ISRAELI CENSUR; Palestinian reporters charged with leaking censored info on Gaza to Iran TV

Two Palestinian reporters were indicted on Tuesday for leaking sensitive information to an Iranian news outlet hours before it had been cleared by the Israel Defense Forces Military Censor.

The two men, Hadir Shaheen 34, and Mohammed Sarhan, 26, allegedly reported to their employer “Al-Alam” that the IDF ground operation in Gaza had begun, two hours before the censor approved the report.

The two work out of a production studio in Ramallah, where they file reports for the Iranian station.
On the day the ground operation began, they allegedly reported to an “Al-Alam” affiliate in Lebanon about IDF movements on the border with the Gaza Strip. The reports were then broadcast in Iran as well as on Arabic satellite stations, including ones available in the Gaza Strip.

The indictment states that Shaheen reported on the air that he saw “large movements of armored personnel carriers and tanks that were previously stationed at nearby IDF basses. An hour ago they began moving en masse towards the Gaza Strip accompanied by troops, at the same time that IDF artillery picked up their fire on the northern Gaza Strip.”

Shaheen then reportedly said “It seems at this moment the invasion is beginning at a number of points in the Gaza Strip.”

Prosecutors said Tuesday that the two men leaked the information with the full knowledge “that it could possibly fall into the hands of viewers in the Gaza Strip – including Hamas members ? and that it stood the chance of helping them in their war against IDF troops.

Ref: haaretz

In occupied territories the oppress must NOT think, act or basically live like normal human
beeings just as BARE LIFE. To do a job probably as any other would do is not in the colonial
scheme. To act to resist or save life is unthinkable.

Actually, the oppressed and colonialised MUST if anything support the the racist regime
that want to mass murder them. Above is an example of this.

Welcome to genocide!
Welcome to Israel!


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