PERSPECTIVE; Obama inaugural & coming up headache (how the american way opened up for the american financial suicide)

A day in nationalistic GLORY and TRANSITION

Tomorrows headache: the MOST SERIOUS THREAT

I.O.U.S.A. Bonus Reel: Montage of Quotes

USA have spend themselves out of the global position economically. The monster have eaten the very foundation that made it big; the “market” ideology. Having Bush and reelecting Bush just speeded up that approach.

American ignorace, life style and “fake” supremecy made it all possible!
US don´t own their own country – what a GREAT postcolonial revenge!!!!

Obama or not.
USA hegemony and with it “pax americana” is not only over but degraded.
In a couple of years the new world order will be visual.
What a glorious world we are heading into…


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