NATO okays pact to boost security, political ties with Israel

NATO has authorized a pact to strengthen and expand Israel’s security and political relations with the states in the military alliance.

The authorization of the Individual Cooperation Program (ICP) came ahead of Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni’s meeting with her counterparts in NATO member states.

The ICP incorporates a number of areas in which full cooperation between Israel and NATO will be established, including the fight against terror.

The agreement allows for an exchange of intelligence information and security expertise on different subjects, an increase in the number of joint Israel-NATO military exercises and further cooperation in the fight against nuclear proliferation. It also paves the way for an improvement of collaboration in the fields of rearmament and logistics and Israel’s electronic link to the NATO system.

Livni hailed the treaty as giving the security cooperation between the Israel and the alliance real operational significance.

“Israel’s security capabilities are a household name and we see the strengthening of cooperation between Israel and the international security body as a strategic objective that reinforces Israel,” she said.

The foreign minister added that, “Israel is a power within the international index when it comes to the army and its capabilities in the fight against terror; the whole world recognizes this and the expansion of cooperation between Israel and NATO as it was expressed this morning is important proof of this.”

Ref: Haaretz

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