The 10 000 Euro Question: What are the smiliarties btw Falluja and Gaza? Anyone


Falluja: Iraq’s place of sacrifice
The US military offensive against Falluja has already provoked videos and websites that will cause events to happen far beyond the town’s boundaries. It is now seen as a centre of resistance and martyrdom that bravely sacrificed itself for Iraq and in the name of Islam.

Ref: Le MOnde

Weapons of Mass Destruction Employed by US to
Imolate Falluja: White Phosphorus is a Chemical

The use of white phosphorus “violates the Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of
Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare.
Incendiary agents such as napalm and phosphorus are not considered to be CW agents since they achieve
their effect mainly through thermal energy.

WaPo Confirmed U.S. Used White Phosphorus In Fallujah


Israel admits phosphorus bombing of Lebanon


4 Responses

  1. My heart goes out to the people of Gaza. Inumerable injustices have been done against the people of Palestine and this has to end.

    Israel continues with its terror and carnage and the world watches silently. It seems that the few thousand protestors are the only humans left on the planet.

    The Palestinians rockets are a desperate attempt to lift the blockage and seige of Gaza. It was Israel that imposed this inhumane seige and it was Israel that broke the Cease-Fire. Just because their zionist brothers in the west own all major media networks, they lie and fool the world into believeing that their actions are justified and that they are only ‘retaliating’. Their lies and manipulations make people believe that Israel is always the ‘victim’.

    Hamas is a democractically elected Government, established through free and fair elections. But this version of democracy and the mandate of the people of Palestine is unacceptable to the West. This is the hypocrisy of the west, and they continue to support Israel in its crimes against humanity.

    Towards Everlasting Peace.
    Towards a World without Israel.
    Towards the Third Intifada.

    PS: Jews are welcome to live in Palestine.

  2. Crimes against humanity are being committed on the people of Gaza as they were committed agajnst the people of Fallujah.

    Mosques are being destroyed in Gaza as they were in Fallujah.

    Criminals like Bush and Ehud Barak will go free after murdering thousands.

    Chemical weapons have been used in fallujah and in Palestine.

    The Arab goverments will keep their mouths shut as they worship Bush and his Zionist Masters.

  3. […]…luja-and-gaza/ Y en muchisimos sitios mas.Solo tienes que buscar victims of fallujah y te aparecen cientos de […]

  4. Military Bible!
    1. Military U.S. Education ( Abrams Tenks )
    2. Military-Christian Education
    3. Military U.S. Society
    4. Military Familiy
    5. Military Christian Churchs
    6. Military Politic
    7. Military Schools, Universitys
    8. Military peoples of U.S.A.
    9. Military Culture: 170.000.000 died round the World!
    Atheist 100%

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