Follow the Oil money (a brillant tool)

Gas and Oil Company Contributions to Federal Races

This tool is a visual demonstration of the network of funding relationships between oil companies and politicians.

The Relationship View and Table Views are two alternate presentations of the campaign contributions from company executives (and company Political Action Committees) to the candidate’s campaign committee.
Relationship view
In the relationship view, the more money a member has accepted from the oil industry, the bigger their picture is on the map. The more money they have accepted from an individual company, the thicker the line will be that connects them. Elected officials and companies are positioned by their relationships, those that are close together tend to have similar patterns of giving and receiving.

I believe in a Separation of Oil and State. I support candidates who are least beholden to Big Oil and who vote to end fossil fuel subsidies and fund clean energy.

Ref: Oil change USA

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