Fight Israel; Footballer shows his support!!

A Muslim footballer was fined by the Spanish Football Federation Friday for uncovering a T-shirt with the word ‘Palestine’ written on it in several languages after he scored a goal in the Spanish Cup.

Sevilla’s Malian international striker Frederic Kanoute was reprimanded for lifting his shirt in what he said he had to do as an act of support for Palestinians in Gaza where an Israeli assault has claimed at least 800 lives since it began on Dec. 27.

Kanoute is a French born Muslim

“It was something that I felt that I should do. Everyone should feel a bit responsible when there is such a big injustice. I am 100 percent responsible for what I did and I don’t care about the sanction,” he told the television station Telecinco on Thursday.

Federation rules prevent players from displaying any sort of publicity or slogan during matches. The federation did not reveal the amount of the fine but Spanish media said it was between €2,000 and 3,000 ($2,700 and 4,000).

The federation said it was not penalizing the political nature of the message but the fact that the player had displayed a message in violation of the rules. The incident happened after he scored a goal during his team’s 2-1 win over Deportivo La Coruna in the Spanish Cup.

Ref: Al Arabiya

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