Damned Palestinians

Every day we receive signs that Jehovah protects the State of Israel, which, happily on its 60th Birthday, can organize all the pyrotechnic games that its corkscrews would allow. We already had many indications of the blessings that nation attracts. And I am not alluding only to the dumb soup that drops on them from the United States in the form of donations and military aid and blind following; nor to the attempts to erase from Google the Palestinian catastrophe — Nakhba — of which on these days also the 60th anniversary is commemorated, given that on it the State of Israel was built. I am not talking either about the Committee for Accuracy on Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), whose lists of vigilance of the media and the journalists, hanging from its web pages, make your hair stand on end (they even have Oprah and Marie Claire in their black list) and intoxicate you with glory.

I am referring to how Israel has survived, untouched, the last Palestinian villainy. Two short days ago, some botched up children, together with their mother, conceived of the sin of having breakfast in their refuge in the north of Gaza, precisely when some of the projectiles of the Jewish State went by there, fumigating terrorists. Four of the tiny ones and the mom flew to paradise a bit earlier than planned: there is something good in every bad thing. Tiny eyes for an eye, we could say. Tiny mouths in mid-teething for a tooth.

We know well the media’s game. It looked as if the press was going to start unleashing it on Israel again and on its super-dimensional Gaza fence. But an event of higher transcendence erased the Palestinian family from the news, that is, from memory: the story of the father (our: Western) that raped and locked his daughter for more than two decades. That has a lot more to contribute, information-wise.

Ref: Maruja Torres
El Pais-Ultima 5-1-08

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