VIDEO: Israel Opens ‘Valley of Gaza’ Dam Gates and Flood Gaza

Gaza is declared a humanitarian disaster and in a state of emergency after Israel opens flood gates to an Israeli dam which then flooded eastern parts of Gaza, forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes.

3 Responses

    • Rainbow Warrior,

      Super thanx!
      There is no limits for zionists and you have just updated me about that. I am speechless but I should know better. It´s like everyday they just get more and more desperate.

      Will spread this!!!
      Keep up your work!
      Victory against this evil is close!


  1. Your quite welcome.

    Here is another tid bit for you. This letter is cold cruel and nasty as is the rest of the story. I guess this professor wants to make sure Rachel Corries parents receive a lot of hate from Israelis.
    This what a University professor says to grieving parents.

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