Majadele: Hospital ‘footdragging’ over construction of Muslim prayer space

Dozens of Israeli Arab gathered at the Sheba Hospital in central Israel on Monday to protest what they cited as repeated delays in the construction of a Muslim prayer space on the hospital grounds.

According to protesters, the hospital has breached past agreements and has avoided allocating a space for Muslims to pray. The protesters blamed the hospital’s management for stalling the overdue project.

Minister Ghaleb Majadele (Labor) initiated the plan to allocate and construct a place for Muslim patients and visitors to pray, to match the Jewish prayer room that already exists at the hospital.

In a letter to the hospital’s manager, Professor Ze’ev Rotshtein, Majadele accused the hospital of “foot-dragging” on the matter after allocating a suitable space for the prayer room and receiving pledges from public officials to fund it.

“I was surprised to encounter, that despite the fact that a place has been allocated, preparation of all plans have been completed and all the necessary approvals have been obtained, there has been foot-dragging on your end and inexplicable delays that have postponed the building of a prayer room,” Majadele wrote.

All Israeli hospitals have prayer rooms or spaces set aside for Jewish patients and visitors, but in most hospitals, such a space for other faiths does not exist.

Ref: Haaretz

This is just another example of how Israel is TEOCRATIC and not democratic.
One religion is superior to all others. Just as the jews in Europe has been
discrimiated against, Israel has built into the fabric of the nation. Which reproduces
itself everday; in schools, on the street, applying for job and in hospitals.
Racism is an ugly habit and Israel is full of it!

: a

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