PRO-ISRAELI ORG: Honestreporting (from my Israeli racist ass)

their history

“It was Yom Kippur, 2000. The Intifada had just broken out and a huge wave of terror had suddenly descended upon Israel. The media in Europe was twisting the story to brand Israel as a bad guy! Jews in the UK were in shock and felt under attack. A few idealists decided enough was enough.

In February of 2006, under a fresh management team, HonestReporting was granted independent Charitable Organization status in Israel to complement its US and Canadian status.”

their mission

“As an organization dedicated to defending Israel against prejudice in the Media, we aim to provide educational tools and resources to anyone wishing to advocate for Israel. Our materials provide people with information that is helpful when responding to the Media, in their dealings on Campus or in the work place, and in any other sphere where having credible, considered background material is of value.”

some endorsment

Bob Diener
Founder; Founder and President Consumer Club

“HonestReporting is the champion of accurate reporting of the Arab-Israeli conflict. With so many reporters tilting their stories for political objectives or due to intimidation and pressure by non-democratic regimes, HonestReporting is exposing such bias against Israel and is the watchdog attempting to keep them honest. HonestReporting is a respected, reliable source that is at the forefront of stopping the attempt by many in the Arab world to re-write history.”

Ref: “Honest reporting”

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