Hatzofeh, symbol of religious Zionism, closes after 71 years (what a great day!)

… Immanuel Shiloh, editor-in-chief of Be’sheva, a weekly that is identified with the right-wing segment of religious Zionism and was in competition with Hatzofeh, said in response, “It’s really too bad that one of the few media platforms for religious people living in the modern world will cease to exist. Hatzofeh dealt with issues such as Orthodox feminism, separation of boys and girls in Bnei Akiva and various other halachic issues. Now discussion will be less diverse.”

The demise of Hatzofeh can be seen as part of a larger trend in journalism. Newspapers with clear affiliation to a specific political party – such as Davar, Al Hamishmar and now Hatzofeh – are closing down. The papers that remain generally operate in accordance with business considerations.

“While it does represent a nationalist, right-wing constituency, Makor Rishon does not support any specific party,” said Lerner.

The decision to close Hatzofeh comes just weeks after the NRP’s central committee decided to disband the party and create in its stead Habayit Hayehudi (the Jewish House) which aspired to incorporate the NRP and the National Union.

Ref: Jpost

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