Gush Katif evacuees implore gov’t to let them resettle Gaza (Israeli biznez as usall)

A group of former residents of the Gush Katif settlement bloc on Sunday implored the government to allow them to resettle Gaza, amid Israel’s ongoing offensive against Hamas in the coastal territory.

“Let us return home. We are ready at a day’s notice to set up tents in the area, until permanent construction,” the group said at a news conference at the Museum of Gush Katif in Jerusalem.

Israel pulled out all of its settlers and soldiers from the Gaza Strip during the summer of 2005. The pullout was fiercely opposed by residents of the Strip’s settlements, most of which were situated in Gush Katif, and their supporters in the West Bank and within Israel.

One of the members of the group was a former head of the Gush Katif region council, Reuven Rosenblatt. He said the group expected the government to let them return to Gaza as an act of “national repair.”

“This isn’t about an unauthorized return. We ask to start preparing hearts for the idea that there needs to be state-sponsored operation,” said Aharon Tzur, another former Gush Katif region council head.

REF: Haaretz

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