US Meltdown – USA + Death of the American Dream? (empire bye bye) + New world order

On the other side…

The global financial machine has ground perilously close to a halt. This timely film explores what went wrong with economic globalisation. How could the financial world have miscalculated so badly?
We chart financial liberalisation in East Asia, privatisation in Latin America, the reckless transition to capitalism in Russia and Chinas more cautious evolution to a market economy. Our vision of the economy is a caring economy, an economy where the State has to be the fundamental engine, not the market explains economic reformer President Hugo Chavez. We ask whether the policies of lending institutions like the IMF have exacerbated financial crises, as its rescue packages have ended up servicing bank debt. Of course these packages end up rescuing private lenders from the consequences of their own actions, admits economist Paul Krugman, echoing concerns about bailout loans.

2 Responses

  1. it really doesn’t surprise me that all of these videos are no longer available

  2. It´s a pattern.
    Which reproduces itself now and then when the money
    and right wing ideology finds itself corned.

    We need just to continue…

    : a

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