ISRAELI LOBBY: Urging Goldstone to remove his name from the report of Israeli war crimes

Goldstone Report Grave Danger to Israel

The findings and recommendations of the Goldstone Report on Israel’s operation in Gaza represent a grave danger to Israel’s sovereignty and right to self-defense.

The Anti-Defamation League is calling on Judge Richard Goldstone to repudiate his report.

Join us in adding your voice in opposition to the report.

Read and sign our letter to Judge Richard Goldstone:

Open letter to Judge Richard Goldstone:

I call on you to repudiate your report of investigation into Israel’s operation in Gaza, the Goldstone Report, which seriously undermines Israel’s right to self-defense.

The report has placed Israel and the Jewish people in significant danger. As expected, very little attention is being paid to the limited critique of Hamas in the report. Instead, the report has become the major focal point for action by every anti-Israel force in the world.

The United States and seventeen other countries, including Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Canada and Australia opposed a General Assembly resolution which endorsed the Goldstone Report and propelled it forward for consideration by the Secretary General, the Security Council and the High Contracting Parties of the Geneva Convention.

There are efforts underway to undo the damage. The House passed a resolution calling on the President and the Secretary of State to oppose any endorsement or further consideration of the Goldstone Report on the Gaza war.

Nothing, however, would be as effective as an announcement that you no longer attach your name to the investigation. I urge you to realize that your report has had a dangerous effect on the good name and security of the Jewish state.

I urge you to remove your name from this report today.

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No, there are no boundaries for Israel to keep their bloody ethnical cleansing in pace. Nothing is above the right for israelis to steal, murder, slaughter and colonialise. Nothing!