Action, reaction, solidarity, demonstrations, boycotte; WE ARE THE CHANGE FOR LIFE!

In every town/captial there will demonstrations against Israel and for peace!
Join in!

In every supermarket, make sure that you don´t buy any Israeli fruit or
other goods!

In every way you can, make sure that you take a position for Palestine´s right
to live in peace and freedom. Knowledges carries responsibility. Now more then
ever when the 60 years of Isreali genocide, apartheid system and colonalism have got
the Palestine on it´s knees, now is the time for US to really make a change.
Never mind Obamba with his proIsraeli cabinette. We are the change. We
make the differance. We say yes to life and no to the death machine that
Israel is.

Wake up!
Before it´s too late this time…

: a

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