VIDEO: “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” The Saints Are Coming

The great Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter visit the Occupied Palestinian Territories along with three former heads of state Mary Robinson (Ireland), Fernando Cardoso (Brazil) and Gro Harlem Brundtland (Norway). They are also joined by Indian activist Ela Bhatt. Our good friend Philip Weiss notes that advocacy on behalf of the Palestinians by The Elders, a group established by Nelson Mandela and underwritten by such maisntream business figures as Richard Branson (Virgin) and Jeff Skoll (eBay), is a gamechanger. Skoll, he notes, is Jewish, part of a growing disenchantment with Zionism. ‘Today we tell the Establishment Jews’, Phil writes, ‘that the weather has changed again, and Israel cannot continue destroying human rights in our name.’

The Elders were unable to visit Gaza but spoke with young people and others via video link. They then went to the West Bank village of Bil’in where a local protest movement against the separation wall is gaining momentum. In the evening they visited a Palestinian family in East Jerusalem evicted from their homes by Israeli authorities.

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