SHIP 2 GAZA: As Turkish photographer is buried, other journalists aboard flotilla speak out

Journalists who were aboard the humanitarian flotilla that was intercepted by Israeli naval commandoes on 31 May have been recounting their experiences. At the same time, Turkish journalist Cevdet Kiliçlar, who was fatally shot at the start of the assault of the Mavi Marmara, one of vessels in the flotilla, was buried in Istanbul on 4 June. A news photographer who graduated from Marmara University’s Faculty of Communication, Kiliçlar had worked in the past for such Islamist newspapers as Selam (Salute), Vakit (Time) and Milli Gazete (National Newspaper) and had applied for an official press card while working for Milli Gazete.

For the past year he had worked for the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), a Turkish NGO, as press officer and website editor. He was killed by a single shot to the head fired at close range by an Israeli soldier.

The Turkish Union of Journalists (TGS) has protested against Kiliçlar’s death, which it says should be treated as a murder, and has called for an investigation to establish the exact circumstances in which he was killed.

All the journalists who were detained by the Israeli authorities have now been deported from Israel and many of them have been talking about what they went through.

Mediha Olgun (Turkish woman journalist with the daily Sabah):

“I was released 72 hours after the start of the military operation. I was forced to go back into my cabin where they gave me a full search. They cut into the heels of my shoes to see if I had hidden anything there. That is how they found the copies of the photos we had kept. They seized my laptop, my camera and mobile phone. They only thing I was able to hold on to was my passport. They also took our photos.”

Ayse Sarioglu (Turkish woman journalist with the daily Taraf):

“I was terrified when I saw Kiliçlar on the ground. That is when I cried… They searched absolutely everything. From the boat, they took us to a large shed in the port of Ashdod, where we were interrogated. I was humiliated by a policeman, although there was a woman officer there who was very polite. While interrogating me, he spat on me and called me an idiot. He even pulled my tongue. I could not believe my eyes, it was so inhuman!

“They accused us of being within 10 miles of Israeli territory. I replied that we were 70 miles away and in international waters. ‘You knew that Gaza was forbidden.’ I replied: ‘Yes, but I did not come here because I wanted to. I am a journalist and it is my job.’ ‘It is of little importance that you are a journalist. You have broken a rule.’ They asked me to sign a statement but I refused, asking for a translator from the Turkish embassy. ‘Whether you sign or not, you will be deported.’ We were searched meticulously, between our toes, in our hair, under our gums, under the tongue and so on. They took us to Beer Sheva prison. I was questioned again. They asked me if I was a member of Hamas or Al Qaeda. They also asked me if there were Palestinians in my family.

“I was able to call and talk to my family for just one minute and in English. On the afternoon of the next day, I was put in contact with Turkish embassy officials. We spent a second night in a prison cell. The next morning, they woke us at 6 a.m., gave us our passports and took us by bus to Ben Gurion airport.”

Erhan Sevenler (Turkish journalist with the semi-official news agency Anatolia-AA):

“When we learned of the presence of military boats and a submarine nearby, we began to take measures. All the journalists gathered at the stern of the boat to be able to film what was going to happen. At around 4 a.m., 15 to 20 zodiacs surrounded the ship. Very quickly, a helicopter lowered commandoes to the bridge. As I rushed towards the bridge, people aboard our ship grabbed a soldier. Until that moment, I thought they were firing rubber bullets. That is when I realised they were firing live rounds. The windows of the bridge exploded under the impact of the bullets. The journalists then sought refuge in the office reserved for the press.”

Yücel Velioglu (Turkish journalist with the AA news agency):

“There were three doors to the journalists’ office, two of which were locked. The soldiers knew how to enter the office because we had given them a clear explanation. But they deliberately broke down one of the locked doors. We had a cameras round our necks and our press cards in our hands, but the soldiers kept aiming the lasers of their guns at our eyes in order to intimidate us… That lasted about 45 minutes.”

Marcello Faraggi, an Italian journalist who heads a media production company in Brussels, was aboard the Eleftheri Mesogeios (“Free Mediterranean Sea), one of cargo boats in the Gaza-bound humanitarian flotilla, reporting for the TV station Euronews. He described what he experienced to Reporters Without Borders:

“When we left Athens, I was on the passenger ship, the Sfendoni. Once we reached Rhodes, I switched to the freighter carrying humanitarian aid, the Eleftheri Mesogeios, which was flying the Greek and Swedish flags. There were 29 of us aboard it, including two other journalists, Mario Damolin, who was working for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and Maria Psara, a Greek journalist working for a newspaper that supports the Greek socialist party. There were also some well-known people from Greece and Sweden, including the novelist Henning Mankel.

“The Israeli army intervened at 4:30 a.m. on 31 May, when we were still in international waters. Two helicopters dropped smoke bombs. Several zodiac boats without lights began to circulate among the boats in the flotilla. It seemed like something in a movie but it was real. Real as in war. I heard someone shout: ‘They are firing real bullets. Not just smoke bombs! Real bullets!’ Meanwhile the Marmara just continued on the same course.

“At 6:30 a.m., as the sun was rising, an Israeli army boat circled us. Loudspeakers screamed that we should surrender, that we were putting the boat’s safety in danger. The zodiacs did not stop circling around us. Soldiers climbed on to the cargo. We had gathered in the captain’s cabin. They asked us to surrender. Most of us complied. Those who refused were hit by the soldiers, targeted by the rifle lasers and handcuffed with plastic straps.

“I kept filming all this while. When the soldiers saw me, they grabbed the camera out of my hands, they confiscated it along with the cassettes I had on me. ‘We will give them back to you at the port,’ they said. I told them I was a journalist and showed my international press card but to no avail. It made no difference. After being briefly interrogated in the captain’s office, we three journalists joined the other passengers, who were assembled on the deck. The boat set course for Ashdod. But in we took nearly 10 hours to arrive and in the meantime we were all on the deck like animals.

“When we arrived at the port of Ashdod at around 3:30 p.m. there were masses of people there. Lots of soldiers filmed us as we got off the boat. We felt like animals in a zoo. When I showed my press card, a cassette was returned to me. We were put in a bus and driven to a space where they were lots of tents. Soldiers asked me to undress. They confiscated other material from me. There were five or six or us who had to undress at the same time. It was humiliating. I refused to submit to a medical inspection. I was then asked to sign a document in English. As an Italian, I asked if I could have an Italian translation. They laughed in my face.

“Then they put us in a truck used for transferring prisoners. We waited for more than an hour squeezed against each other inside the truck, under the sun, without air conditioning. Only when night fell did the army transfer us to Beer Sheva, where we were again searched on our arrival. They gave us a few raw vegetables, some water to drink, pieces of soap and shampoo in sachets. We were given no chance to call a lawyer or contact our embassies.

“Embassy representative came on Tuesday afternoon. But that was when we were about to be taken before a judge. Everyone was in the same room, a sort of big hanger. It was really noisy! We were transferred to Ben Gurion airport on Wednesday morning. In the bus, a Czech journalist wanted to go to the toilet. A soldier laughed at him. I tried to intervene because I had my international press card on me, but in vain.

“On the plane, they made us sign a statement in English recognising that we had entered Israeli territory illegally. Then my passport was returned to me. I saw that some people were given only a photocopy of their passport. Although we had boarded the plane at 1:30 p.m., we did not take off until about midnight. Rumours circulated all this while, including one about an Italian journalist being beaten by soldiers. We were finally flown to Istanbul.

“On our arrival at about 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, they told us our bags had arrived. I found that my camera bag was sealed, so I asked airport officials to open it so that they could witness what I found inside. The bag was full of old clothes and rubbish. My camera was not there.

“Yesterday, 8 June, I went to the Brussels police to report that I had been the victim of armed robbery. I lost more than 20,000 euros of equipment on this job. I was aboard that boat as a journalist, not an activist. The Israeli soldiers are guilty of an act of piracy.”

“Today the chief of police called to say that it was wrong on the part of the police officer to have registered my complaint yesterday inasmuch as the Belgian authorities could not do anything. He nonetheless added that, since I had been given a copy of my statement, with a registration number, the police would transfer their report to the prosecutor’s office ‘for information’.”

Photos by Marcello Faraggi:

Ref: Reporters without borders

2 Responses

  1. Israel obeys international law. When a nation is at war, they have the LEGAL RIGHT to BLOCKADE their enemy. Please also note that this is an EGYPTIAN BLOCKADE just as much as it is Israeli.

    Hamas has declared war on Israel. Read their charter to see it. They demand the complete destruction of Israel (a legal nation created by the UN). All of this is open for you to read in their charter.

    The Geneva Convention allows governments at war to blockade their attacking nation. Please understand that the Egyptian-Israeli blockade is LEGAL. Again, this is all available to read on the Internet.

    Iran provides Hamas with rockets and mortars used to murder innocent Jewish women and children. Palestinians launch rockets into Israeli cities, to inflict the most death and injury to Jewish CIVILIANS. Meanwhile, Israel only targets terrorists. Israel has the right and the obligation to prevent the delivery of those rockets.

    How would you defend your legal home and your family from people who demand your home and your death? What would you do to prevent them from acquiring weapons designed to kill hundreds in a single explosion? Just 65 years ago, Nazis took Jewish homes and possessions, before they made Jews into slaves and then murdered six million innocent men, women and children. Jews could not defend themselves then. They can now; and they must.

    Jews occupied the Holy Land dozens of centuries before there were Muslims or Palestinians. It is Jewish land and it has been Jewish land for a very long time. Jews have a right to defend their legal homes from attack. You would do the same to protect your home and family. The blockade is legal.

    Charles Weinblatt
    Author, Jacob’s Courage

      This is a world known fact. The same body (UN) that created Israel is a body that Israel have
      the greatest contempt for and don´t hesitate to bomb. That happend in Lebanon and in Gaza.
      Israel violates international law, human rights and every moral and etnical law in its occupation
      and resentless ethnic cleansing. That is what a modern white colonial nation filled with hatred,
      racism and fear does as banality.
      U know ofcourse this that´s why you have signed up at the Hasbara office to distort the facts
      because they are too clear.

      Hamas is fighting the Israeli occupation with social and violent means which is TOTALLY legal when
      under occupation. Again the UN charter do included all humans not only white ones. Hamas was created
      and supported in the beginning by Israel. How ironic!

      This is the thing, Israel is NOT ABOVE THE LAW!
      The water outside Gaza is not Israeli!
      International water is not for Israel to roam.
      No body can board another ship on international water without beeing labled as pirates.
      But then again, that´s a profession that the israeli state have promoted since 1948!

      Funny, Israel have never recognized Palestine and after the FAIR elections in Gaza the only thing
      Israel did was to fight the democracy. That is the colonial militarised racist country for you that you
      call with love Israel. But tell me, since Palestine is fought in every direction to become a nation then
      how can Israel be in war with that nation? Isn´t that the very reason for the occupation, the apartheid regim
      on the west bank, the theaft of water and land, torture, racism aso that Palestine can never be a nation?!!!
      Ofcourse it is.
      Your argument just shows in every instance your hatred and islamofobia.

      US provides Israel with over 3 billion in military aid!!!
      Why should not Iran be able to fund their allies? Because that would undermine the white mans power in the region?
      US is a war-crime state that invades other countries on lies and have never backed for committing masscres on
      civilians just as Israel (match in heaven!).
      What does Israel do with the weapons that US is providing? Aren´t they much more powerful and destructive?
      Hamas is not an army but a surge. They do not have helicopters, planes, tanks aso which Israel have and use regularly
      to kill palestinans. THAT IS STATE TERRORISM. 62 years of occupation is a point in case!!!

      Let´s have a body case where we put all the jewish civilans killed and then all the palestinan civilians killed and see
      how is really slaughtered. Or maybe palestinans CIVILIANS are not worth your time or thought as your cry for your jewish

      Israel BROKE the peace with Hamas that lead to the Gaza masscre!
      Hamas and Palestinas have also the right to defend themselves from a violent hateful occupation that has as it main goal
      to etnically cleans them from the land so that Eretz Israel can be. Actually, your question “How would you defend your legal home
      and your family from people who demand your home and your death?” is exactly what the Palestinans ask everyone of us and out of which
      Hamas is action on! Do you actually have compassion for others? Can that really be?

      Hey, stop crying NAZIS and HOLOCAUST! Not only jews died during this time but more importantly, the holocaust is the WHITE MANs leagacy of racism that
      since colonialism reached it peak during the Nazism. That has nothing to do with Palestine, the rest of the world, Islam or Hamas. That the “jews” are
      doing EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE NAZIS should make every one scream and react. Israel is a great mix of NAZISM (with it´s fanatic right and settlers hailing
      zionism as their religion) and APARTHEID (as the means to get land and water). Everyone should and must resist ISRAHELL as we did with the NAZIS and
      SOUTH AFRICA!!! This hateful and deadly whiteness must be fought at every instance!!!

      The blockade is illegal and everyone acknowledge that fact but zionists.
      The blockade is only supported by the USA that forces Egypt to follow.
      The boarding of the Gaza Flotilla was illegal and ISRAHELL must be punished for that.
      IDF conducted a excecution of civilians on board their true face and contempt for none-jewish life.
      Palestine has always been a place with mixed ethnicities and will never be JEWS ONLY!

      Israel is today become more an more a hateful state as zionism´s racism also affects the nations
      soul. Your defense is a part of that racism. Shame do not attach to you but history shows us that just as Nazim and Aparthied
      fell so will this Israel do. Hopefully another one can emerge where racism is not at the foundation
      of state. This must be the struggle we all join in to and this is the movement with is growning by the day!!!

      Fight ISRAHELL!

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