VIDEO: How Good People Turn Evil, From Stanford to Abu GhraibC

Abu Ghraib – Iraq

Welcome to the land of greed, imperialism and colonialism.
Oh, and twisted sexual upbringing…


Jerusalem Reclamation Project (prozionism in its core)

A non profit organization that was established during the Festival of Channukah (1978), 25 years ago, by Matityahu HaCohen Dan.

Its overall aim is to fulfil a generations old dream, of rebuilding & securing a United Jerusalem, strengthening our Jewish roots and reestablishing thriving Jewish communities, in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. Due to the efforts and achievements of Ateret Cohanim, and it’s US ‘Friends’ (Jerusalem Reclamation Project), there is once again a Jewish presence in the Kotel Quarter. (known also as the Moslem and Christian Quarters). Today there is a wonderous Jewish neighbourhood on the Mount of Olives. (Maaleh HaZeitim) Today, there are close to 60 Jewish families, hundreds of children, playcentres,Yeshivot, and Synagogues in the area close to and around the Temple Mount area.

We believe, that the Jewish world (communities, organizations, Rabbis, leaders, Jewish individuals….), should stand behind this vital project of securing and building a Jewish Jerusalem. In fact, the world at large, that believes in the unbreakable bond between Jerusalem and the Jewish People, should also be a supporting pillar. Jerusalem belongs to every single Jew, wherever he may live. We therefore, call upon each and every one of you to pray for the safety and unity of Jerusalem, and also to practically support the building of Jewish life within “Holy & Eternal United Jerusalem”.

May we all live to see the true rebuilding of Jerusalem, and in the merits of your generosity, and the needed help from your community overseas, may Am Israel and the nations of the world be showered with Blessings from the Heavens.

BEIT SARA – A Foothold in Kidmat Zion
May 02, 2004 Beit Sara and the future Kidmat Zion project will be our response
to Arab terror and hatred.
Beit Sara will stand as a symbol of Jewish strength, and of our right to live in peace throughout our city of Jerusalem, and our Land of Israel.

Kidmat Zion – Abu Dis : the last frontier
May 02, 2004 Today, there is a real possibility to invest (at ‘ground level’) in this unique and important project. You can buy one or more parcels of land in the massive property and be part of the future development.

Ref: Jerusalem Reclamation Project