UK company boycotts Israeli consumers – BRILLANT, JOIN THE WORLD BOYCOTT OF ISRAEL!!!

Israeli computer engineer discovers he cannot order scarf online from London-based Pashmina company because it has joined Muslim consumer boycott against IDF operation in Gaza

Meiron Gestman, a computer engineer from Ramat Gan, discovered to his surprise on Monday that he could not purchase a scarf online from the London-based Pashmina company.

The reason for this was that the company which he wished to order from had joined a boycott against Israel due to the military operation in Gaza.

“I checked why they didn’t charge my credit card, and they told me they were participating in a voluntary boycott on Israel due to “the horrors committed by the Israeli army,” he said.

Behind the boycott is a British organization of Muslim consumers, who have imposed a boycott on Israel as well as all Jewish-owned American companies in protest against the fighting in Gaza and the US’s support for Israel in the battle.

The boycott received a warm welcome by many British internet sites, especially those related to Islam, and reports have been published by British newspapers. However Pashmina stressed to Gestman that it was only boycotting Israel, not all Jews.

‘Pashmina’ is not the only British company to have joined the boycott. Last week ‘FreedomCall’, a telecom company based in the UK, terminated all communications with the Israeli MobileMax following the Gaza operation.

The British-Muslim websites recommend boycotting a number of large firms, most of which manufacture products in Israel and all of which sell their products in Israel.

Among these are AOL, Coca-Cola, Delta-Galilee, Estee Lauder, Johnson and Johnson, Marks and Spencer, Revlon, Starbucks, McDonalds, Danone, Disney, IBM, Kimberly, Nestle, Nokia, and Intel.

‘Captives of Arab propoganda’

“I tried to convince the person who sent the email that he’s wrong,” Gestman told Ynet. “They’re just captives of the successful propaganda of the Arab side, and I wanted to help explain our side. They see things very superficially and one-sidedly.”

“I asked him whether he boycotted American products because of what they did in Iraq or whether he was boycotting Palestinian products because they were firing missiles on kindergartens in Israel. He didn’t really know what to say and answered pretty stupidly.”

The email sent to Gestman in reply to his questions said the company had boycotted other countries, such as Myanmar. It said the boycott was imposed out of shock at the number of civilians killed by Israel, but did not wish to undermine the suffering of Israelis or any victims wherever they may be. The company did not respond to any of Ynet’s emails.

Britain has been known for a number of boycotts against Israel, among these an academic boycott and a consumer boycott. The boycotts have had few economic ramifications, and the British government has consistently opposed them.

Ref: Ynet

4 Responses

  1. Boycotting ISrael? nice try. you might as well throw away your cellular phone because the technology was invented in Israel, and throw away your laptop if it has a Windows program (much of it was developed in Israel). Get rid of your macintosh computers too, a lot of the chip technology is produced and assembled in Israel! Don’t eat any fruit or vegetables that were grown with drip-irrigation (Yup, it was invented in ISrael too!).

    How about boycotting terrorists that put civilians in harm’s way when they fire weapons from schools and hospitals, hide rockets in mosques and use children as shields.

    • It´s not a nice try but it´s on!
      My cellular phone is not a looser MOTOROLA phone. Whatever Israeli techique there is it can in minutes be exchanged with any half disent asian manufacture. Sorry, but Israel is not unique and your “progess” is because you supress another people and get huge funds. That´s your uniques that makes every citizen and product from Israel a product of it´s aparthied and racist regim.

      Oh by the way the assemblies moved to any other country in about 2 days. And the fruit and vegetables are already beeing forces out from supermarkets in Europe. Who cares about the “drip-irrigation” when the water Israel uses are stolen? Today and israeli ueses about 300 liter water/person everyday while people in for ex. Sweden uses 200 l. And then Sweden is a “water country”. And that´s from the “drip-irrigation-stealing water” nation” where water is expendable as palestinan lives.

      Yes let´s boycott terrorist that kills civilians and starve them.
      Let´s root out the terrorists that occupies, steals and violates humans rights and international law on a daily basis.
      Let´s boycott them so that they are reminded that the world see through their lies and acknowledge that they stand in blood!


  2. I was once a blind supporter of Isreal, I have opened my eyes and have seen who the real terrorist are, and since i am for peace and human rights no matter who you are and where you live, this leads me to belive that the world would be better off without israel, Not jewish people but the terrorist country know as Israel..

    • Anthony!
      Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcome to the gang!

      So much “western” ideas and fear is invested into Israel that our “famous” rationality is blinded.
      We want Israel to be all that because that means that our guilt and our “society” thrives. But
      instead Israel is not all that but another european colonialst enterprise.

      These Gaza attacks are just the latest of israeli actions but they speak their clear language; we are always “victims”, we have always the “right” and the Others (palestinans) are always wrong, guilty or terrorists (this is neo orientalism!).

      Palestine must live!
      The occupation must end!
      1967 year borders NOW!


      : )

      : a

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