihadi who fights against the evil crusaders; straight out of a khadr family photo album . How many western soldiers would do this?

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