PERSPECTIVE: ISRAELI SLOW GENOCIDE BACK 1990 (Speaking peace & acting genocide is the Israeli rethoric and soul)

Journalist Robert Fisk visits a Palestinian whose family home near Jerusalem is threatened by expanding Israeli settlements. Some of these settlers are interviewed in part 2. The settlements are intended for “Jews only” and are a violation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. Many scholars and activists argue that Israel’s continued violation of these resolutions is one of the primary causes of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This is part of a documentary Fisk made in the early 1990’s about the causes of increasing anti-Western sentiment in the Middle East.

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  1. why does Israel hate everyone?
    Is the US just backing them because they -might- hate us? Even though they clearly are just using us as puppets in their sick religious war, we still support them…
    Is it because they have so much control over our government that they make us Americans blind to the facts?
    They teach their people that the Arabs are trying to finish Hitlers “Final Solution”… they constantly refer to the holocaust, that there were millions gassed, a “poor-me” tactic.. when people speak up, that gas chambers were not used and have the facts to prove it (read up, you will be surprised), these people get assassinated for *some* reason… And nobody is allowed to dig in these burial pits where so many were allegedly burried, I wonder why?
    Israel has had a much bigger goal from the get go; before they even had a country given to them…

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