Cop convicted for assaulting protester at 2006 Amona evacuation

A police officer was convicted of brutality Monday for his actions during a violent clash with settlers at the West Bank outpost of Amona in February 2006.

This makes officer David Attiya of Petah Tikva the first cop convicted of brutality on account of his behavior at Amona.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court found that Attiya assaulted a teenage demonstrator for no reason during the police’s efforts to demolish nine illegally built houses at the outpost. He butted David Ladwin in the head with his helmet, “without any provocation on the youth’s part, and without the youth having assaulted him.”
The complaint against Attiya was submitted by Human Rights in Judea and Samaria, an organization that specializes in defending settlers’ rights. It was based on videotaped footage of the incident, and a close-up of Attiya’s face.

After studying the evidence, the Justice Ministry department responsible for investigating police brutality indicted Attiya for attacking an unknown youth. However, after the indictment was reported by the Arutz 7 news Web site, surfers quickly identified Ladwin, who called HRJS and offered to testify. HRJS then gave his name to the ministry.

During the trial, prosecutor Liora Nahun said that Attiya could legitimately have arrested Ladwin or even just shoved him aside. Instead, he head-butted the teen, causing certain pain and risking injury. The difficulties experienced by police forces at Amona do not justify such an act, Nahun argued.

Two other policemen are currently on trial for alleged brutality at Amona, and HRJS said that it has also amassed material on additional policemen and is seeking indictments against them as well.

Also yesterday, HRJS filed a civil suit against Attiya on behalf of Assaf Hallelu and David Waldman, for allegedly assaulting them for no reason while they were filming police brutality against other demonstrators at Amona.

Ref: Haaretz

That´s racisim for ya!
How many Israeli military or policemen have got convicted of
their crimes towards palestinians? How many?!

But then again, every jewish life counts while the palestinians they
will just pile up. Disgusting! Welcome to another day in IsraHELL!

: a

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