VIDEO: Gaza Under Siege – Israel/Palestine ( OBS 2001!!! ) & US AID!

One of the most densely populated places on earth, the Gaza Strip is home to over a million Palestinians – and is a virtual prison. Just 43 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide, most of its residents are refugees who’ve lived in camps since 1948. Since the Palestinian uprising – the second Intifada – began in September 2000, none of Gaza’s 40,000 day labourers have been able to cross the border to Israel. The checkpoint is also closed to all goods and medical supplies coming in from Israel and the West Bank. Local Gazans bear the brunt of Israel’s determination to quash the uprising. Some 135 Palestinian children under the age of 15 have been killed by Israel’s soldiers – for throwing stones at checkpoints near Israeli settlements. In this episode, Life visits Reyidh and Sabah and their children – just one refugee family trying to cope.

Ref: Journeyman

US military aid underpins Gaza offensive – 31 Dec 08

2 Responses

  1. Monaco and Singapore are more densley populated. They do not need aid. they do not fire Kassam rockets at neighbours.
    What about Gaza’s gas resources? See

    • And NEITHER have they been occupied by an aggressive country which put them under an illegal siege! Ooops, context is bitch when one is Pro-Israeli.

      Oh, wonder why they don´t need any aid…
      Oh could it be that they are free?
      And that Israel haven´t bombed them to pieces from 10 000 m and strangled their social and economic fabric… What do you think Michael?

      Yes, Gaza gas resources…
      Who is pumping that up right now?!

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