Welcome to ISRAHELL where militarism flourish on top of the weak

A Welfare Ministry report released on Sunday reveals that in 2008 some 309,141 children were living in homes that place thjem at risk.

The report finds some 2000 children were hospitalized due to domestic abuse during 2008.

The report also indicates a continuing decline in the number of youths serving in the army. In 2007, 76 percent of male teens and 59 percent of female teens were drafted to the IDF, while in 1992 the figures stood at 83 percent and 67 percent accordingly.

Meanwhile the number of youths’ suicide attempts has increased according to the report. In 2007 nearly 700 teens, 73 percent of them females, were hospitalized after attempting to commit suicide. In seven of these cases the youths were under the age of nine.

Ref: Haaretz

Meanwhile in Gaza…

Of course playing sport’s not just about winning and losing. Al Jazeera’s Todd Baer reports the Palestinian Gaza Strip on how sport is helping young people to cope with the trauma of Israel’s offensive there.

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