Perspectives on the Gaza situation and the “rightous Israel” and Hamas


1) Have there been positive signs and measures coming from Hamas?

Yes, Hamas had stopped attacks against Israel before they were elected. They allowed Abbas to negotiate peace wiht Israel on behalf of Palestinians, they showed some readiness to adopt a more pragmatic position. Was this reciprocrated by Israel? No this wasn’t reciprocated in any way.

2) Have there been any positive measures coming from Israel?

No, the whole time there wasn’t really any positive measure. Israel didn’t accept to speak with Hamas, there has been absolutely no sign of good will coming from Israel. Israel succeeded in isolating Hamas internationally completely and closed Gaza like a prison. Israel didn’t ease the conditions of Palestinians in the WB. There is no sign that Israel intends to leave the occupayed territories. If Israel does something, than because of overwhealming pressure. The peace negotiations have no result. The only thing that comes from Israel are demands, demands, demands.

3) To justify the bombing in large scale of Gaza the representants of the official line keep telling about the few rockets against Sderot. Is this really something very important and significant?

In this context it should be remembered that for a long time before this late cease fire Hamas was offering a cease fire which Israel didn’t care about. The condition was that Israel stop attacking Palestinians, but Israel answered that they wouldn’t stop hunting and killing Palestinians. The rockets were simply a good PR for Israel which scared a bit some Israeli and was used to mobilize the Israeli population against the Palestinians, to make Israel’s position seem more aceeptable internationally. It was the only thing they had against the Palestinians. It was a marvelous tool for the Israeli politics, and it was used. Nobody cared to expect and demand that Israel changes its politics. The same people who complain now so bitterly about the rockets were the ones who said before that a cease fire was not possible!!!!

4) Is there anything at all that justifies the Israeli carnage against Palestinians, was there anything at all that justified the blockade of Gaza?

No there isn’t. This is all the result of a planed politics that is used for many purposes, to consolidate Israel’s grip on the stolen lands, to allow Israel to dominate the whole process in the ME which isn’t a peace process. There was no acceptable reason at all for the closing of Gaza and for the inhuman Israeli politics. Israeli demands towards Hamas aren’t acceptable as a conditions for anything now as Israeli itself doesn’t follow or accept any similar conditions, as Israel doesn’t make any concessions.

5) We should remember that soon before the end of the cease fire Israel begun again killing Palestinians. Was this a mere coincidence?

No, this wasn’t. This was simply a provocation in order to justify the attacks that Israel was planing and which was a part of their calculation. And the time was favourable now. FAct is that Israel showed no real interest in dealing an extention of the cease fire, that Israel made the closing of Gaza even thighter and started another campaign of violence.

6) What do you need in order for what is happening in Gaza to happen?

You need a trio like the one we saw in the Israeli press conference: a sinister Livni who is the daughter of a member of a Terror organization, a Barak who is the most dangerous man in the ME according to Uri Avnery and a political gangster like Olmert. You still need some complete fools in Washington and a lot of people without conscience.

Above is a comment by Papalagi on Guaridan

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