AIC Condemns Israeli Government Decision to Close al-Aqsa Institute of the Islamic Movement in Um al-Fahem

The Alternative Information Center (AIC) strongly and utterly condemns the Israeli government decision to close the al-Aqsa Institute of the Islamic Movement in the town of Um al-Fahem and its theft of property from the office, including money, maps and archival material which exposes Israeli government plans to confiscate additional lands and build new settlements in East Jerusalem.

The Israeli invasion of the al-Aqsa Institute comes in the wake of a conference organized by the Islamic Movement, during which Israeli settlement plans in East Jerusalem were exposed, including the building of a synagogue on land of the Mughrabi and a military bridge leading directly to the al-Aqsa Mosque. Most worrying, this invasion of the office was conducted in accordance with the laws of war and specifically under the auspices of emergency stipulations, as if the residents of Um al-Fahem are not Israeli citizens but residents of a foreign state at war with the state of Israel.

The Islamic Movement is an integral part of the Palestinian and Arab national movement, and damage to it is detrimental to us all.

The AIC demands that the government of Israel immediately annul this anti-democratic decision and return all the property and material it stole from the Islamic Movement.

Ref: Alternative Information Center

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