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  1. Tell Islam to stop causing terror all over the world and you’ll get your wish. Your Muslim children, for the first time ever, will come first in your lives before war and death. Try it. Your children will love you for it.

  2. Where in the world is “islam” causing terror where the white man´s Christianity haven´t done the same? Islam has not inherent will to conquer and slave the world. That´s the white man´s ideology. Trep, are you a fan of that? Are you a white man crying for power to kill, rape, steal and dictate how the Other shall behave?

    Oh, your islamofobia blinds you! Why do you harbour such a hate! Do you enjoy beeing racist? Are you an israeli?

    Muslim children live in love just like christian and other children of faith do. Now, If only some of the christian children parents would not be more interested in colonialisations, exploitation and dominating the world then love could have a better chance in the west. But because people liek you Trep other people get murded.

    Resisting the white man´s slavery is justified!
    The paradigm have already shifted and you are on the wrong side Trep. You, USA and Israhell!


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