Women’s shoe wholesaler explains why Hebron house is perfect fit

But in Abraham’s view, his purchase is unrelated to the Hebron’s political future and is no different from Arabs who purchase land in Israel or Jews who buy property in Arab countries.

“If they’re talking about giving up this part of the land, what is their issue if somebody buys land?” Abraham said. “So it’s either going to be Israel and you buy in Israel, or it becomes Palestine and we bought land in Palestine. I don’t understand what the issue is of where you bought the land. People are entitled to buy property wherever they want, whether they’re Arab or European or Chinese. ”

With the evacuation complete, the case now reverts to a lower court, which must determine whether Abraham’s purchase was lawful. The case, his lawyers tell him, could drag on for as long as two years and cause considerable financial strain. But Abraham seems resigned to that possibility.

“I’ll have to sell a lot of shoes,” Abraham said. “What am I going to tell you?”

Ref: Jta

Welcome to lethal jewish fundamentalist sitting in his american sofa far far away. Twisted, hateful, drenched with ideology and ofcourse lying. Can palestines or other arabs buy land in Israel? Are israelis free to sell land to other nationalities? And what´s up with the “3 year” evidence that even the proZinoistick Israeli high-court did not approve off?

Same shit out of the worst mix; america + israel.

: a

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