Border Policeman gets 8 years for killing Palestinian in 2002

Two former Border Police officers were sentenced to prison Monday for their role in killing a Palestinian teen in Hebron in 2002.

Shachar Butbika and Dennis al-Hazub were convicted of manslaughter and accessory to manslaughter, respectively, and sentenced to prison terms of eight and a half years and five and half years, respectively, by the Jerusalem District Court.

Amran Abu Hamadiyah, 17, died after he was forced to jump from a Border Police jeep traveling 80 kilometers per hour. Butbika and Hazub, together with two other officers who were convicted and sentenced earlier this year, assaulted several Palestinians on the same day.

The first victim, Alaa Sankrut, then 20, was hauled onto the jeep, driven to a discreet location and kicked and beaten with a pickaxe handle, sustaining skull fractures. On their second drive that day, the officers abducted Abu Hamadiyah. He was beaten by Butbika and then forced to jump from the moving vehicle. He resisted, holding onto the jeep’s roof, but was eventually forced out. One of the officers shouted “he’s dead.” They drove away, without offering medical assistance, and tried to eliminate the evidence.

The other two officers, Yanai Lalzeh and Bassam Wahabi, were given prison terms of eight and a half years and four and a half years, respectively.

Ref: haaretz

2 Responses

  1. Dear Antievil.

    I think this is a very good example that Israel deals with its failures. IDF soldiers and Israeli police officers are all subject to persecution by Law. I wish the people of Gaza could live under a similar system of justice. In fact, they did, before Israel handed over Gaza in 2005.

  2. Ivar,

    Again your inability to access the situation is embarrising. Plz Ivar, pick up another type of book!
    Gaza as the West Bank is today, was OCCUPIED. During occupation the laws differ from body to body. Especially when Zionism is the racist ideology that creates and supports the occupation.

    You call MURDER failures?
    What do you call NEO APARTHEID? Unfortunate?

    Please, tell me how many IDF soliders have been subjected to law for their murders, violations and other stuff. Please Ivar, be a sport – use some facts for a change.

    The people of Gaza still lives under OCCUPATION this time by the ILLEGAL ENCLOSURE of Gaza and the constant threat of violence.
    You take a part of this horror as a support of its structure! There is no God that will not judge you for that.
    You are a true sinner Ivar.
    Prepent yourself!

    Support Palestine!


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