Perspectives; back in the 1925

“ … [The Jews] are much more than hewers of wood and drawers of water; they
read, they think, they discuss; in the evenings they have music, classes, lectures;
there is among them a real activity of mind. And the-third factor is that they are
fully conscious that they are not engaged in some casual task, without special
significance other than the provision of their own livelihood; they know quite
well that they are an integral part of the movement for the redemption of
Palestine; that they, few though they may be, are the representatives, and in a
sense the agents, of the whole of Jewry; that the daily work in which they are
engaged is in touch with the prophecies of old and with the prayers of millions
now. So they find the labour of their hands to be worthy in itself; it is made
lighter by intellectual activity; it is ennobled by the patriotic ideal which it serves.
That is the reason why these pioneers are happy.”
[italics by author]
The High Commissioner

Administration of Palestine
Jerusalem, 22 April, 1925

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