And here´s a christian zionistic prayer for Israeli onslaughter… oh sorry, “goal accomplishment” (same thing same hatred)

…We are grateful that so far the governments of Britain and the United States have swum against the tide and officially leveled their criticism against Hamas and not Israel. In the Second Lebanon War, the U.S. sought to give Israel “space” to accomplish her objectives. At the time, our leadership was woefully inept and we were unprepared and came nowhere near accomplishing that goal. This time the goal is putting a stop to Hamas rocket attacks in our south. This simply must be accomplished.


*That the LORD of Armies, the God who Arrays Israel for Battle (YHVH Tzeva’ot, Elohei-Ma’arhot Yisrael-I Samuel 17:45), will oversee the leaders of Israel’s army so as to array themselves in a way to bring a stop to the continual attacks against her people.

*That intelligence reports would be sharp and clear and accurate-that the perpetrators of this violence would be exposed and stopped with as few casualties as possible among innocent civilians.

*There has been intense and increased persecution against Arab Christians in the Strip in the past two years. Pray that Muslims in the Strip would realize that their god cannot save them and would cry out to the God of Heaven that He would send forth His angels to protect those ‘who will inherit salvation’ (Hebrews 1:14).

*That Believing Soldiers in the Israel Defense Force would be held near to their God and Leader during this conflict-showing themselves as good soldiers and a testimony to those around them of courage, efficiency, clarity of mind, and, whenever possible, showing mercy.

*That Israel’s leaders civilian and military will receive courage and insight from the Most High-that they will not be intimidated by the threats of world-opinion, but would do what is needed in carrying out their charge to oversee and protect their people.

*That there will be a good infrastructure of communication and accurate intelligence flow in Israel’s forces.

*That the communication of those who have risen up in violence against Israel to harass and destroy her would be thrown into confusion. Hamas has called for a “Third Intifada”. We sincerely believe that the last one (which resulted in the hundreds of deaths through suicide-bombings) came to an end because of a breakdown of communication in the spiritual realm brought about through the intercession of God’s people.

*That God would in His mercy release a Spirit of Truth into the mass of lies and errant religious posturing which blinds much of the Church to the Truth regarding Israel. There is coming a darkness when those who are not taught of God may find themselves on the side of that darkness because of the delusion they have accepted regarding this land and people.

Martin and Norma Sarvis
Jerusalem, Israel

Ref: Indonesia-NYA

Also read this intriguing post by the same ProIsraeli prayers

“Only the Lord Jesus revealing Himself in every expression we find depicted in the Bible will satisfy this hungry company. It is something of an “all are nothing” mentality. If they cannot discover the “real” in Church, then the enemy will provide enticements outside of the Church with false hope and counterfeit spirituality.”

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