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  1. Israel exists, and there is no place called Palestine on a map. Start abiding by the law. Stop picking and choosing when you decide to believe the UN. Israel is Gods, and we will pay a price for screwing with them. We did in 67, we did in the 80’s, we did in the 90’s, we did on 9/11. We did during Katrina. God is paying us back now, and there is NOTHING you can do for our ANTI-Israeli stance, since 1948, and we have been a cursed nation ever since.

    • Thanx for that description of how FUCKED UP pro-Israelis are today.

      No, Israel is not God. And israelis are not God-chosen.
      Palestine do exist both on a map and in reality.
      UN is an international biding organization that do rule.
      Katarina did to US what all hurricanes do to other countries and even more so
      because US finds that Kyoto is nothing for them. What goes around comes around.

      Beeing Anti-Israeli is to believe in justice, peace and human rights. And there is a
      LOT more we can do to FIGHT ISRAHELL!!!

      Israel will collapse from within.
      But until so we need to fight it!
      Next round: GOLDSTONE IN UN!


  2. So, tell me, sweet person with eloquent speech… How will Fakestine survive if Israel does NOT have war-machines?
    Are you really that stupid, or do you eat dumb for breakfast.
    You are not ‘anti-evil’ you are PRO-SATAN.

    • Fakestine?

      Sorry, do not know that place? Sounds like Frankestein but that is a character in a critical book about science right?

      And eat dumb? What is that? Another “american-dumb-fat-food-dish”?

      You need to be more based in a common understand so that we can exchange thoughts and ideas. Talking about PRO-SATAN makes me think you might be sick in your head… or just another HASHBARA fanatic which in case would make your sickness profitable!



  3. I pray for CHRISTIANS in palestine, Moslems are persecuting them.

    Why palestine always rocket Israel????

    • That is lovley that you pray for CHRISTIANS in Palestien. No they are not persecuted more than Palestinians in Israel. However they are also discriminated and harassed by the Israeli occupation force that has enforced apartheid on Palestine. So if you FEEL and PRAY for christian Palestinians you also pray and support that Israel must withdraw from Palestine and stop repressing, murdering, bombing and hating Palestinians.

      Thanx, you seem not to be soo “mad” afterall.

      And Palestine do not rocket Israel all the time. You do know that RESISTANCE TO AN OCCUPATIONALL FORCE IS LEGAL. And that is just what your beloved Israel is = a hateful military force that steals, murders, bombs, hates and cleanses people. Wouldn´t you resit that if they were come for you?

      So tell me why do Israel occupy, kill, illegally imprison and ethnically cleanse Palestinians, christian ans muslim? Because the are the “chosen people”?

  4. Ah come on, I know the Hadiths. I know Islam. Christians were chased out of Palestine BY Hamas. Surely you dont like Hamas, right?? Palestinians HATE Hamas, and REAL Palis that live PEACEFULLY in Israel dont hate Israel. You need to stop all of this, and just love your brother, Israel 🙂

    • If you know the Hadiths tell me who they are?
      Christians are not a people. Palestinans are both christians and muslims.

      Palestinans do not hate HAMAS.
      But Israel and pro-Israelis do hate HAMAS and wants everyone else to
      HATE them. So much hate is produced and harboured in Israel that if there
      were no enemy, what would happen???

      Real Palestinians…
      What a funny funny way of show your racism – you are the to decide who is real
      and who is not. But earlier you claimed there there were none? Plz, do not forget to
      take your medicine.

      No person, country, nation or people that supports and practice murder, ethnic cleansing,
      hatred, racism and theft is a brother or a sister of mine. The same should also apply
      for you! But then again, as a pro-israeli you are not only endorsing it your are enjoying
      the ethnical cleansing.

      Shame do not attach persons like you.
      But one day, shame will be upon you.

      : a

  5. Now come on, the Jewish people were chosen to bring LAW. God brought Jesus to the Gentiles and now ALL can have the promises of HaShem, you too!!

    • Chosen by who?
      What is HaShem?

      And what LAW have they ever brought or uphold?
      The law of aparthied?
      Ethnic cleansing?
      Land grabbing?

      Nooo, the jewish people are not chosen for anything less or more than other people.
      Deal with it!

      / aa

  6. Israel, YOUR brother, was chosen to bring LAW, you know this lol.
    Now come on, there is only one GOD, and he does not like you to be talking about ISrael, Israel is outnumbered by 57 A-rab states/nations, stop fighting God!

    • Oh, there is only one God? Well which God is that then since many many people believe in differen Gods.
      And do you follow your God´s scripture everyday or do you only look into the book when it comes to justify
      Israel´s ethnic cleansing. What does your God say about that? In every action of torture, theft, ethnic cleansing,
      murder and bombing Israel is producing and reproducing your God in action. What a hateful, blood dripping God
      You hail to when it suits you.

      Israel outnumbered?
      Oh, plz you still cling to the “David/Goliat” pr-story. Israel has over 130 NUCLEAR WEAPONS and WEAPONS OF MASSDESTRUCTION.
      Israel is a very aggressive country that never hesitate to bomb innocent and civilians. It´s a society heavily militarized and build on
      racist foundation. There seems to be too much of your HATEFUL GOD in Israel and less of what is good: love, understand, respect and justice.

      Join by stepping out of the darkness and into the light!

      / a

  7. You need to leave all of this hate behind, and become a follower of Yeshua! 🙂

    • I don´t need to do anything that you tell me. You are not, inspite of what you believe, my master.

      You are a holder and producer of hatred and murder with littel arguments supporting the ideas
      of apartheid, ethnic cleansing and torture with you are oriented towards.
      You are not good but evil. Your Yeshua must therefor be one of darkness, hell and misery.
      That must be fought as the SHIT it really is.
      And we are doing that just that, as you know.

      Now our “conversation” is finished. You have nothing really to say than that Israel are justified by God to
      kill, murder, steal, torture, lie, bomb aso You are lost in your belief to whitness and supremacy. What you
      need is help.
      Yaaaaaaaaaaalla! Go and get it and make us all a favor. Other more pleasant and peacelike Yesushas would love and
      endorse that!!!


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