Perspective on Israeli activity in Gaza in march 2008 (same aggression same victim same genocide!!!….)

Anger explodes in West Bank over Israeli raids – 02 Mar 08

“This is a holocaust”

This was then. The same rethoric.
It seems that the ONLY option Israel always have is MURDER!
From the air.

Coward virtous killers are the worst.
Welcome to Israel!

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Israel to mount emergency international PR effort in wake of Gaza campaign (here it comes, get ready for the “genocide apologist”)

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people
will eventually come to believe it.

Joseph Goebbels

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Saturday instructed the Foreign Ministry to take emergency measures to adapt Israel’s international public relations to the ongoing escalation in the Gaza Strip.

Livni instructed senior ministry officials to open an aggressive and diplomatic international public relations campaign, in order to gain greater international support for Israel Defense Forces operations in the Gaza Strip.

Israel launched Saturday morning the start of a massive offensive against Qassam rocket and mortar fire on its southern communities, targeting dozens of buildings belonging to the ruling Hamas militant group.

Palestinian medical sources said that at least 230 people had been killed in the strikes, which began at around 11:30 A.M.

Livni instructed ministry officials currently on vacation in Israel to return immediately to their posts abroad, and to immediately mount public relations campaigns in their station countries, focusing on local media and public officials.

In addition, Isr
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. (Jini)
aeli officials stationed abroad have been put on high alert.

Livni will hold a series of talks with foreign officials in the coming days, in which she will attempt to explain the rationale for the expanded IDF operations in the Gaza Strip.

The Foreign Ministry is also looking to recruit speakers of foreign languages, in particular Arabic, Italian, Spanish, and German, in order to expand Israel’s public relations campaign with the representatives of foreign media outlets currently in Israel.

An international media broadcast outlet will be opened in Sderot on Sunday, and the Foreign Ministry will organize a series of tours of Sderot and the Gaza envelope communities for foreign media and diplomatic figures.

Speaking in English at a press conference Saturday, Livni said Israel “expects the support and understanding of the international community, as it confronts terror, and advances the interest of all those who wish the forces of peace and co existence to determine the agenda of this region.”

Ref: Haaretz


J Street has been established to advocate for a new direction in American policy that better advances US interests in the Middle East through the active diplomatic resolution of existing conflicts thereby promoting Israel’s security and the stability of the broader region.

The links below lead to J Street policy positions in eight different areas. In each, we briefly outline our key positions and principles.

J Street believes the policies it endorses improve the chances that America can help to promote a more stable and secure Middle East, an outcome that would serve US national interest as well as Israel’s. At its core, our policy platform is based on the view that American interests require robust and strong diplomatic engagement to promote the interests of our allies and potential allies and to check and try to alter the unhelpful actions of our adversaries. We firmly believe that engaging with problematic leaders and states is neither an endorsement of their policies nor is it appeasement. It is a smart and tough policy designed to promote American interests, deploying a full diplomatic tool-box and avoiding precipitous and unnecessary military conflagrations. We favor – where possible – diplomatic solutions over military ones and multilateral over unilateral action.

Central to our approach is a negotiated end to the Arab-Israeli conflict, which we believe must be an American foreign policy priority and can lead to a much-needed new regional security architecture. As stated by the Iraq Study Group, a diplomatic surge in the region will “help marginalize extremists and terrorists, promote US values and interests, and improve America’s global image.”

How can Pro-Israel be connected with peace or “new”perspectives? Well ofcourse it cant especially when it´s and american initiative. And Irugn is not a “right wing” jewish organization, it´s a TERRORIST organisation = guns, military training, bombs, blood… That´s irgun for ya!

Here´s another intresting clip from jstreet… Mind you, that even CIA have had to acknowledge that IRAN has NO neuclear weapon industry. and do not harbour the possibility for it. I guess, once breed in the heart of the colonalist state (irgun) and “proIsraeli” always an apologist for Israeli warmongers, aggression and hatred. Whateles is new?

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