What’s been happening in Gaza is fantastic… (israeli mother of 7, expressing a “normal” israeli thought of the day accomplishments?)

Finally, a month and a half before the elections, Israel takes some action.

I definitely see this as linked, but it’s OK, better late than never. What’s been happening in Gaza is fantastic. I feel very bad about the man killed in [the Israeli town of] Netivot.

We usually like to vote for someone quite right wing and who actually does something, so definitely not Kadima, and not Labour. So that probably leaves Likud. It’s unfortunate that we have to choose by a process of elimination.

The other day my daughter arrived at school in tears. It’s only a six minute walk to school, and it was nice weather, but during that walk she had six rocket warnings.

The Arabs are reminding us again that they don’t think we have a right to Sderot and they want us out.

Mechi’s husband David:

Whenever human life is taken, it’s tragic, but when we’re talking about murderers who are trying to kill us, it’s a big relief.

On the other hand we’re convinced that the innocent people who were killed, this is totally the fault of Hamas who use them as human shields.

We believe all life is sacred, so the Hamas regime is at fault.


Ref: BBC

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