IDF soldier shoots bound Palestinian at short range + Israeli shooter sent back to unit

“a video clip documenting a soldier firing a rubber coated steel bullet, from extremely close range, at a cuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainee. The shooting took place in the presence of a lieutenant colonel, who was holing the Palestinian’s arm when the shot was fired.

Ref: B´Tselem

See the movie if you need yet another proof of how ethnic cleansing in it´s 60th year
looks, sounds and acts like. “Purity in slaughter”

Israel is death and an example of human recession and racisim. From day one…


Israeli shooter sent back to unit

An Israeli soldier detained after being filmed opening fire at a bound and blindfolded Palestinian from close range has been released from custody.

The soldier was sent back to his unit after lawyers argued he did not pose a danger to anyone, Israeli reports said.

He was shown firing a rubber coated bullet at the detainee’s foot as other soldiers stand around watching.

The footage was taken by a Palestinian girl living nearby and released Israeli human rights campaigners.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak condemned the incident saying it was “grave and wrong” and that the military would exact the full extent of the law.

Human rights group B’Tselem released the footage on Sunday. The shooting happened two weeks earlier in Nilin in the West Bank, scene of frequent Palestinian anti-occupation demonstrations.

Israeli press reports say the soldier told investigators that his commander had told him to shoot the Palestinian, who has been identified as Ashraf Abu Rahma.

The Israeli army issued a statement calling the incident “grave” and in “direct contradiction” of its values.

Mr Abu Rahma was treated for a bruised toe by army medics and has not filed a complaint with the military.

Ref: BBC
Tuesday, 22 July 2008 15:58 UK

And so “ordnung” in the colonial Israeli army is restored.
By legitimizing the shooting of blindfolded palestinian.
By reproducing hatred and racism.
By making sure that the SHOAH of palestinians continue.
Welcome to just another day in IsraHELL!

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