As the truth emerges in Gaza; the “purity in slaugther” and its true intention

The cessation of fighting in Gaza has allowed the true scale of destruction there to be revealed.

Sherine Tadros reports from the north of the strip on the despair of one father who says Israeli forces shot and killed two of his daughters at close range.

A spokesperson for the Israeli army told Al Jazeera in response to the father’s allegations that Israeli soldiers “do not behave in this fashion” and the army “only returns fire to areas from which it was fired upon”.

Read more about the “Zionist self-defence intentions” in Gaza > Gazans say IDF troops ignored white flags and shot at them

Oh, again, I wonder who is the terrorist and who is creating Palestinian terrorists???

1) IsraHELL
2) Israel the eternal “victim”
3) Israel the only democracy in M.E.


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