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RESISTING ISRAELI SHOAH – Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening Jews standing up for humanity

Self-Hating and/or  Israel-Threatening or just Israelis and jewish individuals that resist the hatred that zionism produces and lives of. Here´s the list of these “heros” courtesy nazi-zionists whom call this list their “
JEWISH S.H.I.T. LIST”. Thanx for visualising the increasing world wide fight and resistance towards Israel!


Aalto, Laura
Aaron, Scott “RABBI”  Associate Director of the Arie and Ida Crown Memorial Foundation in Chicago , Illinois

E N T E R I N G   T O X I C   W A S T E   Z O N E

R. M. “Aaron” Aarons … toxic waste
Aarons, R. M. “Aaron”  On Feb. 5, 2009, headquarters received an email which read, “Dear ZioNazis, You can do a google search for my name to see whether I’ve earned a place on your honor roll. If I haven’t earned it yet, I’ll just have to try harder! [Signed] Your dedicated enemy, Aaron Aarons.”
Despite all our efforts to root out all the toxic Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening voices out there, we somehow missed this guy… all the more incredible considering he’s fat enough to have his own ZIP code!
Aaron Aarons wears his Che Rivera hat    This retired Berkeley (where else!!!), Californian is perhaps the most radical anti-Imperialist, anti-Capitalist, Marxist creep we have ever run into!  He even has his very own Ernesto “Che” Guevara hat!  We’re sure Rivera would have been honored to have this fat fuck running through the jungles of Cuba with him!
Aarons is a member of the “Peace and Freedom Party”, of which he is probably the only member. Its platform? In his own words, “to struggle against oppression in general and the United States ruling class in particular…  personally I object to the flag as a symbol of the U.S. empire.”   Now isn’t that profound? And so original. Unless, of course,  you hang around other potheads.
We all know a Jewish mind is a terrible thing to waste. In Aarons’ case, it’s toxic waste that’s IN his brain!  Here’s more pollution… “I support and encourage struggles on all fronts against the U.S. imperialist ruling class and its allies at home and around the world. One of my main concerns has been showing solidarity with the people of Palestine against U.S.-enabled Israeli oppression…. “Why does Israel have a “right to exist” as apartheid state?  Israel” is an apartheid European settler colony and has no “right to exist”.

<— —>

Further, “The reason the Democrat Party won’t be any less murderous toward Muslims than the Republicans are is that they are totally in the pocket of the Israel Lobby. U.S. imperialism is capable of mass murder even without Zionist encouragement. But Zionist influence certainly plays a big role in turning the fangs of the AmeriKKKan beast specifically against Arabs and Muslims… Jews must act against Israel and Zionists. We Jews are already being blamed, unjustly, for the massive rip-offs by a small number of mostly-Jewish bankers. But, given that so many Jews are openly supportive of the Zionist terror-state, the rest of us had better speak and act forcefully against Israel and its enablers if we don’t want to be JUSTLY blamed for its crimes.”
Aaron is not totally inflexible when it comes to Israel’s Jews.  “When the number of dead Zionists catches up with the number of dead Palestinians, then maybe I’ll start worrying about the former.” Gee, thanks for your qualified support. Now go screw yourself.
We mentioned earlier that Aarons was big enough to have his own ZIP code but didn’t.   To make up for that, he has created for himself an array of email addresses… at least six (one for each ton) that we know of:, aarons@USERMAIL.COM,,, and the one he used to contact us…

L E A V I N G   T O X I C   W A S T E   Z O N E

Aaronsohn, Elizabeth “Liz”  This Central Connecticut State University student Jewish Supporters of Palestinian Refugee Right to Return. She also signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!

Aarts, Paul

Avigail Abarbanel… an Aussie with an [anti-Israel] attitude!
Abarbanel, Avigail   This former Israeli citizen is now a resident of Canberra, Australia, president of the Australian National Network of Counselors and a practicing psychotherapist-counselor.  As a counselor, she wants the Israelis and the make-believe “Palestinians” to begin “a journey of healing together.”  It appears part of that healing process is to charge Israel with war crimes!!!
Since the start of the second Intifada in September of 2001, “I have been speaking out in support of the Palestinian people… I want to reach Palestinian people in the hope of providing some comfort… I cried many tears for my people all my life.  But now it is time for me to cry for the Palestinian people… The list of injustices and crimes against the Palestinian people is long… Israeli aggression has to be stopped immediately and the Palestinian people must be protected.”
“The Palestinian fight for liberation and independence from Israeli occupation is conveniently called terrorism. Israel does not face any danger for its existence and it is the aggressor [see three examples below #1] in this conflict.  Palestinian attempts at retaliation such as suicide bombings are cruel and inexcusable but they are the action of the desperate [see another three examples #2] . In my profession when we deal with domestic violence our first priority is to stop the violence and make sure the victim is safe… no one blames a battered and abused wife if once in a while she tries to fight back.”
“When all the Palestinians are gone Israelis will have to live with their blood on their hands… I do wonder how they are going to live with this and what impact it will have on them… It is time to recognize the sins that we have committed against the Palestinians, ask them for forgiveness, invite them back into the country that was their own for thousands of years, and make the brave decision to begin a journey of healing together.”  Of course, invite in 5 million Arabs — outnumbering and overwhelming the Jewish population and THEN turn loose your “desperate” friends so they can murder up close and personal.

#1 Shalhevet Pass
“Israeli Aggressors” according to psychologist Avigail Abarbanel

#2 “Desperate” Arab “Palestinian” Suicide-homicide bomber for Allah “Desperate” Arab “Palestinian” Suicide-homicide bomber for Allah “Desperate” Arab “Palestinian” Suicide-homicide bomber for Allah
“Desperate Suicide Bombers” according to psychologist Avigail Abarbanel
[Left] Note Koran in hand
[Middle] Note Koran on right leg… and mother wishing him a fond farewell
[Right] Text on video screen says “I’m motivated to commit this act in order to satisfy Allah.”
“Desperation? We don’t see “desperation” except for Abarbanel’s desperate” attempt to excuse murderers of Jews! We DO see, however, Islamo-fascist brainwashing!

What would turn a Jewish girl into a vicious self-hating Jew? Perhaps a read of her accounting of her relationship with her mother… “the most dangerous person I have ever encountered in my life and I was her victim… will explain why she does what she does. If you can stomach more from this crazed loonie (who attempted suicide twice), click here.   A plea to Avigail Abardanel:  If at first (or twice) you don’t succeed, TRY, TRY AGAIN… PLEASE!

Abdela, Lesley
Abel, Elizabeth
Abel, Heather
Abel, Laura Ruth   New York, NY
Abeles, Ben   Branford, CT
Abeles, Steve  Knoxville, TN
Abelove, Henry
Abendstern, George  Rochdale, Lancashire, England.   Member of Jews for Justice in Palestine.  “Israel represents a major link in the world network of repressive and racist regimes. Its nuclear weapons capacity… is a danger to the entire Middle East, and to the whole world… the Zionist structure of the state of Israel is at the heart of the racism and oppression against the Palestinian people, and should be dismantled.”

Abendstern, Jeanette  Another sick Jew from Rochdale, Lancashire, England and member of Jews for Justice for Palestine.

Stephen Aberle
Aberle, Stephen  This Vancouver, British Columbian singer is a steering committee member for Jews for a Just Peace .  He may say they care deeply for Israel and believes that Israel has the right to exist and endure.  However, everything else about that group is completely in the Palestinian Arab camp.  For example, he says, “We must no longer abandon our Palestinian sisters and brothers to a similar fate that our Jewish elders and ancestors righteously fought or escaped throughout our history.  How dare he compare the 5,000 year history of the Jews to a made-up “Palestinian” national identity begun in earnest since only 1967!  And since when are Jew and ARABS “brothers and sisters!”  Further, he is particularly concerned about the “legal and moral rights of the expelled Palestinian refugees.”  The fact that the Arabs initiated the two wars (’49 and ’67) which led to their refugee status doesn’t factor into the equation!  He also adds, “We [should] take a stand for human rights and against injustice.”  Interesting comments from a man who looks the other way when an Israeli school bus goes up in flames but whines like a weasel when a single leaf on an Arab fig tree gets bent!  Perhaps justice and human rights apply only to his “Palestinian brothers and sisters?”  Oh, yeah, we almost forgot. He also wants a “Right of Return” for millions of “Palestinians”… yet another way to threaten the existence of Israel. And who should compensate those so-called ARAB “Palestinians” who choose not to flood into Israel or live under Arafat’s brutal thugocracy?  Of course Aberle also supports the Israeli “refusnik” soldiers who refuse to join the IDF and defend the state against an influx of those returning Arabs! “Compensation of other [Palestinians] who choose not to return is well within the means of Israel and its international backers.”  TRANSLATION:  Hold Israel [the Jews!] responsible for wars started by the Arabs and then get the Zionist conspirators (American) to add to the pot. Note: Some of the above information was taken from Marxism-Thaxis , a “forum for the discussion of theoretical issues raised by Karl Marx and the thinkers he inspired.”  Do we detect the scent of a radical Marxist-Leninist socialist revolutionary?

Abernethy, Ron Englewood, NJ
Ablow, Rachel
Abod, Jennifer
Aboulafia, Shlomo
Abraham, David
Abraham, Josef
Abrahami, Guy   Tel Aviv University
Abrahami, Rachelle   New York, NY
Abrahams, Paul
Abrahamson, Estelle  New York, NY
Abrahamson, Rose
Abram, Eliahu  Legal Adviser for Public Committee Against Torture in Israel [PCATI]
Abram, Ruth
Abramovici, Ayala  Ann Arbor, MI ,  Graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania
Abramovich, Dorit
Abramowitz, Ilana  Brooklyn, NY
Abramovitz, Tessa Executive committee member of Jewish Voices
Abramowicz, Marc
Abramowicz, Mark
Abramowitz, Yosef
Abrams, Allen  Prairie Village, KS

Rabbi Arthur J. Abrams
Abrams, Arthur J. “RABBI”  Signed a petition, “Rabbinic Call for a Shared Jerusalem,” which concluded that “the pursuit of both justice and lasting peace requires that, in some form, Jerusalem be shared with the Palestinian people.” After all, “the Old City, the area of greatest contention, has a population of 30,000; of its residents some 90% are Palestinians.”  Is there a reader out there in Internet Land who can explain to Rabbi Abrams and those other imbeciles who signed this petition that (1) the Old City’s Jewish Quarter was destroyed by the invading Jordanian Army in 1948-9 and all Jewish residents were either murdered or driven out. An another thing. Have this bald-headed baboon of a rabbi read “You’ve Been Had”  which explains who his so-called “Palestinians” really are.

Abrams, Denise
Abrams, Diane “RABBI”  New York, NY
Abrams, Ivan   Tucson, AZ
Abrams, Miriam
Abrams, Paula

Abrams, Rachel Katherine   This Clark University tongue-thruster feels that “the Israeli government is currently perpetuating atrocious human rights abuses against the Palestinian people and a destructive, illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.”

Abrans, Diane “RABBI” NYC, NY

Dorit Abramovitch … thougtht process “straight-jacketed when it comes to Israel  Straight-jacketed?
Abranovitch, Dorit
Abramowicz, Marc   Psychotherapist, Belgium
Abramowitz, Ilana   Brooklyn, NY
Abrams, Rochelle (Dr.)  Silver Spring, MD
Abrams-Hourani, Paula  This Nashville, TN and Vienna, Austria Jew signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!

Abramson, Adiv
Abramson, Rochelle   North Bergen, NJ
Abramson, Ruth  Herndon, VA
Abramson, Craig (Dr.)  Princeton, NJ
Abromowitz, David

Dorit Abromovitch with her “spike-dyke do”
Abromovitch, Dorit
Abusch, Ra’anan Shaul  Professor of “Eunuchs and gender transformation.” Cambridge, MA
Abusch-Magder, Ruth  Maplewood, NJ
Abusch-Magder, David  Maplewood, NJ

Anya Achtenberg … goof-ball then <— Goofball then     Goofball now —>    Anya Achtenberg … goof-ball now
Achtenberg, Anya

Deborah Achtenberg
Achtenberg, Deborah (Prof.)  Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Nevada, Reno, NV
Achtenberg, Emily
Ackelsberg, Irv  Philadelphia, PA attorney
Ackelsberg, Marilyn K.  Manchester, NJ
Ackelsberg, Robert  Manchester, NJ

Martha Ackelsberg
Ackelsberg, Martha  Professor of Government and Women’s Studies, Smith College.   This self-described “feminist/anarchist” wants the brave Jews living in Judea and Samaria communities to get the hell out. She also calls on the United States to threaten to withhold financial aid until Israel licks the U.S. State Department’s boots and does what it is told!  And guess what?  Ms. Ackelsberg is on the editorial staff of Michael Lerner’s Israel-bashing Tikkun Magazine. But, of course, you aren’t surprised, are you?
One must wonder how this American professor  would so quickly sign the LGBT-OUT (the Lesbians/Gays/Bisexuals and Transgendered of the University of Toronto) petition yet give so little support for Israel — the ONLY nation in the Middle East which has always allowed such life style freedom of choice and expression.

Ackerman, Claire This recent graduate of Columbia University’s School of General Studies served as a volunteer with the Arab American Family Support Center in Brooklyn. She is interested in human rights issues in the Arabic-speaking world… including “Palestine,” where she will no doubt focus on the “Israeli aggressors” while seeing Arabs as only victims. In fact, she already signed the Columbia University petition demanding, among other things,  that Columbia University (1) to use its influence–political and financial–to encourage the United States government to suspend its military aid and arms sales to Israel, and (2) to divest from all companies that manufacture arms and other military hardware sold to Israel, as well from companies that sell such arms and military hardware to Israel.

Ackerman, David
Adam, Galit  Yet another leftist linguist  who express a unity against Israel.

Adam, Zach
Adams, Anna
Adams, Mimi
Adams, Miriam
Adams, Sheherezade Missoula, MT
Adan, Bo     Researcher in the University of Oregon College of Education Alternate email

Adas, Jane
Addelman, Mike
Adelman, Alan
Alderman, Deborah
Adelman, Janet (Prof.)   Professor of English
Adelman, Mike
Adelman-Sage, Sybil  New York, NY   writer
Adelson, Beth
Adiel, Ellie Woodbury, NY
Adiv, Ehud “Udi”   He and several other leftists were members off the Revolutionary Communist Alliance – Red Front. This underground group collaborated with the murderers of his fellow Israelis and were found guilty of helping to form an “espionage and sabotage network.” In the early 1970s Adiv was accused and found guilty for spying for the Syrians and sent to prison.  For offering his services to the Syrians but ended up serving a 17 year sentence.  Adiv and the others traitors are all out on the streets now. In Adiv’s case, his streets are at the Israeli taxpayer-funded Open University and is being hailed as a hero by an increasing number of Israeli leftists and media personalities.  [Note: Other Israelis who were part of this spy ring were Dan Vered, Yehezkel, David Cooper and Rami Livneh.]
Ehud Adiv currently lives in Israel, lately divorced from his wife Sylvia. Sylvia is the daughter of Marcus Klingberg, who was convicted in Israel for passing biological warfare secrets to the Eastern Bloc. Is this the Israeli version of “All in the Family”?

Adiv-Ginach, Michal
Adivi, Stav
Adkins, Rainer Waldman  Seattle, WA Chairperson for the Greater Seattle Chapter of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom and serves on Brit Tzedek’s national board. He is an artist and educator, and a member of Congregation Beth Shalom.

Adland, Jon “RABBI”  Rabbi Adland is one of those nice guys we almost hated to add to our list. After all, who could not like a nice Jewish boy who speaks out for abortion rights (even if they’re unborn Jews) and same-sex marriages? But what sent out the red flags was his strong support for a group called “Rabbis for Human Rights” [RHR].
For those of you unaware of RHR and what they stand for (and what they DON’T stand for), here’s a quick over-view: In a nutshell, RHR campaigns for “Palestinian” justice and “Palestinian” civil and human rights.  A Jew defending himself is anathema to RHR especially when that defense is against the poo’ poo’ ancient  [yeah, right!] “Palestinians”!  In the first place, there are no such people called “Palestinians.” They are simply A-R-A-B-S, most of whom moved into a geographical area once inaccurately referred to as “Palestine.” See for more.
RHR is obsessed with rebuilding Arab homes and re-planting Arab olive trees. It matters little that these particular homes were build illegally or that Arab terrorists were shooting from behind olive trees. What matters is that Israel is trying to maintain the Jewish character of the Jewish State while also trying to dodge Arab bullets!
Arik Ascherman [the leader of RHR] and his group claim to be concerned with human rights. At best they are naive. Perhaps they are disingenuous. At worse, they are enemies of Israel. Those who support RHR [like Rabbi Adland] also fall into one of these three groups.
Although there is no doubt that many rabbis ( Rabbi Adland included) are well-intended, RHR’s campaign ultimately shifts the public’s focus away from Arab terrorism and aid the Arab propaganda machine whose sole purpose is to de-legitimaze Israel, Zionism and Jewish ties to the Holy Land.
As much as they might claim their projects are strictly humanitarian, Rabbis for Human Rights and similar left-wing groups have a clear political agenda: to stigmatize Jewish self-defense as repression. These mischief-making rabbis and those rabbis who support them are (1) reinforcing Arab intransigence and rejectionism, (2) masquerading as an outreach to enhance Jewish-Arab coexistence and (3) assisting the Arabs’ public relations offensive against Israel.
As a final thought… take a look at This obviously pro-Arab web site lists some of the most virulently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish groups on the face of the earth. Rabbis for Human Rights is listed there! As they say, “Birds of a feather…!”

Adler, Anne  Roslindale, MA
Adler, Donna M. Altimari
Adler, Frances
Adler M.D., Frederick
Adler, Glenn  An American academic who is now a senior lecturer in Sociology at the Marxist and rabidly Israel-hating Wits University in Johannesburg , South Africa.  He said in an interview with South Africa’s The Star  newspaper that he cannot identify as a Jew today  because of the link between Judaism and Zionism and only considers himself “historically” as Jewish. Professor Adler, don’t do us Jews a favor.  You have our permission to discard every shred of your Judaism!

Adler, Josey
Adler, Karen (Dr.)

Lisa AdlerLisa Adler … Self-Hating Israel-Threatening [S.H.I.T.] Jew
Adler, Lisa  This New York native from a Latin American Jewish family.  She spent several weeks in “occupied Palestine” in 2002 working in solidarity with Palestinians.  She is a member of the International Jewish Solidarity Network.  In the photo she can be seen chaining herself to block an entrance to the Israeli Consulate in protest to the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Louise Adler
Adler, Louise  This far-Left Jew is associated with a group called Independent Australian Jewish Voices, which advances a progressive view of the conflict in the middle East. In the space of 12 months, Melbourne University Press, of which Adler is the chief executive, published two stridently anti-Israel books, Jacqueline Rose’s The Question of Zion  and Antony Loewenstein’s particularly notorious My Israel Question . In 2005 she organized a session at the festival for British author Jacqueline Rose, also a hardline critic of Israel, challenged what it sees as extreme pro-Israeli bias among Jews in Australia.

Adler, Moshe
Adler, Muriel  Beaverton, OR
Adler, Paul S.
Adler, Rachel Associate Professor of Jewish Religious Thought and Feminist Studies at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles.

Adler, Rutie  An Israeli who coordinates the Hebrew Language Program at UC Berkeley (where else!#!), Professor Adler has been at the forefront of the anti-Israel economic divestment petition drive. The basis for her activity is her charge that Israel continues to violate the human rights of three million Palestinian Arabs. Adler is such an extreme racist that she can’t see past her hatred of Israel to where real problems exist in the world.
Rutie Adler.s name even made it to the neo-Nazi Stormfront website because of her adamant support for anything against the Jewish state.

Adler, Taffy  Head of the Johannesburg Housing Company
Adler-Bressler, Susan (Dr.)  Alamo, CA
Adler-Gordon, Steven  Newtonville, MA

Adler-McDonald, Sarah  Berkeley, CA  One of the signers of a petition urging Berkely Hillel [Jewish campus organization] to not allow Daniel Pipes speak on campus… “We are concerned that Hillel’s sponsorship of this event gives the false appearance of an endorsement of his views from the Jewish community. Pipes has used his stature to espouse some of the most vilely xenophobic sentiments that we have ever heard from a modern American public figure. Pipes portrays a world so threatened by Islamism that Muslim organizations are inherently dangerous, Muslim public relations groups are inherently dishonest, and Muslim names are red flags. While Pipes claims to differentiate between “bad” Islamists and “good” moderate Muslims, he is so relentless in his insistence that violent Islamism is the most urgent of threats that he defames the religion he claims to respect.”
So much for the Jewish left’s proverbial protection of freedom of speech!

Adlerblum, Joelle  Amherst, MA
Admenko, Elaine  Fort Lee, NJ

Zev Aelony
Aelony, Zev  Minneapolis, MN  This Nonviolent civil-rights activist refused military service saying “it is the most heinous of crimes to participate in an armed gang,…”  He thinks even less of Israel. Aelony also endorses the work of Brit Tzedek. As trhey say, “Birds of a feather…”

Afec, Adi  Tuscon, AZ

Dina Afek
Afek, Dina  Tuscon, AZ
Afo, Amy  This Fornari, California Jewess grew up in the Jewish suburbs of New York City and currently lives in San Francisco. Afo has been living in Jerusalem and Ramallah for the summer learning about the occupation and solidarity work in Palestine. When not in Palestine, Afo provides daily support for people living with disabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously the executive director of SVARA, a “queer yeshiva dedicated to the serious study of the Talmud.”
She recently signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!

Agagian, Amy (Dr.)  Somerville, MA,  Suffolk University – Boston
Agassi, Judith Buber
Agate, Susan  Evanston, IL
Agnon, Amotz
Agnostini, Barbara  Italy
Agre, Deborah  This Director of Donor and Community Relations at The Breast Cancer Fund in San Francisco is a participant in the Middle East Children’s Alliance delegation to Israel/”Palestine.”  She also signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!
On March 30, 2009 she signed an online petition of “Progressive Jews” calling the boycott of Israel not anti-semitic.

Agre, Jessie  Philadelphia, PA
Aharoni, Ada
Aharoni, Ron  Prof. of Mathematics, Technion
Aharony, Ofer
Ahrens, Carleton  Houston, TX
Constance Ahrons
Ahrens, Constance (Dr.)  Sociologist and Psychologist

Aaron Ahuvia
Ahuvia, Aaron  Department of Management Studies, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Aura Ahuvia
Ahuvia, Aura
Aigen, Ron “RABBI”
Ainsworth, Haim  West Hollywood, CA

Tanya Aizikovich
Aizikovich, Tanya  This young Jew is a member of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition. She’s against demolition of illegally built Arab homes and even those homes of homicidal Arab bombers but she is not against demolishing Israel’s security fence which keeps out those very Arab murderers!

Wendy Ake
Ake, Wendy   She is a graduate of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where she organized with The Committee for Justice in Palestine a student and community group and other social justice organizations. While active with CJP, she worked on the group’s divestment campaign. She currently works with Badil, the Palestinian Resource Center for Refugee and Residency Rights.

al-Kahttab, Yousef  see Cohen, Joseph
Alabaster, Emma  Student, LaGuradia High School, Brooklyn, NY  Emails: (?) or (?)

Alaluf, Mateo  As a Marxist Professor residing and teaching in Europe, Alaluf has made a career of contributing to the calumny of Israel supposedly being the racist capitalist exploiter of Arabs. Mateo’s writings lend legitimacy to the unremitting attacks on the Jewish state emanating from Europe.
Like most anti-Semites today, Alaluf ritually insists to any audience that he is not anti-Semitic; he just promotes boycotts of Jews in Israel and helps foment and provide intellectual cover for hatred of Israel’s Jews from Europe. He is not out to harm other Jews in Europe where he lives, he claims, but only those pesky Jews who live in a Jewish state and defend themselves.
Alaluf also works in cooperation with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement in the United Kingdom, lending them his name and support as an academic, urging boycotts of Israeli academicians and Israeli businesses. Alaluf also signed a petition in year 2000 claiming along with other European Jews that the Palestinian “resistance” was “legitimate”. The petition[12] he signed, translated from the French stated, “We estimate that the combat by the Palestinian people for national independence is legitimate.”

Albala, Nuri  Attorney, France
Albats, Yevgenia M.

Alberstein, Chava [Hava]   “Because of the situation we’re in,  [referring to the incessant Arab terrorism] we can’t concentrate on other people’s suffering. I think this is the worst price for the occupation, that we are losing our capacity to have mercy on others. Nobody has exclusive rights to suffering.”  Chava [Hava] was one of the original supporters of the “Palestinian” right of return.  She is one of the most prolific Israel singer-producers of all times. Has she literally sung her brains out?

Albert, Arnold
Albert, David A.  This Comparative Politics professor at the University of Texas-Austin is co-moderator of the Salaam-v-Shalom discussion list and spreader of the Michael Lerner Tikkun message. He is also co-founder and a national board member of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom (a Hebrew name designed to make it sound pro-Israel… which it is not).

Albert, Jeanne
Albert, Judy
Albert, Michael
Albert, Ruth Matthews
Albert, Stew

Francesca Yardenit Albertini
Albertini, Francesca Yardenit  Email 1  Email 2 This Israel-bashing Jewess is a Professor of Jewish Philosophy at  Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany.  What on earth a nice Jewish girl is doing in a country that was responsible for the slaughter of 6 million Jews is something this wiener schnitzel   will have to straighten out later with HER G-d!  Recently, Professor Albertini and had an interesting email exchange. To review this email exchange, click Here.

Albertson, Eric Carle Place, NY
Albouze, Paula
Lisa Albrecht
Albrecht, Lisa D.   This Associate Professor, School of Social Justice, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN is also the former managing editor of Evergreen Chronicles: A Journal of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Cultures.  In August 2006 she signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!

Albright, Sally A.  Grand Rapids, MI
Albritton, Phyllis Taub  Blacksburg, VA  Jew turned Presbyterian

Ammiel Alcalay
Alcalay, Ammiel  This NYC writer/poet and member of the Medieval Studies and Comparative Literature faculty at the CUNY Graduate Center calls for a boycott of all Israeli Artists

Alcon, Gabriel  Brooklyn, NY
Alderblum, Joelle
Alderman, J.R.  This London art historian calls for a boycott of all Israeli Artists

Mike Alewitz …
Alewitz, Mike  Mike is a “labor muralist.” Mike cut-off jeans and a single earring. Mike is a Marxist. Mike hates Israel.
Now for a few of his thoughts…”Israel is a colonial-settler regime that has grown through periodic military conquest.  Every time Tel Aviv invades, annexes or occupies land by force of arms, right-wing American supporters dutifully step forward to legitimize the crimes by invoking the holocaust and demonizing the Arab people. Such is the case now…. Atrocities committed against Jews, both real and fictitious, are used to justify the expansionist aims of the Israeli regime… Palestinians have been robbed of their land and wealth, but they continue the fight for social justice. The Zionist rulers of Israel now possess land and wealth, but they have lost their humanity… There will be no peace in the Middle East until there is justice for the Palestinians… A two-state solution for Palestine is a pipe dream. There is only one answer to the cycle of violence the establishment of a democratic, secular Israel/Palestine.”

Alexander, Dana
Alexander, Sara  Israeli musician living in France
Alexander, Jack

Jason Alexander… a “George Costanza” loser in real life too!
Alexander, Jason (Played George Costanza on “Seinfeld”) Click Here for full report on this short, fat loser!

Alexander, Lynne
Alexander, Michele  This Bethesda, Maryland health researcher calls for a boycott of all Israeli Artists

Alexander, Phyllis

Alexander, Sara

Alexander, Seymour  British Jew who signed a petition stating among other things, “We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state founded on terrorism, massacres and the dispossession of another people from their land. We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state that even now engages in ethnic cleansing, that violates international law, that is inflicting a monstrous collective punishment on the civilian population of Gaza and that continues to deny to Palestinians their human rights and national aspirations.”

Alexandrowicz, Ra’anan

Gadi Algazi
Algazi, Gadi  Associate professor in Medieval History, Department of History, Tel Aviv Univ.
Alhanan, Erik
Aliyuddin, Karen
Aliyuddin, Suriana
Alkalay, Tom
Alkon, Gabriel
Alland, Alex
Allen, Douglas
Allen, Francine Joy Whittaker, MI
Allen, Joan Kramer
Allen, Sheila
Allen, Terry

Woody Allen
Allen, Woody   Allen Konigsberg (this twerp’s  real name) said “I am appalled beyond measure by the treatment of the rioting Palestinians by the Jews… Perhaps for all of us who are rooting for Israel to continue to exist and prosper, the obligation is to speak out and use every method of pressure moral, financial and political  to bring this wrongheaded approach to a halt.”  Not so funny, Woody!  All this moral condemnation from a man accused of sexually assaulting his step-son and who had a sexual relationship with his step-daughter (1/3 his age) and then married her! Is this the same Woody Allen who spent his entire life making movies in which he exemplified a pathetic, anal-retentive Jew and now suggests that the brave Israeli soldier behave the same? In an August 4, 2004 article, Jack Engelhard put his finger on the real Woody Allen… “Real Jews, according to Woody Allen, whine, worry, reflect and dither. No time for action; there is so much deep thinking  to be done.”
What say we all boycott all Woody Allen films?

Allies, Paul  Professor at the university of Monpellier, france

Dan Almagor, homo-pansy for the PLO?
Almagor, Dan   This Israeli  poet, songwriter and researcher of Israeli music wrote lovely patriotic (or, more precisely, idiotic) poem called “We Shoot Children Too, Don’t We?” Here are a few excerpts:
“What will they say, Of those terrible beatings, The brutality, Of houses blown up, And most of all, the humiliation. That humiliation… Mean, arrogant, and dumb. Who do we think we are? Who gave us the right To be so deaf, so dumb?… And our children now shoot theirs With lead, plastic bullets, and gas.”
Israel is in a continual existential threat from its blood-thirsty Arab neighbors, including the fictitious “Palestinian People.” This is not the time for homo-pansies to write one-sided anti-Israel poetry.

Almagor, Gila
Alman, Heidi
Almog, Ayelet   Santa Cruz, CA
Almog, Tamar  Tel Aviv
Almi, Orly  Head of Physicians for Human Rights’ (PHR) project on unrecognized
villages in the Negev
Alofs, Ben
Aloisio, Laurie  Sacramento, CA Co-Chair of the AIDS Housing Alliance
Alom, Bosmat  Israeli videographer
Alon, Chen
Alon, Osnat
Alon, Yaara

Shulamit Aloni
Aloni, Shulamit  She has always been free with the Nazi-Jewish equation, calling then Prime Minister Netanyahu a “good student of Goebbels” and accusing religious Jews of “drinking from the same wellsprings as the Nazis.”  She also said, “The Israeli government places the Palestinians in a concentration-camp-like situation. Should we delay our protests until they are also Shulamit Aloni gassed?”  The mezuzos found on the doors of 98% of Israeli Jews are, in her eyes, a form of “idol worship.”  But the real shocker is that this Jewish anti-Jew was a member of the Israeli Knesset! In a Jan. 20 2002 article on the radical far leftist  Ariga site entitled, “You Can Continue with the Liquidations,” Aloni accused Israel of bombing, destroying, liquidating, crushing, uprooting, expelling, plugging wells and  harassing at checkpoints. She also described how she went to see Arafat to tell him that in spite of everything “there are still many in Israel who will not let despair destroy the hope of peace.” We’re sure that Arafat responded to this Jewish traitor’s warm thoughts by sending a few more suicide bombers… for peace, of course!
She also has a deep contempt for the religious Jews of Gush Enunim and is convinced they are “bloodsuckers… snakes… suckling from the most darkest urges that the Nazi horror suckled from. They are greedy, domineering, evil, primitive, immoral, parasitical and power-hungry.”

Aloni, Udi  This American-Israeli filmmaker, writer, and visual artist stated that Israel’s “violations of human rights are precisely the reason why many Jews all over the world have joined the BDS (Boycot, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign… a key issue for those of us who are trying to prevent violence against Israel while simultaneously countering its arrogant and aggressive policies against the Palestinians living under its rule.”  Sounds like Aloni is justifying such violence against Israel’s arrogance and aggression!
Click HERE to watch and listen to this leftie quisling judenrat bullsh*t artist as he states, “The only way I can perform my Jewishness now is with the unconditional solidarity with my Palestinian brothers and sisters.”  Warning: Grab a barf bag.
Then he took a few more totes from his bong and drew Noah into the conversation… “The occupation and the racism are not trickle-down evil, they are the deluge itself, pouring down on our beloved common land. Artists may not have the power to stop the deluge, but they must not be part of it. Perhaps maybe, just maybe, they are the ones who can build Noah’s Ark, which will cherish the values of justice and solidarity until the sky is clear again.”
Forget the B.D.S. campaign.  Just get a “load” of Udi Aloni’s B.S.!

Alper, Johanna  Inst. of Taoist Education and Acupuncture Boulder, CO
Alper Joseph S.  U. Mass.
Alper-Sandler, Blair (Dr.)  Marxist,  San Francisco, CA
Alpern, Robert  In August 2006 this Jewish member of Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community, Healdsburg, California signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!

Alperovitz, Gar
Alpers, Benjamin L.  Univ. Oklahoma
Alpers, Paul Univ. Calif.-Berkeley
Alpert, Rebecca “RABBI”  Philadelphia, PA
Alpert, Thomas “RABBI”  Brookline, MA
Alpher, Barry  Washington, DC
Apher, Rogel
Alpher, Yossi  Writes for Peace Now and co-edits the Bitter Lemons web site.
Alster, M. Reuben
Alston-Follansbee, Emily  Concord, MA
Alter, Ann Ilan  NY,NY
Alter, Karen J. Northwestern Univ.
Alterman, Eric Click Here for Information
Altimari-Adler, Donna M. Downers Grove, IL
Altman, Anita
Altman, Colman  Technion, Haifa
Altman, Heidi
Altman, Janina  Chemist (retired) from Haifa, Israel. “We condemn the brutal policy of the Israeli government aimed at destroying the Palestinian society, the Palestinian economy and the elected Palestinian leadership headed by President Yasser Arafat. The erection of the “apartheid wall” is a further device to help the ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.”
“We are deeply worried by indications that the “fog of war” could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full-fledged ethnic cleansing.”
With Judenrats like Altman, who needs Hanan Asrawi?

Altman, Renni “RABBI”  This Great Neck, NY rabbi signed the “Rabbis for a Shared Jerusalem” [with the so-called “Palestinian Nation”] petition. What wrote about Rabbi Peter Haas goes for this clown as well.

Altshuler, Galit  Member of European Jews for Just Peace, Germany
Alvarenga, Arlette  Retired consultant, France
Alwan, Dunya
Amado, Honey Kessler  One of the founders of the Progressive Jewish Alliance

Amar, Netta

Shulamit Ambalu
Ambalu, Shulamit “RABBI”
Amiel-Hauser, Tamar
Amiel-Hauser, Tammy
Amighi, Janet Kestenberg  This Adjunct Professor Sociology/Anthropology at Pennsylvania’s Immaculate College is a member of the anti-Israel Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.

Amihai, Shulamit
Aminov, Eli
Aminov, Nitza
Aminzade, Ron  Univ. Minnesota
Amir, Chaya
Amir, Delila
Amir, Mia  Israeli-born organizer, poet living in Vancouver, BC
Amir, Shmuel Dr.

Yehoyada Amir
Amir, Yehoyada  Director of the Israel HUC-JIR rabbinic program and a professor of modern Jewish philosophy at Hebrew University. He was formerly an active member of Peace Now.

Amit, Daniel
Amit, Hadas “I am not willing to wear the uniform of an organization responsible for killing and destruction, and acting in a way detrimental to the environment. Say What???  “Every country, Israel included, should act by peaceful means alone, and even if attacked, not respond with fire.”  [Say What???]  “It is wrong to maintain a military force trained for war and killing.” [What else would an army be trained for!]  “This is altogether contrary to the pursuit of peace and coexistence with our neighbors in the Middle East.”  Maybe she’ll remove her rose-colored glasses when Hamas and Hizb’Allah missiles start landing on her head.

Amit, Itae
Amir, Oded
Amit, Perelson

Amit, Yali  Professor, Departments of Statistics and Computer Science, Univ. of Chicago

Amit, Zalman  Amit is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He is an Israeli expatriate who specializes in human behavior. But Zalman Amit’s own behavior toward Israel might be something worthy of its own psychological study.
Whereas, some people say those who study psychology do so because they cannot face their own psychological demons, an analysis of Amit’s activities on behalf of the Palestinians would certainly suggest this is so for him. He is one of the most virulent anti-Israel activists abroad and particularly so in his adoptive country of Canada. It’s not so much a case of his being with a “peace” camp, although he has been active in supporting Gush Shalom, but Amit rubberstamps and verifies any untruthful piece of Palestinian Arab propaganda out there as long as it damns Israel, and as a Canadian he seeks to get his fellow Canadians to reject and boycott Israel both through his writings and his personal activities. Click Here to read more.
Professor Zalman Amit is also known in some circles as the “child molestation attorney.”

Amitay, Yonatan
Amitay, Yossi   Department of Middle Eastern Studies professor at, Ben Gurion Univ. “condemns “the brutal policy of the Israeli government aimed at destroying the Palestinian society, the Palestinian economy and the elected Palestinian leadership Headed By President Yasser Arafat. The erection of the ‘apartheid wall’ is a further device to help the ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.”

Amor, Meir  Israeli-Canadian Professor of Sociology, Concordia Univ. Montreal, Canada
Amorai, Adam  This Jerusalem say YES to President Obama’s settlements freeze demand. Not surprisingly, this leftist supports the efforts of B’Tselem, Physicians for Human Rights and Israel Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans-gendered and Queer (or Questioning) LGBTQ. By the way, that’s ONE queer-looking hat!

Amotz, Agnon
Amsel, Larry

Peter Amsel, bi-polar self-hating Israel-Threatening Adoptee of Steve Amsel
Amsel, Peter  This son of Steve “Israel Meyer” Amsel [see below] is an example of the old adage about how a rotten apple does not fall far from the rotten apple tree. Just like his happy-homo Dad, Peter has the vicious anti-Israel “Inner Voice of the CrazyComposer” blog site.  And crazy Peter really is! His blog is, in fact, one anti-Israel followed by another… with a few non-Israel buffer items in between. And, of course, he provides his father some space in which to speak out. Both are sworn Anti Zionists who calls upon boycott of Israel.
At the very top of his “Hot List” Links is a link to the  “Peace Palestine” blog site run by an “Italian art restorer” who wrote, “I believe that the Palestinian people have the right to return to their homeland, and that Israel, in order to truly be a land that can call itself a democracy, has to abandon its character as a Jewish State, and become a State for all, from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.”  Amsel’s other links that follow refer out to other anti-Israel blogs or web sites
For over twenty years Amsel have lived with bi-polar affective disorder, type 2, also known as manic depression. We’re quite sure that Papa Amsel had something to do with that! Peter Amzel wrote, “This blog is my scream into the darkness on any topic that arouses my passions enough to inspire something to be written. Enjoy the insanity.”  We couldn’t there is a significant degree of insanity although we don’t enjoy it very much!

Steve Amzel ….
Amsel, Steve  “Israel Meyer” (his birth name) is a self-described “peace activist” and “civil rights” kinda guy.  Only problem is that all of his activities are focused on the “Palestinian” cause.  The only way to distinguish him from a Hamas is that Izzy Meyer doesn’t  wrap a checkered tablecloth around his head.
Izzy’s goal is to “establish a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, while at the same time continue the struggle against racism and for peace throughout the world.”  Keep in mind that his noble goal is coming from a schmuck who, as the 1980 Communist Party candidate in the Canadian federal elections, garnered a total of 58 votes!
Izzy has an anti-Israel “DesertPeace” blog site, filled with one Israel-bashing commentary after another. Interspersed among his tirades are referrals to articles written by confirmed Israel-bashers like self-hating Jewess,  Amira Hass and the banana-sucking Bishop Tutu.
Izzy’s grandpapa was murdered in the Nazi Holocaust.  His twisted logic concluded that the Israelis are treating the poor, poor so-called “Palestinians” the same way the Nazis treated the Jews… “I find myself in a situation regarding the Palestinians of seeing descendents of those [the European Jews] murdered by the [Nazi] beast doing it themselves to others [the poor, poor “Palestinians.”]. There is no way that I can be silent about it.  I, as a Jew, as an Israeli Jew in particular, see the Palestinians as my own people. We share a common history, land and forefather. To sit by and watch the attempted genocide against them would be fratacide [Izzy doesn’t know that the word is spelled “fratricide”] on my part; these people are my brothers and sisters.”
Izzy has three citizenships. He was born in America, moved to Canada and now lives in French Hill (Givat Shapira), Jerusalem, which, according to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO and all other Jew-murdering Arab gangs, is “occupied territory.” Perhaps Izzy is merely preparing for the future… “Despite being Jewish and despite being an Israeli citizen I have never lost the ‘Global Outlook’ that makes me who I am…  When Palestine gets its statehood, I intend to get my fourth citizenship, then I will really be able to say that the world is my village.”
Here’s a bulletin just for you, Izzy Meyer.  If your Arab “brothers and sisters” ever get that terror-state for which you devote your life, they will (1) thank you profusely, (2) take your home, (3) rape your wife (if you have one) and daughter (if you have one), sodomize your sons and goats (if you have one) and then shove the butt of a Kalashnikov AK-47 so far up your arse, you could sing soprano for the “Palestine Symphony Orchestra (if they have one)!
Drop “Izzy” a line at or

Amzalak, Nimrod
Anagnos, Aris   One of the founders of the Progressive Jewish Alliance
Anagnos, Caroline One of the founders of the Progressive Jewish Alliance
Anantharaman, Melanie  Union City, CA
Ancis, Miriam “RABBI” Signed the “Rabbis for a Shared Jerusalem” [with the so-called “Palestinian Nation”] petition. What wrote about Rabbi Peter Haas goes for this clown as well.

Anderson, Dorothy Anker Fisher
Anderson, Olga
Andler, Judy  A member of the Palestinian Right to Return  and the Boston Working Group Against the Wall.  In other words, if large numbers of Arab refugees aren’t allowed to flood into Israel and thus change it into an Arab state then at least allow the Arab bombers in!

Judy Andreas – sick Self-Hating Kike
Andreas, Judy
“I was born of Jewish parents [last name Zaldin], became an atheist in my late teens (it seemed so hip) and ultimately became immersed in psychology. From the readings of Carl Jung, it was a short hop into the realm of metaphysics. My metaphysical pursuits led me to Hinduism where I experienced Shaktipat with a Guru. Next came Buddhism, which, although peace loving, lacked the passion I craved.” After her dip into Buddhism, this former 1960’s Greenwich Village hippie became a Christian. The last we’ve heard, she’s into the Wiccan religion (with all its witchcraft and magic).
Not satisfied with simply leaving Judaism, she went on a personal vandetta against Jews and Israel… specifically, Zionism.  “It is imperative to emphasize that Zionism is nobody’s friend. It is imperative that Jewish people realize that they too have been betrayed by the Zionists who have continued using Judaism to hide behind…  the painful reality is that it was ZIONISM which literally sent Europe’s Jews into the bowels of the Holocaust… Don’t take my word, do your own investigation. It’s a painful exploration but I truly believe that the balance of this planet hangs on the opening of Jewish eyes…  There is no time to waste. The information is limitless. There is no refuge for Jewish people in Israel. My dear readers, Zionism will not protect you. Zionism will crucify you on a bloody cross of  avarice. It is only through a union of Jewish, Christians and Muslims that we will we be able to take back our planet.” Did not Hitler have similar notions of ridding the world of the Jew?
Apparently there are other threats to the world… “I want to open the eyes of my brothers and sisters. I want to help my children learn of the sins of Israel and the important role it plays in the Axis of Evil….along with the U.S. and Great Britain… I want to alert my loved ones to the dangers of the Zionist behavior and how it is affecting our world. I want to wake up the ordinary Jewish person to the crimes that their leaders have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate. For, at the end of the day, the rank and file Jew is as expendable in the Zionists’ grand scheme as the rest of the populace is. There is no safety in tribal banding together. It is only the truth which can set us free.”
Andreas also questions the Arab involvement in the events of 9/11… “On September 11, 2001, my little world was knocked off its axis. I quickly found myself among a group of 911 truth seekers who could not accept the government’s official fiction of Arab highjackers [she doesn’t know how to spell hijackers!] with box cutters flying planes into the World Trade Center.”  Obviously, the hijackers were Israeli Mossad agents disguised as Arabs!
Sadly, Judy Andreas has been thoroughly brainwashed by such well-known anti-Jewish Jews like Lenni Brenner and Norman Finkelstein and non-Jews like Ralph Schoenman and Edward Said. She also buttresses her off-the-wall observations and accusation from  viciously anti-Semitic publications such as Liberty Lobby’s anti-Semitic white supremacist newspaper, The Spotlight. She has even received a pat on the back from white supremacist  and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke who wrote of Andreas, “Judy Andreas is a courageous woman of Jewish background who has stood up against the expressions of Jewish supremacism in both Palestine and in America.”
Another  fringe character worthy of her admiration is Rachel Corrie… “I fell in love with the heart and soul of this young idealist.”
Her antipathy toward Israel knows no bounds…  “I was horrified to learn that Israel was a racist, apartheid state. I was heartbroken as I read about the massacres and systematic elimination of the Palestinian people…”
This essayist from Suffern, New York has just been nominated as one of the sickest puppies in the Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening Jewish litter.
Her website …

Andreas, Michael
Andreev, Youri
Andrew, Arlene  Claremont, CA

Camille Shira Angel
Angel, Camille Shira “RABBI”  She has officiated at more than 200 Jewish weddings for both heterosexual and gay couples, also joined the throngs heading to San Francisco City Hall, waiting five hours to wed her longtime partner, Karen Segal. Both live in San Francisco… where else!!! Rabbi Angel is a supporter of Brit Tzedek.

Angel, Roey
Angress, Dina D.  Petaluma, CA
Anidjar, Gil  Columbia Unin.
Anisfeld, Sharon Cohen “RABBI”  Newton, MA
Annis, Helen
Ansell, Marshall   Sweden
Ansell, David  Oak Park, IL
Anshell, Rebecca  San Diego, CA
Anson, Yonathan (Yon)
Antebi, David Highland Park, IL
Antebi, Paula  Highland Park, IL
Antell, Rachel

Anatole Anton
Anton, Anatole  This anti-capitalist, radical socialist Professor of Philosophy at San Francisco State University is also co-coordinator of the Radical Philosophy Association  (RPA) which struggles against capitalism, racism, sexism and all other forms of “domination”… including THEIR perceived abuses by Israel.  As RPA puts it, “We believe that fundamental change requires broad social upheavals but also opposition to intellectual support for exploitative and dehumanizing social structures.” [Say what???] “Our members are from many nations and continue a variety of radical traditions including feminism, phenomenology, Marxism, anarchism, post-structuralism, post-colonial theory.” [Say what??]
Professor Anton has a fixation with a supposed “massacre” in Jenin and Ariel Sharon’s “murderous policies.”  As he says, “We are deeply worried by indications that the “fog of war” could be exploited by the Israeli government to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people, up to full-fledged ethnic cleansing.”  Interesting that this clown says not a single word about the civilian bus bombings and outright attempts at ethnic cleansing against the citizens of Israel!  He also signed petitions calling for the usual items that obsess radicalize S.H.I.T. Jews like Anton, such as stopping U.S. aid to Israel and removing (ethnic cleansing?) one-quarter million brave Jews from their Judea-Samarian communities [the so-called “illegal settlements”].
As a final insult to the intelligence of brighter Jews and other supporters of Israel, this pseudo-intellectual fraud has come up with a solution to the rise in worldwide anti-Semitism: [You won’t believe this!]  “To combat anti-Semitism effectively, we must stand together with others – particularly Palestinians. That is the answer to anti-Semitism.”
In August 2006 he showed his true colors (Hamas green?) when he signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!

Anton, Bette
Anton, Glenna
Antonovitz, Theodore
Anu, Pamela Bel

Erez Anzel
Anzel, Erez  Co-president of Canadian Friends of Peace Now. Wants Israel to turn over most of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Golan Heights to her enemies… for peace???

Apfelbaum, Barbra  Riverside Language Program, NYC

Ehud Appel<— Click Photo
Appel, Ehud Moshe   Every once in a while an incredibly delusional Jew comes along who, no matter what reality stares him square in the face, continues to suck up to his enemies as he abandons his own. Ehud Moshe Appel is one such man.
Ehud Appel helped establish a Jewish front group of anti-Israel radical leftists within Hillel called Tzedek to work from within and try to propagandize the Jewish community on campus at UC Berkeley. Appel was instrumental in promoting boycotts of Jews in America and Israel and even succeeded in having several programs and speakers who tirelessly work for the dismantling of the Jewish state presented inside Hillel under the guise of “dialog.” These included intentional misrepresentations of leftist radicals who posed as Israeli army soldiers who refused to serve, when in fact they were expatriates no longer subject to military duty. Appel also claims B’tselem represents his views (Anat Biletzski, the head of Israel’s communist party runs B’tselem)
Appel first came to our attention as a progressive free speech advocate who disrupted Daniel Pipes’ speech at University of California-Berkeley. “While we support Mr. Pipes’ right to speak on campus, we are concerned that Hillel’s sponsorship of this event gives the false appearance of an endorsement of his views from the Jewish community.” While he said this in public, he sent an email out to the Arab students and radical leftists in Tzedek , even off campus, telling them to disrupt Daniel Pipes’ speech so he could not be heard.   Why should the views of a strong defender of Israel and one who bravely exposes the nature and threat ofEhud Moshe Appel’s mouth just keeps on running and running and running [off] militant Islam be an embarrassment to the Jewish community?
As a result, Hillel clamped down when the Jewish community got fed up with his antics and Tzedek had to leave UC Berkeley Hillel.  Appel cannot be excused as just someone with a “progressive” point of view. He in fact makes excuses for anything the Arabs on his campus do. Ties to Nazism? Appel will look the other way while saying he finds Nazism abhorrent. He works tirelessly to achieve the goals of Hamas and always has an excuse for any time Jews are murdered by terrorists.
Were Mr. Appel to confine his activities to protecting free speech for only “progressive Jews” like himself, he might not be on our [now world famous] S.H.I.T. List.  However, his “energized” mouth just keeps on running and running and running…[off]
[The safety for Israeli citizens] “will only improve if Israel respects the rights, needs, and claims(1) of Palestinians and negotiates with them in good faith as equals(2) [however] I unfortunately expect Israel to continue with the arbitrary detentions, closures, shellings, missile attacks, beatings, home demolitions, and land seizures(3).”  Rebuttals: (1) The so-called “Palestinians” claim they have existed as a “nation” for thousands of years, the Jews have no historical or legal rights to any land, the Jews are thieves who stole all the land and that Jews/Christians are “monkeys and dogs.” (2) Jews and Arabs/Muslims are not equal. The former are a civilized people who never strap explosive belts onto their children, slice off clitori or engage in honor killings. (3) Appel sounds more like Hanan Ashrawi than Hanan Ashrawi as he unleashes a long list of “grievances.” [Click Here for typical 60 second Ashrawi monologue.]
More from Moshe Appel…  “I do not believe Hamas wants to kill Jews… [Say what?#%!] I do not think that any significant number of Palestinians voted for Hamas because they have inherently anti-Jewish beliefs.” Of course, not, Appel. They love Jews… to death!  I do think that lots of Palestinians have anti-Jewish sentiment which comes from only encountering Jews who are occupation soldiers or settlers.” Most Arabs have never come into direct contact with either the IDF or “regular” Jews. Most have, however, come in contact with crazed mullahs, sheikhs and kindergarten teachers! “This [Arab anti-Jewish] is the type of sentiment that goes away when you realize that there are Jews [like Appel, the boot-licking Kike] and Israelis who support [suck up to] the Palestinians and risk a lot to work with the Palestinians as equals in opposing the occupation and other forms of discrimination and violence… As more Jews turn against oppression and in favor of helping the Palestinians, I have no doubt that support for this [anti-Jewish/anti-Israel] rhetoric will be restricted only to the fanatics and will be rejected by everyone else who is just really (and rightfully) pissed off.” [Simple solution from simple minds?]
Appel the Kike is a special Jew who can look his executioner eyeball to eyeball and still crack a smile, seek a friendly handshake and begin a “dialogue of mutual understanding”!  At the San Francisco Al Awda conference, he was the sole Jewish student telling all the Arabs how to “revitalize” the divestment and boycott movement against Jews and Israel on their campuses. In turn, the Arabs made him their prize cow, af fording a leadership role no Jewish organization would give him.   Wake up, Appel.  Hamas are Nazis in kaffiyahs!  The only differences between them and the 1940’s Nazis are (1) the Nazis spoke German and (2)  the Nazis murdered the Jews in an organized, methodical, business-like manner. It was nothing personal… it was just business as usual.  Hamas, however, has a diabolical enthusiasm… an insatiable bloodlust.  It’s the thrill of the hunt!
Hamas gets thigs down!    Regarding the Palestinian elections: “I’m happy for the Palestinians. Hamas knows how to get things done.” [Now ain’t that the truth!] “I hope that countries don’t cut aid to Palestinians based on these elections… I do NOT believe that disarming itself or recognizing Israel at this point [if not “at this point,” then when!] should be requirements for desperately needed aid, NOR should they be pre-requirements for talks with Israel.” [Israel should willfully negotiate the terms of its own suicide.]  “Now, there are two ways to have [an Arab] Right of Return [back into Israel], that is, two ways that I would find acceptable.” [… just as Appel the Kike finds both hanging and lethal injection both acceptable???] “2 states for two peoples [even if the so-called “Palestinians” are a fictitious “people”] , but those Palestinians who want to become Israeli citizens with equal rights are allowed to do so [sure, flood the JEWISH state with Muslims…no prob, Appel!] or 1 state for two peoples, equal rights for all.” [called “De-Judaizing Israel]
“In the case of two states, Israel would almost certainly object to allowing [this Right of Return], EXCEPT that studies have shown that, at most, 300,000 Palestinians would want to go to Israel. [Based upon an America:Israel 60:1 population ratio, this would be like having America bring in 18 million Muslims!]  “Most would simply rather go to Palestine, as long as Israel acknowledges that it caused the refugee problem and pays compensation,  [As expected, Appel the Kike says nothing about a single Arab acknowledging any responsibility!]  the Arab states would have recognized and made peace with Israel if the refugees were allowed to return.” Appel the Kike forgot about how those same Arab states tried to wipe Israel off the map even before there were any Arab “Palestinian” refugees! But let’s not dwell on hard, cold facts.  “I believe that Israel MUST acknowledge AND apologize AND pay reparations, and MOST Palestinians will be satisfied, as long as the Palestine they DO return to is one hundred percent free.”  Free of what? Jews? If so, then Israel should “free” themselves of 1.5 million Arabs from within Israel!  What’s good for the “Palestinian goose [-stepping Nazis] is good for the Israeli ganders.
“If Israel is threatened [again by Iran] after a complete end to the occupation, the rest of the world WILL in fact stick up for Israel.” And Appel the Kike will lead that charge… from a safe distance In Berkeley.
“Eventually Israeli Arabs will approach demographic parity to Israeli Jews. To refer to this phenomenon as a “demographic threat” is reprehensible.”  What else might one call it when Israeli Arabs equal or outnumber Israel’s Jewish population?  Appel the Kike might call it “a cause for celebration” but more sane Jews would call it “the end of the Jewish State!”
Appel showed his true colors (Hamas green?) when he signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!
Ehud Moshe Appel represents the worst of the Post-Zionist Jews. He has become a “Jew for a Second Holocaust!” Fortunately, there are some who will not allow Appel to get away with his disgraceful behavior.  Lee Kaplan is one of those individuals. Kaplan uses tactics that are justifiable and appropriate considering what and who he is exposing… a little Judenrat mamzer.

Appel, Michael
Appelbaum, Alan
Appelbaum, Richard  Univ. Calif.-Santa Barbara
Appelbaum, Wilbur
Appelman, Evan  Kensington, CA
Appelman, Harry  Silver Spring, MD
Appelman, Mary  Kensington, CA
Appelman, Richard
Apple, Michael W.
Apple, Rima D.
Applebaum, Alan
Applebaum, Kenneth
Applebaum, Wilbur  Illinois Institute of Technology
Appleton, Ruth  British Jew who signed a petition stating among other things, “We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state founded on terrorism, massacres and the dispossession of another people from their land. We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state that even now engages in ethnic cleansing, that violates international law, that is inflicting a monstrous collective punishment on the civilian population of Gaza and that continues to deny to Palestinians their human rights and national aspirations.”

Bettina Aptheker
Aptheker, Bettina  Marxist activist (like Papa below) lesbian-feminist who speaks out for divestment from Israel.

Herbert Aptheker
Aptheker, Herbert  From the 1950s onward, he fought against Cold War anti-communism, testifying on behalf of several leading Communist Party officials facing prosecution under the Smith Act. In 1962 Herbert became executive director of the American Institute for Marxist Studies, a post he held for more than two decades. He defended the Soviet Union’s subsequent suppression AND OCCUPATION of the Hungarian rebellion. He DID, however, have a problem with Israel’s so-called “occupation” of so-called “Palestinian lands following the 1967 war brought to Israel. Aptheker defended all of Stalin’s crimes yet he never came to the defense of Ariel Sharon who FOUGHT a population of real war criminals.
In 1992 at the national conference of the Committees of Correspondence in San Francisco he called for the broadest possible coalition of the left to counter the Bush administration’s policies.
Herbert Aptheker, a Brooklyn-born Jewish Marxist left-winger, remained so until his very last breath in March 2003.

Arad, Boaz

Roy “Chicky” Arad — Artist, Musician, Poet A-hole
Arad, Roy “Chicky”  In 2001, during the peak of Intifadah, “Chicky” was amongst the founders of the Rave Against Occupation  assembly, which organized protest-parties of Arab and Israeli youth against the 1967 occupation. This “artist” wasn’t even alive during that war but has become a self-proclaimed expert on what’s good for Israel’s survival. But what he really has become is an enemy agent!

Arad, Sharon Zionov  (see Zionov Arad, Sharon)
Arazy, Haim E.
Arbel, Adi
Arbel, Benjamin
Arbel, Elias
Arbel, Keren  She calls for international intervention to save the so-called “Palestinians”. She is also “extremely concerned about the rapid deterioration of the condition of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. “We consider the Jewish settlements in the territories occupied by Israel since 1967 to be an ongoing act of aggression against the Palestinian people… It is our moral obligation as Israeli citizens to express our solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom.”

Arbel, Ronen  Tel Aviv
Arbel, Yael
Arbel, Youval   Physical Geographer, Katsir
Arch, Adria

Architzel, Hollis   Brooklyn, NY
Arditti, Rita
Ardon, Michael
Arenella, Martine
Arens, Ari

Yigal ArensMoshe Arons
Arens, Yigal   Moshe Arens [right photo] was a member of the Israeli Knesset, Israeli Ambassador to the United States and Minister of Defense. He was indeed a proud right-wing Zionist.  Moshe’s son, “Pretty Boy” Yigal, refused to serve in the Israeli army 30+ years ago.  Instead, he fled the country for sunny California where he now works as director of the Information Sciences Institute’s Intelligent Systems Division, one of the largest artificial intelligence research labs in the U.S.  When Yigal’s not too busy dealing with human-computer interfaces, polymorphic robots and virtual reality, he’s trying to flood Israel with Arab refugees. In fact, he was listed as a speaker at the Palestinian Right of Return Conference  that was held in Long Beach, California, on October 5-7, 2001.  As if this were not sickening enough, Yigal Arens also wants to have the U.S. cut financial aid to his former country.
Chutzpah: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is a man who has fought in all of Israel’s major wars and has the battle scars to prove it. How interesting that Yigal Arens, a draft-dodging coward, calls him a “war criminal.” Perhaps Yigal Arens spits on Israel, minimizes the contributions of men like Arik Sharon and plots for the destruction of Israel so that he can assuage his own guilt for being a sick Self-Hating Israel-Threatening Judenrat   who sucks up to Israel’s enemies!

Arenstein, Toni  NY
Arfa, David  Shelburne Falls, MA
Arie, Guy
Arie, Miri
Ariel, Anat
Ariel, Ari
Ariel, Ashira
Ariel, Brian
Ariel, Jane  Oakland, CA

Judah Ariel
Ariel, Judah  Brandeis University. Other email is

Ariel, Mira   Tel Aviv Univ.
Ariel, Noga
Arieli, Mordecai
Ariel-Joel, David “RABBI”  Louisville, KY

Arle, Genevieve This self-hating New York Jew is a fan of “Israelis for Palestine”.  She has also signed on to several online petitions bashing Israel.

Arloff, Steve  British Jew who signed a petition stating among other things, “We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state founded on terrorism, massacres and the dispossession of another people from their land. We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state that even now engages in ethnic cleansing, that violates international law, that is inflicting a monstrous collective punishment on the civilian population of Gaza and that continues to deny to Palestinians their human rights and national aspirations.”

Danielle Armaleo
Armaleo, Daniele  Durham, NC – Rachel Corrie supporter
Armon, Eli  He is a member of Zochrot which seeks to engage the Jewish public in Israel in remembering and talking about the Nakba, the Palestinian tragedy of 1948.  He also participates in the Deir Yassin commemoration.

Armon, Rony
Armon, Rory
Arnaud-Dix, Rachel
Arnel, Jill
Arnheim, Avigail
Arnold, Benjamin “RABBI”  Signed the “Rabbis for a Shared Jerusalem” [with the so-called “Palestinian Nation”] petition. What wrote about Rabbi Peter Haas goes for this clown as well.

Arnold, Carl  Green Party of NY State Brooklyn, New York
Arnold, Stephen “RABBI”  South Easton, MA

Arie Arnon
Arnon, Arie  Professor of Economics at Ben Gurion University who is also one of the heads of [Rest in] “Peace Now.”

Arnon, Eliyah
Arnon, Inbal
Arnove, Anthony
Arnow, David   This Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, is a “Jew in Solidarity of Palestine.”

Aron, Ester  NY, NY

Rabbi Melanie Aron Rabbi Melanie Aron … not exactly a Pepsodent smile Rabbi Melanie Aron … CLEAN ME!
Aron, Melanie “RABBI”  This Los Gatos, California rabbi’s heart bleeds for the so-called “Palestinians.” So when the IDF demolishes an Arab home if one of its occupants detonated himself on an Israeli bus killing scores of Jews or if a tunnel carrying explosives from the Sinai just happens to lead to an Arab home, this chick and others of the “Rebuilding Homes” organization raises awareness and funds the rebuilding of those homes. Talk about the “Mercy of Fools!” What a shame she and others like her don’t help rebuild the LIVES of the Jewish survivors of Arab terrorism!
Aron also signed the “Rabbis for a Shared Jerusalem” [with the so-called “Palestinian Nation”] petition. What wrote about Rabbi Peter Haas goes for this clown as well.

Arond, Dolly  Secular Jewish Humanists in Northridge, CA
Aronov, Anne
Aronovsky, Ilona
Aronowitz, Stanley  CUNY Graduate Center
Arons, Michael  Long Island Univ.

Geoffrey Aronson
Aronson, Geoffrey   Besides being the Director of Research and Publications at the Foundation for Middle East Peace in Washington, DC,  he is the Editor of the Foundation’s bimonthly “Report on Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories.” No, neither his foundation nor its publication advocates for Israel!  In fact, this evil Self-Hating Israel-Threatening anti-Zionist is nothing more than a Judenrat whore for some of the most pro-Arab forces on the planet. His publications are promoted by strongly pro-Arab/pro-“Palestinian” outlets such as al-jazeerah  and The Council for Arab-British Understanding  and Americans for Palestine.
He currently lives in Maryland with his family far away from the murderous Arab Jihadists whose cause he helps promote.

Aronson, Harvey B.

Stanley Aronowitz
Aronwitz, Stanley   Professor of Sociology at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

Deborah Arotsky — Does she have chicken pox or bird flu or is she simply [pimply] in need of Accutane?
Arotsky, Deborah  In December of 2005 Princeton University was to have featured a lecture by three former Arab terrorists, two from the PLO and one from Lebanon, who were to have spoken in support of America and Israel after renouncing terrorism. The three men were sponsored by the Walid Shoebat Foundation .  They had been invited to speak by P.IP.A.C…. the Princeton Israel Public Affairs Committee. Within a matter of days before the scheduled date the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Thomas Dunne cancelled the lecture. Many feel that both a staunchly pro-Arab Middle East Studies program and a large, vocal Muslim student body put pressure on the administration. Here is where P.I.P.A.C. should have kicked into action. Instead they folded. Leading the Judenrat Brigade was none other than Deborah Arotsky, class of ’06, chief editor at Princeton’s campus newspaper and member of P.I.P.A.C.
That the PIPAC students may not have wanted to sponsor the event any more or help promote for it is one thing. But to write articles in the student newspaper to claim the Shoebat Foundation was lying or involved in some sort of self-serving publicity stunt could have been something expected from the PLO sympathizers on campus rather than the kids at PIPAC, Hillel or any other Jewish groups.  Arotsky even went so far as to run an article on Philadelphia Indymedia , a virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel radical leftist website used extensively by Palestinian groups and anarchists who want Israel’s demise.
The PLO’s prime goal on U.S. campuses is to indoctrinate college kids in school that Israel is an apartheid state (when it is not) and that to support its destruction is not antithetical to Jewish values. Princeton is a prime example of this program because its Arabist Middle East Studies department dispenses Palestinian propaganda and lies and supports “legitimate resistance” as a euphemism for the murder of Jews. The last thing Princeton or any US college needs are P.I.P.A.C. judenrats like Deborah Arotsky.

Simone Arsenault-May
Arsenault-May, Simone  This Toronto Jewish anti-Jew York University student was workshop coordinator of Radical Cheerleading (university students speaking out against inequities and social injustice).  In 2002 Arsenault-May’s Squad 416 wiggled their asses in Quebec City wearing red and black-striped knee-high tights, black skirts or pants and a red top with a red bandana.

Arsham, Andrew
Arsham, David
Arsmon, Rutie
Arton, Joe  British Co Chair of Jews for Justice for Palestinians
Artstein, Ron
Artz, Donna E.
Artzi, Jonathan Ben
Arviv, Roberto “RABBI”
Arzt, Donna E.
Asch, Adrienne  Wellesley College
Ascher, Carol  NYU

Arik Ascherman,… Rabbis for Human Rights (heavily slanted AGAINST Israel, of course!)
Ascherman, Arik “RABBI” Arabs around the country regularly build houses on vacant land or build additions to existing structures without getting the necessary building permits.  This illegal Arab building in Jerusalem or elsewhere undermines Israel’s sovereignty.  The Arabs, both Palestinians and Israeli citizens, generally refuse to recognize Israel’s authority to issue permits.
Every time Israel wants to enforce the building laws, Arabs, Israeli leftists and their
international followers turn it into an international incident.  Arik Ascherman is one such pain in the [Israeli] ass. Ascherman, a Reform [Deformed?] rabbi and leader of the left-leaning Rabbis for Human Rights, was charged with blocking police from demolishing illegally built Arab structures in eastern Jerusalem in two incidents in 2004. He was convicted of interfering with police performance of duties on two different occasions in 2003 and with the intention to commit acts to prevent police from performing their duties.  The “rabbi” was represented by Leah Zemel in his trial, a communist party lawyer who often represents Arab murderers and terrorists. She and he lost.
How revealing that Ascherman will fight against the demolition of illegally erected buildings which Arabs build but would never fight against the uprooting and expulsion of 9,000 Jews in the Gaza Strip who HAVE legal, government issued building permits. In other words, Ascherman is an Arab sympathizer and Judenrat to boot!.
Ascherman represents the far leftist extremist splinter group “Rabbis for Human Rights”.
Some feel Ascherman should change the name to “Rabbi for Human Rights”, but Ascherman’s claims the group has at least two members.  Naturally, Rabbis for Human Rights is awash in oodles of megabucks donated by the usual overseas far leftist sources of funding.  What a shame he and others like him don’t help rebuild the LIVES of the Jews whose LIVES have been demolished of Arab terrorism!

Ascoli, Albert Russell  Berkeley, CA
Ascoli, Lucy
Ascoli, Peter

Adrienne Ash, blind in more ways than one!
Ash, Arlene  Research Professor of Medicine and Public Health at Boston University School of Medicine. What’s so damn funny!  Oh, we get it. You signed a petition called “An Open Letter from American Jews to Our Government” in which you demanded Jews out of Judea-Samaria & Gaza, the creation of a PLO State in the heart of the heart of Israel and holding back of American aid to Israel until she complies! Now THAT’s a freakin’ riot!!!

Ash, Cany
Ash, Gabriel   Gabriel Ash  was born in Romania, grew up in Israel and now resides in the United States from which he heaves one poison dart after another after another after another… all at Israel. There is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, that Israel can ever do right.  Not a single action, neither defensive or offensive, is justified in this sick Jew’s mind!
As Ash itemizes endless accusations, he asks the question, “[at what point does] an incursion becomes a slaughter, at what point a slaughter becomes a massacre, at what point a massacre becomes a genocide.” Not that it really matters for he has accused, tried, convicted, sentenced and condemned Israel.
“Don’t mumble about how ‘difficult’ or ‘complex’ the situation is. It isn’t. You are the oppressor. You are the occupier. You park your tanks on plundered land. You fill your swimming pools with stolen water. You kill and destroy in order to inherit. So don’t bullshit about ‘the situation.’ Just get out!  Stop abusing people. Stop abusing language. Stop spinning your own moral cocoon. Stop turning your country and your people into a metaphor of evil. Just get out!  Take your rabid Jewish fundamentalists from Kiriat Arba and Beit El with you.  Load them on buses and pump the gas pedal until the hills of the West Bank vanish in the rear mirror. Just get out!  Gather your thugs from the borderless ‘border police,’ give them scholarships and send them to school again.  Let them discover there is more to life than beating people to a pulp. Just get out!  Let your hideous bulldozers loose on the illegal settlements of Ma’ale Edomim, Har Homa and Gilo. There is plenty of demolition work for them there.  Let them continue until the mountain line bears no more memory of your rape. Then just get out!  What more is needed to show that Israel’s ‘defense’ policies are nothing but international terrorism?  …a nation that hallucinates the moustache of Adolf Hitler above the lips of every Palestinian, man, woman or child, and whose leaders manipulate its delirium to justify an endless and lawless war against civilians.”   So simplistic, so generalized, yet so vicious and so incorrect.
When Ash has his pound of flesh from Israel in general, he goes after his blood-sucking vampires, the Jewish “settlers” and their “settlements.” “Many settlers also believe genocide is a legitimate way of dealing with the ‘enemy.’  In all their forms, settlements are therefore something other than civilian habitations. They are actions at the front of the war of conquest. A settlement is an aggressive action in a post-modern war, a genocidal war…”
Leave it to a progressive  to explain away any semblance of Arab culpability by using fancy psycho-babble footwork… “The extreme violence of the settlers is also a matter of this repressed identification: a hatred of the self projected onto the idealized other.”
Finally, as do most other vicious fabricators, Ash plays the Nazi/Holocaust card. Specifically, he uses it against Israel and her Jewish population. The Jews are now committing pogroms  against the poo’ poo’ simple Arabs innocents.  And those horrible, blood-sucking Jews of the “settlement movement” are “racist, supremacist, totalitarian, anti-humanist, anti-democratic, and extremely violent…[they] sanction expansion, conquest, ethnic cleansing, murder, repression and genocide.”
And how does Ash justify brutal and intentional Arab terrorism against Jewish civilians? He simply transforms the Jewish victim into the guilty party. “Like all offensive military operations, settlements trigger a defensive reaction, which Israel calls “terrorism.”
Why did the IDF finally kill Sheik Ahmed Yassin, Hamas spiritual leader and mastermind of countless suicide-homicide bombings against Israeli citizens? “It seems now Israel prefers suicide attacks to negotiating with Hamas and Fateh.”
There is good reason why this Ash-hole  is idolized by and has his articles featured time and again on such rabidly anti-Israel, anti-American websites like Al-Muhajabah’s Islamic Pages  where he is listed among “Western Journalists in Support of Palestine!”

Jordan Ash (hole)
Ash, Jordan
As a Jewish American, I strongly support selective divestment from companies
benefiting from the occupation… There will not be any peace in the region until Israel
ends its illegal and immoral occupation.”

Michael Ash
Ash, Michael  Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Univ. of Mass-Amherst

Mimi Ash
Ash, Mimi  This American-born peace advocate has been in Israel for 20 years devoting her time to coexistence projects. A lot of good it did! When will she and others like her finally “get it” that the Arabs are not interested in making peace.

Ash, Peter  Arlington, MA
Ashkenaz, Lisa   She covers Iraq for The NewStandard, a nonprofit, “progressive” online newspaper. And, being a good Jewish “progressive,” she signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!

Evan Ashkin
Ashkin, Evan  Univ. of N.C.-Chapel Hill
Ashley, Karin  San Francisco, CA
Ashley, Leonie
Ashton, Dore
Asi, Husam
Asiag, Sivan
Askin, Evan
Askins, William  NY, NY

Ed Asner
Asner, Ed
Asnis, Deni   San Francisco, CA
Assoun, Simon  Member of the Union of French Jews for Peace
Astour, Michael

Bryan Atinsky
Atinsky, Bryan  This co-editor of the joint Palestinian/Israeli English-language journal News from Within, of the Alternative Information Center in Jerusalem and Beit Sahour  accused Israel of “occupation, land confiscation, segregation, and state violence.”

Atleson, Jim
Atsmon, Rutie
Attewell, Paul  CUNY Graduate Center
Attias, Elaine  One of the founders of the Progressive Jewish Alliance
Attrash, Olivia
Atzmon, Aharon
Atzmon, Ariella

Gilad Atzmon, S.S. Jew
Atzmon, Gilad  When this Israeli-born musician isn’t blowing his soprano sax and clarinet in his adopted England, he’s sucking up to Arab/Muslim Nazis. Gilad Atzmon does not like Israel and sees the country of his birth as an “immoral, colonialist terrorist state.” He has lots of other opinions. In essence, he is single-handedly bringing up to date the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In his own words…
On Zionism:
“Zionism is a very singular political method aimed at perfecting the transformation of world disasters and human pain into Jewish gain.”
“Somehow, Zionists always volunteer to serve the colonial interests of any leading power.
On Israel and Zionism as Corrupters:
“America that is about to lose its sovereignty. Now, it looks as if Zionist lobbies control American foreign politics. After so many years of independence, the United States of America is becoming a remote colony of an apparently far greater state, the Jewish state.”
“The question to be asked is who is going to protect the Americans from their motherland Israel?”
“It now appears that the emancipation of the Jewish people that led to the birth of Zionism: a racist, colonialist and nationalist state, is now evolving into its very last phase: a sadistic manifestation.”
“On reflection, it must be terrifying that such a small lobby from a tiny state is so eager to push the rest of the world into endless confrontation.”
On the Israeli Government / Army:
“The elected Israeli government is there merely to provide the Israelis with Palestinian blood. They specialize in providing the Israeli public with a high Palestinian death rate. In tactical terms they define it as ‘power of deterrence’ but in practice it is better articulated as sheer bloodthirstiness.”
On Israel’s Immorality and Lack of Human Compassion:
“Very much like their biblical ancestors, the Israelis like to see their enemy beaten to death… as terrifying as it sounds, the pain of others makes the Israelis cheerful. The concept of compassion is completely foreign to them.”
“Israel is engaged in the daily bullying of the Palestinian people. When bullying gets boring, they go for the kill; when killing gets boring, they humiliate the dying Arafat. Israel is…the narcissistic embodiment of any possible inhuman sense. It is the celebration of cruelty.”
On  Arafat, the Madman with a 40 Year History of Murdering Jews:
“In the last ten days of his life the world held its breath following what appeared to be an everlasting battle between a giant freedom fighter and the angel of death. Many of us were following the news with care, many of us were praying for the president’s recovery.”
On Israel’s Future:
“History teaches us that when sadistic narcissism reveals its face, the end should be anticipated. Israel’s days are numbered.”
On the January 12, 2006 Altahrir blog site interview this shameless Judenrat had this to say about his having been placed on the S.H.I.T. List… “I am very happy and honoured to be listed … furthermore I think that the sh*t list is a wonderful showcase of the tactics used by the contemporary 3rd category identity. But then the absurdity is that some of the Jewish leftist activists who happen to be listed on it are themselves fully engaged in producing similar lists of their adversaries. My advice to them is to leave behind the Kosher philosophy and to join the local and global Palestinian solidarity movement.
We ask everyone to boycott all music produced by this sick piece of  S(elf)-H(ating) I(srael)-T(hreatening) Jew.  Read More Here

Auerbach, Elise
Auerbach, Franz
Auerbach, Irit
Auerbach, Jonathan  Univ. of Maryland

Nina Auerbach
Auerbach, Nina  Professor of English, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Augenstein, Joy  R.N. from Humm, Massachusetts
Auger, Claudia  Miami, FL
August, Charles S.

Rabbi Tsurah August
August, Tsurah “RABBI”  Seattle, WA
Auslander, Joseph
Averbuch, Irit  Department of East Asian Studies Tel Aviv University
Averbuch, Tali  Cambridge, Massachusetts
Avesar, Josef  This Agoura Hills, California, resident and Utopian dreamer / snake oil salesman created the Israeli-Palestinian Confederation [IPC] with the mission of promoting peace between Israelis and the (so-called “Palestinian”) Arabs.  IPC is an organization composed of a whopping 12 people who met in Avesar’s living room and voted him into office as President.
Avesar feels that some form of confederation would be a “pragmatic” solution to the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian conflict. There is a simple term for this — bi-nationalism, something which would see Israel gradually dismantled and Jews turned into a minority in a greater Palestinian state. If you want to see how Arabs would treat Jews in such a state, check out this video showing what Arabs do to each other!
Avesar is a lawyer specializing in personal injury claims… you know, the kind of claims that make EVERYONE’S insurance premiums go sky-high!   He once featured on his website  [no longer available] a photo of him waving like a used car salesman with testimonials from some people who were given big awards due to his legal skills… such as the $60,000 he won for an injury sustained by a woman while simply parking her car.
So how can you tell if a lawyer is out to screw you (or, in this case, Israel)?  See if his lips are moving when he talks.
For more on this guy, contact him at “1-800-WE DO LAW” or read more at

Aviad, Janet  This American-born Peace Now activist was a former professor at Israel’s Hebrew University and considers herself an expert on the settlement movement and right-wing extremism… the latter refers to proud Jews at as well. Marwan Barghouti was one of the Arab “Palestinian” leaders responsible for many  murderous attacks upon Israelis. He is now servng five life terms in an Israeli prison. And how does Ms. Aviad describe Mr. Barghouti? “He’s very charismatic and an amazing character.”

Aviad, Michal
Av-Ron, Evyatar
Avcioglu, Ilhan
Avgar, Rotem Young Israeli who refuses to serve in IDF. She comments, “Make love, not war – and the sun will shine on you all.” Unfortunately, if she doesn’t learn to fight back,6 feet of dirt will be piled on her!

Avigdor, Yair
Avineri, Shlomo

Adina Aviram
Aviram, Adina   This Tel Aviv University professor is a founder of the leftist “New Profile,” and member of the peace organizations Bat Shalom, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition, and the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace; and Salwa Najjab Khatib, founder of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees’ Women’s Health Project.

Avishai, Benjamin

Colette Avital — “moderately” insane
Avital, Colette  This former Knesset member actually believes there are “moderate” Arabs with whom Israel can finalize a peace deal. Instead, these so-called “moderates” will destroy Israel moderately.
An example of a “moderate” is Marwan Barghouti.  He didn’t actually murder any Jews — he merely “arranged” for the murder of Jews.  Avital has called for the release of the monster, Marwan Barghouti.   “It is necessary to release him immediately.  He is a moderate person and he will empower the Palestinian moderate current.”  There she goes again with the “moderate” crap!
We think SHE is moderately insane!

Aviv, Nitzan  This leftie member of the Israel Communist Party rants about Israel’s “collective guilt” vis-a-vis the Arab Nazis of Gaza.

Aviv, Nurit
Avivam, Adina
Avneri, Rachel

The love affair between Uri and the murderer of Jews, Yasir Arafat. This long-standing love affair began in 1982… (see next photo) The love affair between Uri and Yasir continued into 1994… (see next photo) Now two old men, Uri and Yasir are still the best of friends.
Avnery, Uri   This radical anti-Zionist. full-fledged traitor of the first order and chair of Gush Shalom has opposed his own country’s existence and worked for its demise for decades.  He is such an extremist that when his own mother died, she cut him out of her will and declared in her will that she regards him as a traitor. Like they say, “Mama knows best!”

Avnery, Rachel  Traitor wife of the above traitor

Avni, Ronit  This New York filmmaker of Just Vision  is another useful idiot Jew in the Arab war against Israel…  Click Here for a complete write-up of this judenrat.

Avraham, Eli  This Assistant Professor of Communication at Haifa University is a member of the “post-Zionist” intellectual movement that claims he and other Mizrahi (Jewish immigrants from Arab countries) are in effect “Arab-Jews,” are victims like the “Palestinians” and that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish State. In other words, Eli Avraham and others like him should have remained in their Arab countries of birth. They are contributing nothing of value to the Jewish State and are, in effect, a treacherous fifth column.

Avraham, Regina  Brooklyn, NY
Avraham, Tamar   Jerusalem activist
Avrahami, Einat
Yochai Avrahami     Yochai Avrahami — tomato man
Avrahami, Yochai  This Tel Aviv artist signed a petition calling his county an “Apartheid State.” He signed another petition to boycott all fellow Israeli artists… in other words to boycott himself!  We found one of his sculpture masterpiece… a freakin’ tomato riding a Ducati motorcycle.

Avron, Arnon  This Tel Aviv artist refers to his own country as an Apartheid State and calls for a boycott of all Israeli Artists

Azaroff, Lenore  Research Professor in the Department of Work Environment at the Univ. of Massachusetts-Lowell. Her research focuses on employment and how it affects worker’s health.
She “prposes the state of Israel as a Jewish state” and considers the Zionist structure of the state of Israel as the heart of the racism and oppression against the Palestinian people, and should be dismantled.”

Axelrad, Albert “RABBI” Signed the “Rabbis for a Shared Jerusalem” [with the so-called “Palestinian Nation”] petition. What wrote about Rabbi Peter Haas goes for this clown as well.

Axler, Craig “RABBI”
Axner, Howard  Maitland, FL
Axner, Marya   Somerville, MA

Ami Ayalon
Ayalon, Ami   This former head of the Israel’s Shin Bet General Security Services showed his true Leftist colors back in 1993 when he went along with Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin’s suicidal pact with the Arab devil… the now infamous Oslo Accords. Still not able to see a bad deal even when it came around to bite him another time, he willingly endorsed Oslo’s bastard child, the Geneva Initiative.
Poor Ami. He cannot stand to see Israel use a heavy hand against those who have sworn to finish Hitler’s job. It’s also sad to see a tough guy like Ami Ayalon drop to his knee pads every time people like “Sir Shimon of Oslo” come up with one dumb idea after another.
With people like Ayalon running Israel’s security services, it’s amazing that Israel still exists!

Ayalon, Uri
Aybes, Marc  Computer graphics specialist, France
Aych, Gil Ben
Azaroff, Lenore

Ariella Azoulay
Azoulay, Ariella  Born in Tel Aviv in 1962, Dr Ariella Azoulay  is Academic Director of the Camera Obscura School of Art in Tel Aviv and teaches visual culture and critical theory at Bar-Ilan University. She condemns the brutal policy of the Israeli government aimed at destroying the Palestinian society, the Palestinian economy and the elected Palestinian leadership headed by then President Yasser Arafat. She also considers the erection of concrete security walls (she calls them “apartheid walls”) and fences as further devices toward the “ethnic cleansing” against the Palestinian people.  Dr. Azoulay has already visited our online store but, thus far, she’s still a bit uptight!

Azriel, Aryeh “RABBI”  Signed the “Rabbis for a Shared Jerusalem” [with the so-called “Palestinian Nation”] petition. What wrote about Rabbi Peter Haas goes for this clown as well.

Azriel, Naomi

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COP-15: Greenpeace asks: Money for war, not the planet? + Hopenhagen! (Naomi Klein)

VIDEO: Plundering Appalachia (white man´s action this time at home)

There is nothing new to this kind of capitalism which is heavily rooted in the exploitation of colonialism. White man sure can! The new part here is that this time, the white man has come home to do what he has always done abroad.

The effect is the same!


ISRAELI ORGAN TRAFFICKING: Two Haifa men sentenced to jail for organ trafficking

Prof. Yehuda Hiss, the director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir was under police investigation in 2002 for removing organs from deceased persons without familial consent. He was dismissed by the Health Ministry for a while until Hiss agreed to a plea bargain. He admitted to being involved in the removal of body parts from 125 bodies and was reprimanded for this.

he stories about Palestinian Intifada dead arriving home with organs removed began soon after the outbreak of the Intifada in 1987. Palestinian pathologist Dr Hatem Abu Ghazaleh said there were many credible reports about this.
Roughly at the same time there was a flurry of news about successful transplants. It scared many people. And now we have the revelations about an organ traficking network with brokers in the USA, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa. The don of the whole operation is one Ilan Peri in Israel. Whether it is a matter of perception or fact, the question of organ theft should be addressed.

Ref: Haaretz comment

Two Haifa men sentenced to jail for organ trafficking

In a precedent-setting ruling yesterday the Haifa District Court yesterday sentenced two Haifa men to jail for trafficking in humans for the purpose of harvesting their organs.

John Allan (formerly Mohammad Gheit), 59, was sentenced to four years in jail with a three-year suspended sentence. Allan was also ordered to pay each of his six victims NIS 15,000. Hassan Zakhalka, 32, was sentenced to 20 months in prison and 12 months suspended sentence for aiding and abetting human trafficking for the harvest of organs.

This is the first time an Israeli court has issued a conviction for this offense, based on a law passed at the end of last year.

The pair confessed to the charges against them in a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Allan and Zakhalka admitted that at the end of 2006, they persuaded Arabs from the Galilee and central Israel who were developmentally challenged or mentally ill to agree to have a kidney removed for payment. They located their victims by placing ads in the newspaper offering money for organ donation. According to the indictment, the pair gave false information to the donors, and also pressured and threatened them to give up their kidney. After the surgery, Allan and Zakhalka did not pay the donors as promised.

One of the victims was an illiterate 32-year-old single mother from an Arab village in central Israel. The pair told her she would undergo a simple operation, and she would be back on her feet in two days. At one point, the woman changed her mind, and in response Allan and Zakhalka threatened to report her to the police, telling her it was a crime to agree to donate a kidney. Like the other victims, the woman was flown to Ukraine where she underwent the surgery. When she returned home, the victims refused to pay her the $7,000 they had promised her.

Allan and Zakhalka were part of a criminal ring that included an Israeli surgeon, Dr. Michael Zis, who also worked at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. According to the indictment, Zis sold the kidneys he harvested for between $125,000 and $135,000, of which Allan received $10,000 dollars. The State Prosecutor’s Office is preparing an extradition order against Zis, who is being held in prison in Ukraine.

The conviction of Allan and Zakhalka was made possible by an amendment to the criminal code that was passed in October 2006, which added a number of clauses prohibiting trafficking in humans for the purpose of harvesting organs. Judges Josef Elron, Ron Sokol and Menahem Raniel decided to accept the plea bargain because they said clear legal interpretation had not yet been formulated with regard to the crime of human trafficking for the purpose of harvesting organs, Lacking such clear interpretation of the clause, they said, “the parties might be dragged into presenting much complex evidence.”

Ref. Haaretz

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Dubai, jewel in Israel’s sales crown

With the exception of Egypt, all Arab states officially boycott Israel, blacklist Israeli companies and ban imports of Israeli products. The same countries frequently lead the voices calling for sanctions against Israel. But sometimes life gets in the way.

Just a few weeks after the world financial crisis broke, a super-luxury hotel, the Atlantis, opened its doors in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The French chatter website of 21 November 2008 trumpeted the headline: “2000 stars at the inauguration of Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel”. It wrote:

“Dubai, Dubai, Dubai! Arab princes, flying carpets, oil, dollars… and the Atlantis Hotel! An extraordinary palace, which cost more than $1.9bn to create, celebrated its opening yesterday in high style.

“This little junket cost a trifling $38m! That’s what it took to tell the entire world about the arrival of a luxury hotel which sees itself as the planet’s most incredible palace, with its giant in-house aquarium…

“The Atlantis is at the heart of Dubai’s Palm Island, an artificial island built in the shape of a palm tree. The world’s greatest architects and designers worked on the Pharaonic project.”

Like the hotel itself, the event bore all the hallmarks of mad money climaxing a spendthrift era. You need only to walk down its vast corridors, as I did earlier this month, to realise just how foolish an exercise this is, what bad taste it represents, and of course that it’s very empty. The expected tourists vanished with the crisis.

The corridors bulge with luxury boutiques, the sort of shops which sell priceless clothes and diamond jewels. One of them is called Levant. Its display cases promote Leviev diamonds.

But just who is Leviev? Abe Hayeem, who is from Bombay, of Iraqi Jewish origin, knows. He wrote an article headlined “Boycott this Israeli settlement builder” in The Guardian of 28 April 2009. Hayeem points out that the British Foreign Office decided to cancel its rental contract for the British Embassy in Tel Aviv because the building was owned by Leviev.

Far from only selling diamonds, Leviev is busy inside the occupied territories, principally constructing a road which links the illegal settler colony of Zufim, which he owns, to Israel – part of the ongoing process of confiscating Palestinian land. His company is also active in Bil’in where, on 17 April, the Israeli army killed a peaceful protestor, Bassem Abu Rahmeh, 29. This same company now has two boutique outlets in Dubai.

Their presence in the UAE has raised eyebrows. On 30 April 2008 an article by Abbas al-Lawati in Gulf News, the English-language daily, headed “Israeli jeweller has no trade licence to open shop in Dubai”, quoted a top official denying that the UAE had ever granted Leviev a licence and saying that if an application came it would be rejected.

Gulf News followed up the story on several occasions, including one report of demos against Leviev, “Call to boycott Israeli jeweller” on 14 December 2008, also by al-Lawati.

During the Dubai Arab Media Forum meeting I attended in May I raised the issue with journalists from various Arabic-language dailies. They told me they were not allowed to reply to such questions.

At a time when Israel violates with impunity all the UN Security Council resolutions, a growing movement calls for sanctions, boycotts and disinvestment (withdrawing overseas investment from Israel and the occupied territories). It’s similar to the French campaign against Alstom and Veolia for their role in a tram project in occupied Jerusalem “Tramway à Jérusalem, mensonge à Paris”, 24 October 2007. It’s astounding, in the circumstances, that Arab countries collaborate with the very same companies which operate in the occupied territories.

France’s trade minister Christine Lagarde visited Saudi Arabia in mid-May principally to promote the bid by Alstom and the SNCF for a TGV-type fast rail link between Mecca and Media. One must hope that the Saudi authorities make it a condition of any agreement that Alstom backs out of the Jerusalem tram project.

Ref: Le MOnde

European fishing pirates hit Pacific: Greenpeace (biznez as usual for the white man)

CANBERRA (Reuters) – Illegal fishing vessels linked to large European fishing firms have begun plundering endangered ocean stocks in the Western and Central Pacific, environment watchdog Greenpeace said on Tuesday.

Surveillance of fishing fleets near the tiny Pacific nations of Kiribati and the Cook Islands showed European owned or operated vessels had expanded their range from the Indian and Atlantic Oceans — mainly in search of tuna.

“Most of the cases documented show clear links to tuna being sold in European markets,” Greenpeace said in a new report on what it said were “European sharks” biting the Pacific.

With a global tuna shortage, large European firms named by Greenpeace as Albacora, Calvopesca and Conservas Garavilla, were sending fishing boats into the western Pacific under flags from Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador and the Netherlands Antilles.

“All Pacific island nations negotiating fishing agreements with the European Union need to be fully aware of the track record of Spanish and Dutch-owned vessels in the region, including their pirate fishing operations,” Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner Lagi Toribau said.

“Instead of cutting back the amount of fishing, both legal and illegal fishing fleets are expanding,” the report said.

Spain-based Calvopesca and Albacora’s interests include refrigerated tuna fishing boats, transportation, storage, distribution and sale into European supermarkets. The companies
say on their web sites that their fishing operations comply with international laws.

But Greenpeace said seven of 11 fishing incidents this year were linked to European firms and Ecuadorian company Nirsa, which also sells fish to European stores.

Some were licensed only for fishing in the Eastern Pacific, while others were caught in exclusive fishing zones near Kiribati and French Polynesia, Greenpeace said.

Up to 300,000 tones of tuna were being stolen from the Western and Central Pacific each year. Experts have called for big reductions in catches of big-eyed and yellowfin tuna.

Southern bluefin tuna catches are also unsustainable with an even chance that all fish capable of laying eggs will be gone by 2030 if current catch levels continue, according to a 2006 report by Australian, New Zealand, South Korean and Japanese officials.

Greenpeace said small Pacific island nations should form a common negotiating block to better enforce conservation and surveillance measures with the EU and other fishing nations.

“The high-seas pockets in the region should be closed to all fishing activities as no-take marine reserves … in order to halt rampant pirate fishing, and to enhance stock and biodiversity protection in the region,” Toribau said.


VIDEO: Project For The New American Century (PNAC) WAR CRIMES

Project For The New American Century – deconstructed

Project for the New American Century web page.
The Neo Conservative Manifesto, The Project for the New American Century PNAC

Project for the New American Century is Robbing Us Blind

The Project for a New American Empire – Who are these guys? And why do they think they can rule the world?

Bush planned Iraq ‘regime change’ before becoming President

The Obama Deception – The New world Order Puppet

The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people.
The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.

We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order’s plans. It’s not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.

Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you.

Watch the Obama Deception and learn how:

– Obama is continuing the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany, with forced National Service, domestic civilian spies, warrantless wiretaps, the destruction of the Second Amendment, FEMA camps and Martial Law.

– Obama’s handlers are openly announcing the creation of a new Bank of the World that will dominate every nation on earth through carbon taxes and military force.

– International bankers purposefully engineered the worldwide financial meltdown to bankrupt the nations of the planet and bring in World Government.

– Obama plans to loot the middle class, destroy pensions and federalize the states so that the population is completely dependent on the Central Government.

– The Elite are using Obama to pacify the public so they can usher in the North American Union by stealth, launch a new Cold War and continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

More about the Bilderberger group
Who´s in the Bilderbergergroup?

Journalistic Whores

Bilderberg, at one time or another, has had representatives of all major US and European newspapers and network news outlets attend. High-ranking members of the inadequately named “international free press” attend on their solemn promise to report nothing. This is how Bilderberg keeps its news blackout virtually complete in the United States and Europe.

This year’s invitees included:


Nicolas Beytout, editor-in-chief of Le Figaro

Oscar Bronner, publisher and editor of Der Standard

Donald Graham, chairman of the Washington Post

Matthias Nass, deputy editor of Die Zeit

Norman Pearlstine, editor-in-chief of Time

J. Robert S. Prichard, president and CEO of Torstar Media Group (Toronto Star)

Cüneyt Ulsevere, columnist for Hürriyet

John Vinocur, senior correspondent for the International Herald Tribune

Martin Wolf, associate editor of the Financial Times

Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International

Klaus Zumwinkel, chairman of Deutsche Post

John Micklethwait, US editor of The Economist

Adrian Wooldridge, Washington correspondent for The Economist

Micklethwait and Wooldridge acted as the meeting’s rapporteurs.

Bailing out the bailout (U.S. is going down while the “shameful” still get richer)

The Obama administration has opened a new chapter in its programme to support the US banking and financial industry, stepping up the injection of government cash with a total package that could ultimately top $1trn.

The move follows an increasingly controversial $700bn assistance plan approved last October under the previous administration of George Bush.

The new three-part programme, unveiled on Tuesday, is aimed at jump-starting the faltering credit market that has helped plunge the world’s largest economy into its biggest recession in 70 years.

Wall Street traders have come under
increasing scrutiny [EPA]
The Federal Reserve, the US central bank, will take part in backing new credit that, in turn, will target loans and other credit assistance for consumers, homeowners, small businesses and commercial real estate projects, said Timothy Geithner, Obama’s treasury secretary, as he announced the new plan.

Geithner also laid out the ground work for the establishing a fund of $500bn to remove bad mortgage loans held by the country’s banks and in financial markets.

But so far, government spending to repair widespread credit problems in the nation’s banking industry has met mixed reactions.

The Bush administration’s policy of shielding banks from public disclosure and how the money was being spent spurred widespread public scepticism and critics now complain that that the original $700bn program may have been misused and ineffective.

Adding to public concerns was the speed with which the US congress approved such huge spending on a package equal to the size of the national economies of the Netherlands or Turkey.

“After a week of debating, they put this thing out, it was 400-pages long and there was no transparency,” David Williams of Citizens against Government Waste told Al Jazeera.

“No accountability, nothing was attached to this bill to make sure the tax payer could see where this money was being spent.”

Lawrence Mitchell, a law professor and author of The Speculation Economy, says the entire process was ill-conceived because the present economic troubles were years in the making as Washington pressed for more and more deregulation of its banking sectors.

“Figuring out legislation is complex figuring out where the holes are,” Mitchell told Al Jazeera.

“You can’t draft legislation that quickly. Just as you had panic in the financial markets, you had panic bailouts in the governmental arena.”

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