FIGHT ISRAHELL: Organizing to End U.S. Complicity in the Crimes of Israel in Palestine

Assaf Kfoury and Ahmed Shawki speak on a panel with Noam Chomsky.about organizing to support the people of Palestine/Gaza and force an end to all US aid to Israel.
Flimed by Paul Hubbard at the Palestine Cultural Center for Peace in Boston MA on 1-21-09

Also read the Sasson Report – The Sasson Report is an official Israeli government report published on March 8, 2005 that concluded that Israeli state bodies had been discreetly diverting millions of shekels to build West Bank settlements and outposts that were illegal under Israeli law. Ms Sasson called it a “blatant violation of the law” and said “drastic steps” were needed to rectify the situation. It describes secret cooperation between various ministries and official institutions to consolidate “wildcat” outposts, which settlers began erecting more than a decade ago. Sasson added that the problem was ongoing, saying “the process of outpost expansion is profoundly under way.”.[1]

The report states:

* The housing ministry supplied 400 mobile homes for outposts on private Palestinian land
* The defence ministry approved the positioning of trailers to begin new outposts
* The education ministry paid for nurseries and their teachers
* The energy ministry connected outposts to the electricity grid
* Roads to outposts were paid for with taxpayers’ money

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