3 Responses

  1. Apartheid!!!
    1. Gazawall+Killing+Military Bible+Killing+Jesus+Killing
    2. Christian Education+Killing+Jesus+Hitler=Killing…….
    3. Jewish+Christian Education=Killing
    4. Christian European Church=Killing
    5. David+Jesus+Joshua+Hitler+Bush=Killing
    6. Killing=Inquisition+Indiansgenocide+Killing
    7. Vietnam+Killing+Cambodia+Killing+Laos+Killing
    8. Iraq+Killing+Beirut+Killing+Gaza+Killing+Chile+Killing
    9. Che Gevara+Killing+CIA=Killing!!!
    Atheist 100%

  2. US-Military Bible of Falluja!
    1. 145.000 Iraqis died! Nuclearwar on Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia!
    2. George W. Bush&Obama=Adolf Hitler!
    3. Auschwitz&Falluja=Iraq! D.U. or 250.000 Nagasakis!
    4. Speech of US-Soldier Mike Prysner!!!
    5. US.Criminal-Bible-Politic of Yahweh!
    6. US-Israel&Bible&Genocide round the World! S T O P !

    Atheist 100%!

  3. Falluja is my City!Biblewar
    1. Iraqian are my People, Afghanistians to!
    2. Gaza is my Country!
    3. US-Nazi Politic with NATO&C.I.A.&AIPAC and Eurounion!
    4. Internetsbibel of War and Genocide!
    5. TV-Biblestory of King David=Adolf Hitler!
    6. Yahweh&Moses&Joshua&David=Hitler!

    Atheist 100%!

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